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Wanna get hooked up?

I have a good one for ya! I recently needed to get a tow hitch receiver added to my truck and I had the pleasure of dealing with Lampert Hitch in the Denver Area. This is a family owned business that provides excellent service.  I am very pleased with my hitch and will return to them for any of my trucking […]

Scott reviews US Bank

The US Bank Visit: So I went in to US Bank, I needed a sheet of checks to give to my insurance guy so they can debt my account. The teller was very nice and gave them to me. She then offered this helpful little piece of info; she stated “Each temporary check that comes […]

Vonage and their silly policy

I have been waiting for a while to write this blog post.  I  happen to be one of the millions of people that have used Vonage and experienced the supposed extra, extra small fine print that doesn’t show up until you want to cancel service, what a horror story. I was with Vonage for about […]

Micro Center in Denver Colorado

Micro Center Denver – Computer, electronics and everything tech. If they ain’t got it, your shit out of luck. Tech Center, 8000East Quincy Avenue  Denver, CO 80237 I spend a lot of time ranting about being ripped off for my money, but this time I have to give credit where credit is due.  This company […]

Why broke people have bad credit

This might not be much of a revelation to many of you, but I offer you this explanation. The reason people with no money have bad credit is, broke people have no expendable income making it difficult to pay unforeseen cost. So what happens is, the company in retaliation for not being paid marks the […]

How to Save $240 Per Year on Haircuts

Things you’ll need: Clippers 1 Imagine saving an hour of your time and a cool twenty dollars per month by cutting your own hair. It’s easier than you think and luckily “bald” is the new black. Go to your local drugstore and pick up a heavy duty pair of clippers. The average haircut costs $15 […]