The #1 reason your broke

Have you ever thought why in the hell am I so broke?

Your car payment!  Cars are totally overrated in our society.  You need to get from A to B but do you really need a $32,000 Sienna to get you there?

If you have a normal car with an average loan payment, I would say you pay about $300.00 a month.

If you pay car insurance (and you do because it’s legally required in all 50 states), most likely you pay $125.00 a month.  ( I have 0 tickets and 0 accidents, an I pay $101.00 a month.)

If you pay car registration(again, of course you do unless you’re living in the country illegally), you most likely pay about $150.00 a year.

For maintenance and up keep of the motor vehicle (breaks, oil, fan belts, smog, tires, cleaning blood out of the trunk, wiper blades) I would say you spend at the very-least $500.00 a year.

I think most people pay about $60.00 bucks a week in gas.

Do those figures look about right to you?
It cost you about $8950.00 a year to drive this car. I think most of you would agree, these figures are low.

It was shocking even for me to see.

Now why in the world do people spend so much on their cars??  We’ve been programmed from a really early age to view our self worth by the car we drive.  Sounds ridiculous?  Perhaps–particularly when you consider that a car is a depreciating asset.  That just means, and you know it when you’re upside down, that from the moment the car is driven off the lot, it decreases in value, although your payment stays the same.  And many people, to afford the high sticker prices on new cars will take a 7 year loan.  Do you know what that car is worth at the end of 7 years?  Most likely, it’s very close to inhabiting a junk yard which if you haven’t seen one of these auto graveyards lately, it’s an eye opener.  As a society we treat cars as disposable items.

You want to stop being broke?  Seriously, get a reliable used car that somebody’s already taken the hit on its depreciation and keep it maintained until it can no longer drive.  I read in the book the Millionaire Next Door, that a majority of millionaires polled said that they NEVER buy a brand new car, they look for a two year old car in great shape.  They don’t care what other people think of them about the car they drive, why should you?

Ten biggest mistakes broke people make

There are some obvious reasons people stay broke; unemployment, underemployment, sick, disabled, lazy or unemployable.  If you’re working, living paycheck to paycheck, and feel broke all the time, check out this list of the top ten reasons people find themselves poor.

1.  Borrowing money to get out of debt.
There’s an old saying, “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” which basically means borrowing money to repay debt–and it’s a bad thing.  Here’s why:  When you’re in debt, your first priority should be getting out of debt.  Many people made the mistake of taking home equity loans to pay off school loans, credit cards and consumer loans.  When the housing market fell out and they found themselves upside in their house, they already had a new batch of credit card and consumer loans –and they lost their home.  When you’re broke, the rate of interest you get on these loans is higher than when you’re flush with cash.  Don’t ask me why this is, it just is.  Also, people that are broke often borrow from payday loans or pawn their stuff and the interest rate is astronomical.  If you’re broke you need to be “all cash, all the time.”  If you don’t have the cash for it, you can’t afford it.  And don’t borrow from family and friends because when you can’t repay it and you won’t, it causes break-ups of these relationships.

2.  Recurring Bills and Auto Withdrawals
Recurring bills are those things you purchase and pay monthly for, ie.  insurance, cell phone, cable, broadband, movies, music, utilities, etc.  You know it’s recurring because you’re either in a contract or if you don’t pay for it, they shut it off.  If you’re broke, you should look at every single recurring bill, decide that you can or can’t live without it and get rid of it.  Because of online banking, many people take on new recurring bills and set them to auto pay.  While it may seem convenient to do this – if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, there will be a day when there’s not enough in the bank to cover that auto withdrawal and that will cost you $35-$55 per occurrence.  Shut off all auto pay and manually pay those recurring bills, a $5 late fee is better than a $50 overdraft charge.

3.  Dining Out/Fast Food
As a culture, we’ve gotten lazy about our food preparation.  Everyone has to eat and there is always an expense to it but eating out regularly is a recipe for being broke.  Taking your lunch to work will save you hundreds every month.  Eating in can save you thousands in a year.  And realize this – when you do go out to eat, the most expensive thing you can do is drink something other than water.  At fast food restaurants, they’ll sell you a double cheeseburger for $1 and a large Coke for $1.75.  Where do you suppose the profit is for them?  If you’re in a restaurant and order beer and wine, you’re likely to double your ticket.  If you want to stay broke, keep eating out, order the so-called value meals and pay retail for liquor.

