How your content looks is sometimes more important than the content itself. This is because presentation counts for a lot when people try to figure out the value of the information they have purchased. If your articles are just plain text then the perceived value will be extremely low causing lots members to cancel their membership to your site.

  • There are some simple things you can do to spruce up the appearance of your content. Think of the way a print magazine article looks and do things to duplicate that look.

Add Images to Your Content

One of the first things you should do is add a professional image or photograph to your article. While a picture won’t add any real value to the words of the article, it will make it appear to be more valuable content. Content with professional photographs not only has a higher production value in the mind of the viewer but studies show that people find articles with pictures to be more credible. In other words, people will trust your site more if you use pictures. One of the best deals or graphics, photos, and images can be found at ( This service will give you unlimited access to thousands of images and photos that you can use on your site. Another good low cost source of photographs is ( charges only $1 per image.

Format Your Content

You should also do some basic formatting to your articles. Many times the articles you are sent will not have paragraph breaks. Break the article apart into small paragraphs, and enlarge the first letter in the first paragraph the way magazines do.

Turn Your Text Content into Audio

A simple way to dramatically add value to your articles or any text content is to change the media format it’s delivered in. In other words… Change the media and change the value! One of the best ways to do this is to create an MP3 audio file of any article or text content. You can either make it a download file, a stand-alone streaming file or you can include a play button at the top of an article that allows your members to listen to the articles instead of reading them. Also, on your site, include instructions telling your members how they can burn the audio files onto a CD so they can listen to them in their car.  Many people prefer audio for a variety of reasons. Some people hate to read, while others prefer to sit back and listen, and some people like to listen to audios while working on their computers.

Turn Your Articles into Reports

While all articles are simply words and text, there is a way to turn them into a greater value for your members. By turning an article into PDF report or whitepaper and making it a download, your content will have a perceived value several times higher than a simple article. Also, many members like to print content so they can take it with them and read it later off-line. By giving your members what they want you will keep them as paying members longer.  Creating a PDF report is relatively simply. The easiest way is to load the article into any word processor, like Microsoft Word, and save it as a PDF using a PDF creation software. There are a number of PDF creation software packages available. The professional version of Adobe Acrobat is probably the best one, but there are also some free options. PDF Creator is a free software package that will create PDF documents from any Windows application. When you run PDF Creator, you can print to a PDF file the same way you would to a printer. Another reason to use PDF reports as content is because you can brand the reports with your site’s name and URL. Many of the reports will get sent around become viral. Don’t worry about content getting “stolen” and making its way around the internet. The more it happens, the more free advertising your site will get. PDF reports that go viral will only do so if its quality content, so anyone getting hold of it will see that your site has quality content and are much more likely to join.