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Learning to window tint cars

Here’s an idea you could consider to make some cash in short order…

Many people consider expensive trade schools as an option that really won’t offer a return that you hope for, but you may want to consider windows tinting instead.

This is something you can learn in a rather short period of time with scant competition.  After your short, initial learning curve you could advance right to the top on your very first day of work!

It’s window tinting.  Yes, I know you probably weren’t thinking that.  I wouldn’t have thought it either until I did some investigation.  Well… I paid some pot smoker $250.00 to tint my SUV in 90 mins. As it turns out, window tinting is a fantastic way to make great money, and a business you can do with very little start up capital. The average salary of a window tinter is 40k a year, working mostly from May to late September.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not, window tint is the number one after-market product purchased by a car owners. The window tinting market has become more competitive lately as people are discovering what a great way it is to actually make cash right away.  Even with some competition in local markets, it is still very easy to make $150.00 bucks for about 2-3 hours of work.

Window tinting is a few simple techniques applied to 100’s of types of windows in all kinds of cars.  You can learn on one type of window very quickly – it might take you 2-3 years to really become an expert on all of the hundreds of types of cars in use today.  Not that I’m trying to discourage you from trying, it’s just that it might take you a few years to be so good that you can do any car in a couple hours. I liked it, BUT! I happen to be over six foot tall and this made it difficult to crawl in and out of the backseat of smaller cars with tint in my hand.

To get the tricks of the trade in window tinting, you will need to find a trainer.  The cost for training will vary.  Think about it.  A master window tinter is willing to train you to be his competition!  There’s going to be some cost associated with learning the skills, tips and tricks to master window tinting that make serious money working a small portion of the year. Basically I just went in a donated my time at a window tinting shop and worked for free. It was about three weeks when they decide to pay me 30% of the tint jobs and before I knew it I was fully employed.

How to get training to become a window-tinter:

  • Videos – I started with getting a video off eBay, it was very informational. The Tinting gave me a further understanding of what it actually took to window tint a car, but it didn’t have that all important “hands-on” elements you would need to actually to become a successful window tinter.
  • Online resource – Like tint dude, this is a forum with good help for window-tinting help and jobs.
  • Classes – Some window film manufactures have classes for about a week, some a month, cost for them range $500.00 – $2000.00.
  • Hands on – I recommend just walking in and asking tint shops in your area, I agreed to work for free so I could learn. Then what happened is in a few days I was cutting, then they started paying me 8 bucks an hour.  About month later I could tint  most any car or truck so I made a percentage.
  • States that offer the best chance of free training. Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico.
  • Something to think about before running off and learning to tint windows – you must be able to crawl in and out of the back seat or cars easily. I am 6″4 that makes it very difficult.  If you need to lose a little belly fat, check here.

Here are some business opportunities for window-tinters:

  • Mobile – (Setting up in car washes, or flea-markets.)
  • Shop – (Rent a bay in the summer.)
  • Residential tinting – (Houses and businesses – Good money!)
  • Tinting cars in your garage – (I was making 600 a week just tinting cars in my home garage. )
  • Swap-meets/flea-market
  • Mall Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations

*Over head is very low when starting a window tinting shop, most of the time you can get up and running for under $2500.00

I think this is a fantastic idea for someone looking to start a new career and they are unsure what they can do.  If you’re at all handy, you can easily learn this skill and market yourself into a great income.  Sure it’s work, but it beats flipping burgers at McDonalds.

The $15,000.00 table – Another Great Money Making Idea Courtesy of Scott Asher

tableOne thing that I love more than anything in this world is making money out of almost nothing! I hope you enjoy today’s post!

A carpenter at heart – I occasionally get inspired to do some woodworking and run with it.  I was out with my wife, checking out some garage sales and we found an old table.  The table was in poor condition and as I like to do, I talked the owner down to ten bucks.  Ten bucks for a table!  This is one reason I love garage sales.  As also happens with garage sales purchases, it sat around in my garage and for some time I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with it. Finally my wife presents me with an ultimatum.  Do something with the table or we’re going to sell it at our own garage sale.  I love going to garage sales, not having garage sales.  “Let me think on it, please honey, let’s not have a garage sale,”  I said.  I was on a surfing trip with some bros in Mexico when inspiration hit.  We had taken a break from the waves (I know that’s hard to imagine but even surfing needs a break occasionally) and were walking through a flea market in Rosarito.  I saw this old weather beaten, antique Mexican door and they wanted I think 40 pesos for it which was about the equivalent of $4.  Four bucks for a door?!  Sure, I’ll take that any time I can find it.  I know it’s starting to sound like I have a weakness for bargain shopping but this is not the case.  I saw in my mind’s eye, the door and the table in my garage that I needed to handle or suffer some consequences in my marriage.  So I put this old door in my truck and brought it over the border. I love buying stuff like this because bringing the door over the border, nobody looked or even cared about it. How can you argue that the door had any value and no one cares. It’s an old door, what are you going to say?