4.  Not saving money.
The silliest thing you can do with your earnings is spend it all every check.  The old saying pay yourself first should be your rule.  Yes, this can seem hard at first, especially when you’re broke but it’s the only thing that can provide you a light through the broke down tunnel to financial freedom.  When you get paid, take ten percent of it and put it in savings.  Then when your car breaks down at least you can get it fixed without having to take a payday loan or borrow money from family or whatever.  You might even be able to take an opportunity that can make you more money if you just had a little you could invest.  Broke people consistently spend everything they make – don’t do it.

5.  Mishandling creditors
This is a huge area of being broke with many aspects.  Mishandling creditors includes not communicating with creditors when you have a problem.  Most creditors will work with you if you cannot pay one month.  You can call and negotiate settlements of old debts.  You can even call and get a lower interest rate on most loans.  Broke people stick their heads in the sand with regard to their problems with creditors.  The result, poor credit history, increased rates, collection calls, lawsuits and finally lack of any credit whatsoever.

6.  Not staying current
In addition to mishandling creditors, many broke people just cannot stay current with their bills.  When these are “optional” bills like cell phone, cable, movie rentals, and other luxury bills, this is just stupid.  Late charges, suspended accounts, bad credit reporting, are just a few of the problems that come from not keeping current.  Staying current is really just paying attention, particularly if you actually have the money to pay.  Maintaining your mail is a must and timely writing the check is essential.  Don’t be silly, pay those bills on time or get poorer.

7.  Sin Taxes
Ok, so you like to drink, smoke, take drugs, go to strip clubs, whatever.  Know that the one pack of day smoker pays at least $150 per month for tobacco.  Do these things if you want but know that they’re all heavily taxed, leave you nothing to show for your money and are a reason that you’re always broke.

8.  Making unrealistic promises.
Every broke person knows this situation:  your cable is due to shut off on Friday so you call the provider and tell them that you’re expecting a check on the following Monday if they could just wait.  They might but that check you’re expecting probably won’t arrive.  Unfortunately your best bet if you’re unsure is to just let the cable go – if you’re broke you shouldn’t be watching tv anyway.  This goes for all credit accounts and loan repayment obligations.  Don’t promise anything, just pay when you can and negotiate to get rid of it as fast as possible.

9.  Excessive Consumer Goods
We live in a consumer based economy and are constantly bombarded to buy new stuff.  What broke people tend to do is when they get paid, they buy new stuff.  If you’re broke you shouldn’t be buying stuff, you should be selling it.  You should try to recoup your losses on luxury items and non-necessities you’ve purchased over the years.

10.  Ridiculous Repayment Programs
Sometimes it’s helpful to consult with a professional about how to go about getting out of debt but under no circumstances should you sign up for a debt repayment program.  What happens to you in those is worse than filing for bankruptcy and they’re profiting at your expense.  If you really want to get out of debt and get some financial freedom, make sure you’re not guilty of numbers 1-9 of this list and do it yourself.

How the nofollow attribute derails your link building campaign

You’ve probably heard that creating a blog with a real presence on the internet requires that you have links to other websites.  One way this has traditionally been done is through making comments on other’s blogs.  In 2005, Google announced the implementation of the rel=”nofollow” attribute and it became the default standard for blogs, hoping to curb increasing comment spam.

Hey comment spam sucks and nobody likes it but the nofollow attribute didn’t do anything to stop it.  All the nofollow attribute did was eliminate natural links from comments being indexed by search engines and helping the commenting site’s page ranking.  Many people do not even know that their site is a nofollow site for comments and that they would likely receive many more comments, which is good for a blog, by removing the nofollow attribute.  This tag is easily removed in WordPress blogs by the installation of free plugins.  See our About page for links to these resources.

If you’re campaigning to raise the search standing on your blog, you should leave comments where they count.  Remove the attribute from your blog.  Submit your url and let the world know that you care about your readers comments.

Do the right thing, stop nofollow in its tracks and help your fellow bloggers.

Join the dofollow movement today

The dofollow movement is in full swing and the ultimate dofollow list is in motion on our site.  Right now, you can check out our dofollow list and see that there are almost a hundred page ranked sites that dofollow comments.  Kickstart your back link campaign and leave great comments at these sites and you will be rewarded.  These sites benefit from your relevant, keyword rich comments as well so it’s a win-win situation.  If you’re not sure what dofollow is, don’t be alarmed, it’s just a rel=”nofollow” tag which is the default code in blogging software and until the writers of the software disable it, you have to do it yourself and it’s not so hard.  There are many free resources to easily disable the nofollow attribute value so that you can give some link love to the people that comment on your blog.  Check out the list, and consider spreading the word so everyone will know where they can find a dofollow list for free – there are still people charging for this information!

Another way to advance the cause of the dofollow movement is to not comment on sites with the nofollow attribute.  Right-click and view the source code if you see rel=”nofollow” before your comment, you know it’s a nofollow site.  You might send them a friendly email suggesting that they check out the dofollow movement.  Hey, there are many people that have no idea that nofollow is the default setting.  Don’t bash – just educate.  “I love your site and would likely comment if you would consider disabling the nofollow default attribute for comments like I’ve done on my blog.”  A movement necessarily involves educating people and frankly, it’s just not yet widely known about this nofollow situation.  When people are informed, they’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of being a dofollow blog.  It’s a win-win for bloggers everywhere!

About comment spam – yes, we hate comment spam immensely and the rel=”nofollow” attribute was intended to cure this problem.  However, it didn’t.  Spam continues and we’ve found that the Askimet plugin is a very efficient spam catcher.  Also, you can manually delete the occasional spam leakage that Askimet doesn’t catch.  It’s not at all hard to set up Askimet and it’s even easier to install a dofollow plugin.  Please help the dofollow movement today and disable your nofollow attribute.  Show your readers you care about their comments!

An SEO Dream Come True

A webmaster who found this site on the Digital Point Forum messaged to say that this site is an SEO dream come true.  Why so?  we asked – I mean, we just put this up basically to collect a list of dofollow sites in one place so we could concentrate our back link efforts in one place and instead of hording them for ourselves or selling them, we thought, hey let’s give them away.  We were surprised by his response – he said what he meant was that only a webmaster would like our site – that it’s perfect for someone who just wants a list of dofollow blogs, that it wouldn’t reach mainstream bloggers.  We appreciated the feedback and here’s our thoughts on what’s going on.

1.  There seems to be confusion out there about whether dofollow comment links hurt your website.  One theory is that having dofollow comments siphons off your page ranking.  At least that’s what some nofollow bloggers are saying.  For example, this guy with a great dofollow list (which we recommend you check out for even more dofollow blogs) suggests that the actual links on his site to the list were set to nofollow because it lowered his page ranking.  Curious this relationship between linking and page ranking but indeed, there is an issue to be explored.

Other resources we’ve noticed and agree with are:

CommentLuv – a sweet plugin used in conjunction with the dofollow plugin to join a community of like minded bloggers

KeywordLuv – another sweet plugin even though the guy who wrote it (and obviously a genius) is a proponent of nofollow – the plugin allows for anchor text in comments for additional linkey love to those valuable comments

dofollow – of course, you need this plugin to get rid of the nasty nofollow attribute in the first place

Another resource seen out and about is this site with a large dofollow list .  Here’s the deal with this site (and to be fair, I’m still waiting on a response from him.)  Yesterday I tried to submit my site under his reciprocal link submission – I added my link to the front page of my blog and attempted to submit my site.  After multiple attempts to submit, I thought either I was in error or the submission form was not working (this can happen to anyone) so I changed browsers and tried several more times without success.  I then went to his contact form and could not successfully submit a contact so I sent him an email about it – I haven’t received a response yet – hopefully it’s coming soon as we would like to recommend this site for doing good work.  Will update either way in a couple of days – we’re generous in response times as we know people are busy (but no response will kill you.)

Links as Internet Currency

We’ve been out and about, looking at blogs, viewing their source code to reveal the rel=nofollow attribute and here are some of our observations:

If you’re busy bloggers like we are, ie.  you maintain several blogs, you write internet articles for several sites, you likely have a limited time to read other blogs.  In fact, we have to budget a certain amount of time for this activity.  This time can be used wisely by commenting on some great posts but to kill two birds with one stone the blog needs to be dofollow.  A comment on a nofollow blog has only one positive attribute – the possibility of natural traffic from the link – there’s no link juice coming to your site by making the comment.  Why would we want to do that?  We wouldn’t when there are thousands of blogs that do give you link juice for making a comment.