IM003258So I get this door and drag it home, I am already aware of the value in old doors.  When I was little younger I would go to Mexico and buy few sets of old doors and take them to Newport Beach and other areas along the coast and peddle them to the rich people for 8-10 grand on the spot, this included installation.  One day, maybe two days of work an voila, cash money! But I get this door home, the idea hits me over the head to use the garage sale table, add the door to the center of it and put a sheet of glass on the top.  I secured the door with a L bracket kit from Lowe’s which cost me 3 bucks.  So now I’ve got about 17 bucks invested in the table.

Making the table from the door was easy.  The real skill here is looking for stuff that can undergo this kind of transformation. It must be real wood, and posses the traits to become something better and of course, I would have never purchased these items for any real money.  The trick is learning to see the potential and a finished project from apparently worthless items.

I took the table to the La Jolla arts and crafts show. A lady about 26 years old paid me with the cash she had on her. She asked me to hold her keys to her G-wagon, while she dug in her purse for the money.  Fifteen thousand bucks – almost all entirely profit!

Tools I used:
Belt sander – Skill Saw – Air-Nailer –

One dollar returned can of paint, from Home Depot.
Sand paper.
Sheet of glass. – 60 bucks.

Total investment: about 105 bucks.




I do rehabs all the time, for example I got this dresser for 6 bucks and sold it for 300.00 after refinishing it.

This is just one more example of making money from nothing. Subscribe now so you don’t miss more to follow. And be sure to check out the great money making ideas here.

The pizza gig.

I learned years ago that there were some strange ways people figured out how to make money.

Here’s one that I learned in a curious way.  I had just gotten a new car and my first car payment of about $148.00 bucks a month for a 1984 Honda Accord, my last car had “bitten the big one” so I went to a corner car lot that you see on the side of the road.  I was looking for my third car.   So I was in need of making some money and being a young kid I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for this car I had just gotten with the full coverage insurance and registration.  I had my hands full. I put four hundred down and traded in my 1968 Dodge Dart and I was kind of nervous but feeling good, but the clock was ticking and I  needed some quick cash.

Fortunately for me I met this guy living in Brea, California at the time.  He had asked me to come to work for him about a month earlier but I wasn’t interested then. By this time I was a whipper snapper of a sales man, and I thought I had a decent grasp on whether I could make money.  I decided to listen to his pitch.  You can make some serious money delivering pizza he said.  How serious?  My guys can make up to 8 grand a month using my secret techniques.

Read more

Advanced Cyberbegging Techniques

Susan pimping findjeffandsusan.com in Coeur d'Alene

Susan pimping findjeffandsusan.com in Coeur d'Alene

To beg or not to beg; that is the question.

My friend and fellow blogger, (the owner of this blog) asked me today if I wanted to swap blogs for the day.  I thought it a great idea so he’s over at my blog posting something as we speak.  We didn’t discuss what each other would write and he told me I could be as outrageous as I wanted.  I took a thoughtful read through his blog for some inspiration to write.  His recent post on cyberbegging is timely and relevant considering there have been articles describing people receiving large sums of money from the activity.  I have personally been dabbling in cyber begging – a half assed attempt really – by sticking a donation button on my blog.  We received two donations from Susan’s mother and that was because she knew we didn’t have money to eat.  The donations would have come in the form of cash or check had we an address to receive mail.  So I’ve researched the topic throughly and now offer some tips and techniques to implement a cyberbegging campaign. Read more

Buying small businesses, the vending route.

If you surf Craigslist, then sometimes you will stumble over things that are very interesting. One of my favorite categories on Craigslist is the business for sale. Most of it  is scams these days, but from time to time, I will find really interesting small businesses for sale. I think you will be surprised at what you might find for a few hundred bucks. If you are looking to get a good deal, this is the place! One thing I found from searching businesses for sale, the sellers are very motivated. I am referring to tangible businesses like hot dog-carts, vending routes, clearance merchandise, and so forth. Read more

I wave goodbye to another WordPress project


I let another website go! Sticking to the plan to only develop a limited amount of website. Recently, I decided to part with HTMLpostings.com, in about four days from now the domain will expire.

One thing that I find very interesting about being able to develop WordPress blogs, if I get an idea, I can have another WordPress blog up and running and making money in a few days. The best part is the cost for my troubles, is under ten dollars! The HTMLpostings.com website was on the back shelf for a while, but now, I am letting it go, but with a little hesitation. Because if you know how to use PhotoShop, this business idea would be very profitable, with almost no money invested!