Imagine for a moment that you’re an A-list blogger and your site makes you an annual six figure income – nice thought huh?  Why would you care about nofollow?  You wouldn’t since people come anyway and they comment and are likely unaware or don’t care that they don’t get any page rank credit for their comment.  They are star-struck and just want to bask in the presence of celebrity.  The A-lister probably believes that giving a dofollow comment link would siphon page rank away from his or her site – which after research, we believe is false – but nonetheless, it is believed by many webmasters.  So the popular site has the juice but doesn’t want to spread it around for fear that it will diminish their site in the eyes of Google.  So we say this – DON’T GO THERE!  STAY AWAY and by all means, don’t waste your precious time commenting on these sites.  Leave it to the spammers to comment them and the ridiculous star struck, celebrity seekers and such.  If you’re a conscious blogger, find a network of blogs to read and comment on that are helpful to you.  This is easy – there are at least a hundred blogs listed on our site that are dofollow blogs.  Get connected with the CommentLuv community and you’ll have enough blogs available that will be helpful to you and by commenting on their sites, you’re being helpful to them.  It’s a win win situation.  If you run into a blog that you’d like to follow but they’re a nofollow blog, ask them to explain to you why they are that way – it’s possible they’re unaware of the situation.  They’re most likely to tell you it’s because of comment spam which you should know by now is nonsense.  Comment spams are easily caught by the Askimet plugin and it takes the same amount of time to delete or approve a comment.  If someone is that concerned with comment spam, they should simply disable comments.  But why wouldn’t they do that?  Because a blog without comments is a one-sided conversation.  Comments = social proof.  A blog with lots of comments gives the appearance of a community so really nofollow blogs want their cake and to eat it too.  They want real comments, they just don’t want to share the link currency.

How to make money with your WordPress blog.

Scott’s WordPress mega blog theory – Most people can’t make a website that can or will for that matter, make a million dollars. But on the other hand, most-anyone can make a website that will rake in $1.00 a day. At one time I set-out to make a network of 100 WordPress blogs that make at least $1.00 a day called The India Project.

The Mission Statement for

I’ve heard of very few people making a million dollars by making and maintaining a website. My mission is to try to create a massive network of 100 WordPress blogs each, making at least $1.00 a day.

So how am I going to do it?

My WordPress blog/website network is 3 things:

  1. Just a regular everyday WordPress blog. – Products, ideas, simple layout
  2. My resume and documentation of my skills and experiences. Believe it or not, people hire me for freelance jobs just from the blogs I create as, I blog about everything I do.
  3. A place business and like minded people can get well researched information about the web-business world.

How simple is it? This is what I am working with.

  • I have no custom web design. (This blog is a template, free for anyone to use.)
UPDATE!!!- Yea, Well… I had to change this, with the size of my blog network. I had to make my own WordPress Theme, that I post for people to download, to use on their own WordPress blogs -> here
  • No budget for marketing. (Not one dime was spent on marketing this website.)

I offer the direction your project needs to navigate and return, make money.

This is what I am doing with my domains:

  • Making a 100 WordPress/website network.
  • What can I do with all these domains?
  • I can post and maintain each website/blog to create enough traffic to make $1.00 a day. Think 365 days and multiply that by 100. WOW!

What does a big network of blogs offer you?

  • A variety of niches, you are never tired of the same thing, day in and day out.
  • A larger audience to appeal to.
  • Keyword heaven.

Let me give you an example of a niche: Trucks (imagine how many searches are done for various styles, sizes and colors of trucks, YIKES!).

Here are two great post ideas that can be rich with SEO quality and provide strong content for your readers:

  • Lowered trucks
  • Lifted trucks
  • These topics also gain you link partners and a large network of potential readers.

Get started with our investment Starter Package

$499.99 1 blog – fully monetized.
This is for the person that has limited web experience, but looking to get started. 1 niche blog of your choice, 10 keyword rich articles about your niche market, fully monetized with affiliate banners so you can start making money. Additionally, full one-on-one support and assistance in regards to your website for one full year.

Tips: Find and choose a niche that you already consider yourself an expert in. Having prior knowledge and needing little research time will give you a great boost for maintaining your website and adding new content. Content is key to your website.
Having trouble coming up with something? Take a look down the sidebar on this page, listed is my very own list of blogs.