My idea for the website was to make HTML advertisements for online classified postings for small businesses that post on Craigslist. I would charge $10-$25 dollars and on the website. I would  make a little “How to Guide” that explains how to insert html posing into online classifieds using Photobucket or any image hosting website. It would cost nothing to market the website. You would just reply to the posting placed on Craigslist telling them how they can save money and time, and give a better presentation of their business, and the best part, its free!

Need some holiday cash? How you can make some money, just in time for the holidays!

Need to make some money this holiday season? Sometimes when you need money and your all stressed-out, you may miss an opportunity to make money that is front of you! With the holiday season quickly approaching you can make money installing Christmas lights. It’s so simple that anyone can install Christmas lights and with a few bucks, you can ease your holiday stress by putting some easy extra money in your pocket!

To get your small business started:
– You will need 2 ladders, 1 10-20ft. extension, 1 – 6 foot painting ladder.
– Staple gun.
– Bulk hanging hooks, for the lights.
– Test light, to test strands of lights, Maybe good idea carry some replacement bulbs in a tool box, you can get these at Wal-mart.
– Few hammers and nail bags, some hand-tools and a buddy!

*Quick Tips:
You can buy a few indoor-outdoor extension cords and extra bulbs  to sell for people that don’t have them.

How to advertise your Christmas lights business:
– You can make few thousand fliers and pass them out.
– Buy some cheap ad space in a local widely read publication.

*Quick help:
To help sales you can add that  proceeds help local homeless or children, people always like to help a good cause!

Helpful hints:
– Careful not to damage the house with the  ladder, tape rags to the ladder so you don’t scratch the gutters.
– Careful how you fasten the lights to the house. You don’t want to damage the house.
– Ladders are very dangerous, always work with a buddy and have him hold the ladder.

And if you want to take this idea to the next level you can also, start a WordPress blog and collect payments with Paypal.

…and don’t forget when Christmas is over, go door to door ask to take them down!

Have a great holiday season!

Scott R. Asher shares how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog or Website, it’s quick easy and best of all it’s 100% free!

This is the first of many blog post about how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog. I own a ton of WordPress blogs and I make many free marketing campaigns and execute them all the time. If you are looking to get traffic to your website or blog, I am your man! I am hoping to give you the information you need to get free visits to your website or WordPress blog in as little as a few hours. Your website is all ready to go, and now you find yourself looking all over the web trying to get the best and quickest way to getting good quality traffic to your website. I got good news, it is simple, easy, and best of all it’s free. The bad news is, its going to be a little bit of work.

Blog Commenting is a very simple and effective way to get a good amount of targeted WordPress blog traffic.

How to get started:
First you will need to open a word .doc and write some ad copy for your advertisement. Something to think about when you are writing is to make something that is not real threatening. You always want to keep this in mind, you are wanting this “other person” that owns this WordPress blog to add your link-back to your website, on their website. A lot of blog comments are viewed as spam so you want to make something that adds to their website, but short and catchy. If I was going to do a blog post for this website for example, I would say “Hey checkout Scottrasher.com where I help you get traffic to your website, for free!” So when they see this, it tells them, hey… I’m just telling people free things, I am not trying to make money off your blog. There are lots of people trying to make money on their website, so be ready for when someone cusses you out, because they feel you are trying to make money off what they got, this is normal. I get tons of spam on my WordPress, penis enlargement, tons of silly crap, more than I can count! I don’t mind comments on my blog at all and in the long run it is going to be better for you and them!

Next, make sure you have a link back to your WordPress blog, or you can use the website field to add the website.

Now that you have all your text in a word doc, you can save the working copy, and make multiple postings. This will raise your approval chances and you can save your work, copy and paste as you visit blogs.

Finding blogs to comment on.
This is really simple, start by going to google blogs search. Then you search for blogs related to your website. If you do happen to venture out, you will find that you will not have as high approval rate. For example, I went out to do baby bloggers, wow grouchy! These lady got nothing to do but search “Oh my God… My baby burped, now what?” or “What is the easiest car seat to take in and out of my mini van.”

How many hits on my website will I get?
This depends on about how many approvals you get, but if I post in about 100 blogs I get 25-500 hits, over a span of seven days. If you get an approval on a good website, then your in luck because you will get some good traffic for a long time.

Key blog posting tips:

  • Don’t go over-board, too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Blog posting brings me good hits, but doing thousands is dangerous. On a average I do about 30-300 posting a month adding them in my spare time.
  • My kids are getting older, so when they get in trouble I make them blog post… lol! I make them do 10 pages for the run of the mill disobedience.
  • If you get few hundred approvals on some high-traffic blog you can to can start getting some really good traffic.


Bandit Signs [Get traffic to your WordPress blogs on a stick]

Sample sign

Sample sign

There is some stuff you need to know before jumping out and getting some web traffic on a stick.