All my packages offer these valuable upgrades at no extra cost!

  • 1 year 1-0n-1 phone support (unlimited value!)
  • 1 year hosting (100 dollar value!)
  • Want more blogs? Become a blog Kingpin!
  • MU – single domain or independent domains

10 blog network –

Junior Investor
all blogs hosted in one place.
3500 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains

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Investor on the rise
blogs hosted in 2 hosting provider for optimal SEO
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MU – single domain or independent domains

50 blog network –

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MU – single domain or independent domains

100 blog network –

King Pin Investor
blogs hosted at 10 hosting location for optimal SEO
2500 words of unique content per blog.

*independent domains add $1250.00

*Please note all the blogs will be brand new, the blogs will have no income.

The tricky thing about websites is, there is a method to everything. Let me handle the red tape for you.
New add-on —- not given to amy

This is a list of all the WordPress blogs in my network, and a short summery about the project.

  1. Scott on SEO – My SEO tips and techniques.
  2. Scott on Mexico – A gringo’s life in Mexico.
  3. Scott on Handicapping Websites – Everything about sports handicapping from a web-developer’s perspective.
  4. Scott on Storage Auctions – How I make money from buying storage units.
  5. Scott on The India Project – My quest to build a one hundred website network.
  6. Web Services – Scott offers web services.
  7. Thanksgiving Recipes – Scott shares his favorite Thanks giving recipes.
  8. Curb Panting – The interesting world of Curb Painting.
  9. Membership site profits – How to make money from Membership websites.
  10. Scott on Micro Lending – Making small loans for large profits.
  11. Scott the Poker Dealer – Scott shares his experience as a poker dealer.
Domain Blogs:



Hire Scott to write you or your company a creative article

I’m Scott, webmaster, creative genius, owner of this blog and 30 more just like it! Sure, I may come off cocky, full of myself and/or a know-it-all but, realistically; I simply pride myself in being a very creative writer.  First thing is first, let’s talk “creative writer”. What is a creative writer? Well, here is my delusional version; a creative writer is someone who can turn a tuna can into something similar to that of a mouthwatering steak. Truly, a creative writer can make even the dullest of subjects, sound like the best and only idea plausible. Sure, some may find this overconfident, but, in all actuality; I have worked my way to this point. While, I have always had a knack for writing, it took plenty of time and not-so constructive criticism to work may way up. Nothing but hard work and time has gotten me where I am today. Where am I you ask? Well, I am working for myself, doing what I like best. Not out at a 9-5 job working for some complete asshole that makes no sense when giving direction. Now, I write about those assholes and get paid for it!

Today, is your lucky day, I am now offering an article writing service. Now you can get a quality and very creative content for your website or blog. No matter what you think you know about SEO written quality content, I can assure you that you haven’t seen anything yet. I am all about results. My goal is to earn you money. Really, think about this. You wouldn’t be considering this opportunity, if you were able to rake it  in with writing your own content. This is some-what of an art. You must know , the who, what, when, where and why of writing in order to produce results.

What to expect from an article I write? Good organic, keyword rich content. Content you can monetize to make money. Pending the direction you are looking to take your website or blog, quality content is a must and I will deliver just that. Not only will I deliver on quality but, I will provide you with easy to read and engaging material that your readers will come back for, time and time again.

If you are curious as to whether or not, I am merely tooting my own horn, take a look at the samples of my work below. It speaks for itself. Period.

Type of article I am offering for this service: blog post/article.
My resume:

Top producing/earners articles.

Though-out the life of an article written by me you will make money, for example. The Belly fat article posted above I make about $450.00 a year from clicks and revenue.

Extras goodies

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If you can talk, you can make money!!!!

That’s right, if you can talk you can make money! Because – talking is typing with the new Dragon Speak software!

I got my Dragon Speak the other day, and now I blog like a mother-fucker!

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Motel 6 soap – what the $%#*@ is that smell!!

I love Motel 6 but I hate the soap!

I love Motel 6, low cost, more or less a safe place an I think I even seen somewhere “they leave the light on for you”! What more could you want? How about some soap that doesn’t leave you smelling like a dead fucker after a hot shower!

So why in the fuck would I care to write something as silly as this? Well… I’ll tell ya. When you think of the amount of soap that motel 6 goes though every year, you can’t but help thinking to yourself that there is a million dollar opportunity sitting right in front of your face. How has this simple staple been over-looked for so long? I have always thought of Motel 6 as Greyhounds red headed step brother, really catering to the travelers and more transit crowed but can Motel 6 really afford to not have nice smelling soap chips?

And you wanna know the biggest upside of it all? The people that will be pocketing the soap, “your product” to take it home and use it. That’s right, millions of people taking your product home. Because that is what almost every person that stays in a motel does, take the soap! I am clear on the cost behind this sliver of cleanliness, but I have to think even at a loss, the implications of people using your product like this are something to think about.

Personally, I’d rather roll around wood chips to knock any odor off my body and smell like pine. Not to mention feel great, even after pulling the splinters out of my ass with pliers rather than to even apply any of the tiny square things Motel 6 refers to as soap. The best part is that you are so proud to place in their “wonderful Jacuzzis” , give me a break!

I don’t believe even a full time hooker would wash any crevice of her body with Motel 6 soap after a thirty minute fuck.  She would prefer to smell like old sweaty ass, balls and rough sex for a day, rather than to smell like the wonderful scent (not too sure what the scent even is) of a Motel 6 bar of soap.  Hell, she may even rather put herself through the pain and suffering of going through a drive thru car wash just for the glory and the scent of good smelling soap instead of that hardened bar of shit you call soap.

Yeah,  they will leave the light on for you; pay the expense of wasting energy then to actually save energy and money.  How about turning the fucking light off and wait until a person gets there to rent the room! Hey! There’s a bright fucking idea!  How’s that for a light on!!?? No Pun intended, but you would  think you Motel 6 corporate soap geniuses would have come up with that and save money to actually buy some decent soap.

Think, travel sizes of Axe, his and her hotness, hell maybe even some dial at this point. I am certainly willing to work with you in finding a great and cost effective way to cleanse your guests, if you are willing. We understand you aren’t the Hilton Resorts however, we would like to avoid chaffing from an unclean groin area, if at all possible. Simply hygiene is easy when the right tools and resources are available.

Clean up your act Motel 6! – That one was free! But the next one is going to cost ya!

Take your company to the next level, with marketing that is out of this world! Scott is for hire

Scott goes worldwide!

A new first for me, the other day I was approached by an India based web developmental company to make them a website layout. I have to be honest, at first I was a little thrown off by this offer. Because in my mind, India would be the ideal place to get a website developed! Then it hit me when he told me, “No good website designs come from India!” I am sure that is not true, but it made perfect sense, get an American to illustrate the website, and then have it coded in India. Even myself, a lot of times I will have the coding done in India to save time and money!

Examples of the WordPress themes I have designed for my clients:

*to see my full portfolio>> click here

With these .psd files you can make almost any type of website you want, websites are in-fact images.

This is how most people should go about doing a website in the first place. Buy the art work from an expert designer/illustrator to layout the website and you buy the PSD’s from him, then you can take the PSD’s to most anyone with basic CSS and slicing, and they can be turned into any type of website! PSD to WordPress Template for $99

Keywords: PSD, WordPress theme.

And the real up side of owning your own website theme is really that all the changes you make on the theme/website, you own them. Your not investing in a theme/layout, that you only may onwn some things.

List of your options.

a. Get a free WordPress template. 

my blog

Free Template

There are many great free very advanced, WordPress themes and templates that most anyone can customize with no help and the best part they are 100% free to download. The down side to this is really, that templates sometimes don’t offer us everything we want. Sometimes there is a cost for these changes. Sometimes the long term outlook for using a WordPress template, does not offer you everything you might want from your theme.

  • Get Scott’s very own Wp Buddy WordPress Theme >> here
  • Weaver WordPress theme >> here
  • WordPress – Free themes
(Price Range 0)

 b. Buy a premium WordPress theme membership 


WooThemes has a great offering for bloggers looking to get a good variety code-free WordPress themes for one low membership fee.

One of the best WordPress themes on the market from an SEO stand point. The Thesis Theme for WordPress

(Price Range $100.00-$300.00)

c. Make Your very-own custom WordPress Theme 

screen shot of

Make your own WordPress theme just like me!

That’s 100% correct! I made my own WordPress theme. Then I made my own WordPress theme store so people can download my theme for free, and for some added SEO qualties I even added a link in the footer to link back to my personal blog for free backlink! So anything on this website that you see right now, it available for download and 100% free! Click here to see my WordPress theme website.

Want your own WordPress theme? I charge $199.00 to make a custom .psd WordPress layout.

(price $199.00)

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Late night dinner at the Bellagio Las Vegas

One of my favorite places in Las Vegas is the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Garden. It is spectacular what the Bellagio does, and it is all 100 % free. The other thing that is so cool about this, is that the Bellagio cafe is adjacent to garden viewing area and it makes for a very nice dinner for under 100 bucks!

One late night I thought I would go out for a little dinner and some cool pics.

Marriage is for gay people.

Now that I got that off my chest!  I hope you enjoy my annual Valentine’s Day post. As always, it is very hot and fun!

Is marriage a thing of the past? I think so, with the new prop 8 ruling and shift in people’s attitude about relationships, something has changed. I, of course, have an idea to fix it! With just hour’s to go to get my Valentines post done, it came to me, “Love Relationships”.

Marriage is a dated concept and has legal pitfalls. As a matter of fact, the only people marriage seems to appeal to is breeders, mentally unstable, and evangelicals. So what happens when the love is all gone, and you have this big mess? I think I have the solution, to everyone’s problems! I was listening to Bill Handel and he was saying that in his surrogacy practice, gay couples seem to be doing a better job at raising kids. I personally oppose this type of lifestyle, but statically this might be true.

So I offer you “Love Relationships”

Love Relationships – Gives you everything you want in a loving relationship and nothing you don’t… hot passion, no dead-beat mother-fucker.

Because one day is, “Baby, I love you” and the next your thinking to yourself, “What just happened to my life?!” Love Relationships have a lot of the same qualities as a marriage, but with clearer boundaries. For example, I will never share a checking account with a woman. It’s not that I think less of a woman, but rather, when I take her out for a nice dinner, it’s a real treat. 🙂 Sharing financial stuff with another person these days is a big risk, even with someone you think you know! You are an individual, so be one. Love Relationships, would most likely appeal to successful people, and smart people. People that are stable and do not have issues with trust.

Taking time for yourself is important, don’t neglect yourself. Have your own hobbies.  You are your own person.

Marriage after a few years fades and it should end right then. Not go on 16 years too long because of the children. Life is short! When you’re with someone that you don’t want to be with, it starts to take away from us personally.

Love Relationships are always hot because when she comes over the sheets are fresh. You are on your best behavior and most importantly she gets to watch what she wants.

Marriage when the sex fades, you got to figuring out what to do now and it leaves with you with more questions than answers. In a Love Relationships, you tell them you need to move on, the parties over and you go home, no hard feelings.

In a Love Relationship, you go out shopping together and you have sex in the dressing room. In a marriage , you wait for her, holding the purse in the hall way of the mall.

In a marriage, you have to go the in-laws around the Holidays. In a Love Relationships, fuck them. BUT, if you do happen to get talked into going to the in-laws! She is going to fuck you so hard!

In Love Relationships, you have to pull over. Because you have been finger fucking your lover for the last 10 miles, she is so hot and wet and you need to take her now! In a marriage, the kids have been fucking screaming and she is ready for bed.

In a marriage, you husband has gambled the children’s college fund. In a Love Relationship, you partner gambles all their money. You give them 20 bucks to cheer them up!

In a Love Relationships, you plan to do things together. In marriage, this dude just watches TV and gets fat.

In a marriage you by some ice cream to dull the pain of the everyday grind. In a Love Relationship you have plans coming up for this Friday! Your going to up all night with your hot lover, so your hitting the gym every-night this week after work!

In Love Relationship, every day is different and new, and you have many hot mini honey-moons if you will, and over the time you are together get to have many special days and nights spending time together. In a marriage you get one magical day, and after that it’s never the same.

An example of a ”Love Relationship”, Gene Simmons, He has lived with model/actress Shannon Tweed since 1986, but they’ve never married. Simmons has said that while he respects the rights of those who choose to marry, it’s not something he ever plans to do; specifically, he doesn’t feel man by nature is meant to be in a monogamous relationship. “The only thing wrong with marriage is that one of the persons involved is a man,” he often says. see here

So what would you rather have?

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