For about $150.00 bucks and about 10 hours of labor you can get a ton of traffic to your website or WordPress blog.  Most bandit signs cost is in the range of $0.50 – $1.25 depending on size and color or colors. And most of the time they will try to up-sell you for some stakes to stick them in the ground they cost about another .10 cents to .50 cents each. I found that zip ties and roofing plastic cap nails work the best in most pole mounting applications, so if you happen to buy stakes, you shouldn’t need more than 25-40 tops.

But before you go out and buy a ton of signs you need to check with the city ordnance where you hope to post the Bandit-signs, to avoid possible violations maybe costing you big bucks in fines. Where I live in Las Vegas it is more or less a free-for-all for the most part, and you can see that on every corner in the Las Vegas and Henderson. However many States like California will hunt you down, and send you a ticket for up to a thousand dollars per sign! This is how the sign got its name “bandit.” If you do screw-up and happen to get fined and you are looking to make it hard on them to locate you next time, you can add privacy to your website or WordPRess domain for about $2.00 more, and they will need a court order to get your name from the domain/hosting provider.

I have had some really good results with the signs; the biggest element working against you besides the weather is other people or “sign haters”, people that will destroy your sign or cut-out some of the number so others can’t read it. The name of the game here is getting the sign in a good location and keeping the sign where it can been seen by others for as long as possible. Keep in mind, the first visit to your WordPress blog cost a dollar but a sign that brings you in 100 visits cost you one cent each. Making it an excellent value every hit after!

I have done three runs of 100 signs, the result I get is about fifteen thousand hits to my WordPress blog. Your first and second day being the heaviest traffic days, I made anywhere from a $1200.00 to $6800.00 return on my original investment of my $250.00, the total cost all-said-and-done investment.

Investment list:
– Signs $148.00 bucks total cost with shipping.
– Zip ties and nails $32.00 bucks.
– Gas $62.00 bucks.
– Food and Coffee $28.65.

Some helpful tips:
– Use a phone number if possible. People will dial from the car, or write the number down. *use a pre-paid phone
– Check for weather, place them with a nice weather window, 7 to 10 days if possible.
– Use a domain that is very easy to remember, even if you have buy another name and redirect to the website you need them to land on.
– Make sure you WordPress blog or Website is fully monetized so you make the most money from the traffic, make sure your hosting is ready to revive heavy traffic.
– Try to avoid placing the signs on private property, at all cost. they get really grumpy and this is nothing but a headache.
– It is a good idea to get a friend to help, one driving and the other posting, this passes the time better.

Good story about this guy that dropped ten thousand bucks for 2 hits on his website.
I got in this massive argument with this guy one day. We had been working on his website for about 6 months and he was ready to put out 10k for 30 days for some road side sign advertisement in Las Vegas, and this type of advertisement is not cheap, let me tell you! This was the deal. He was looking at getting some real exposure on his website. So he went shopping for road side advertisement along I-15, my guess is about 10 million travel this freeway a week, but here is the problem. If you are trying to see the sign from the driver side, the sign location was 100 yards on the opposite side of the road about 60 feet in the air, in like the 10:30 position, and the sign was about 5 feet by 3 feet in this range, so it wasn’t very big.  But he was so hung up on the core amount of people and that it was near the strip and so many people where going to cross its path, my thinking was that, it was either going to be more traffic than anyone was every going to see or nothing. To be honest the sign wasn’t located very well at all. As a matter of fact, being in Vegas I only seen it once. I thought it was very difficult to read with the colors and at that angle. Two people came to the website from seeing the advertisement, $5000 dollars a hit, I would be sick. You got to get one of these signs let me tell you! The money you make from just hanging there, is just gross!

Can’t get a job? Make money with a WordPress blog!

Jobs of any kind are hard to come be these days, and if you are having a hard time well you are not alone. Many people are taking pay-cuts just to put food on the table!  Ex CEO now drives pizza and makes $7.00  bucks and hour. This is where you find out if your hot girlfriend really loves you! So you really thought when she said, “I love fat balding guys.” She was actually serious? Nothing stirs up hate like a little lack of money. So how bad is this recession? It would be hard to comment on the true effects of what happen in our economy.

It is a great time to hire someone, if you are in the market for employee, your in luck. The market is flooded with over qualified people at bargain prices. Employers are doing their best to get the most for the least amount of money. Working for free, is just a waste of time.

Workers telecommuting from overseas is going to be the next big boom. People will cross our borders in a much different ways in our near future, via our computers. Cyber-immigration, the cost is low, the service is great and very reliable! But these people come armed, they are highly educated and very dedicated.

30 days outsourcing in India – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

30 days outsourcing in India – A laid off programmer from the US goes to India looking for his job. What he found is probably something he would’ve never imagined.

So how can you to come out on top?
Establish friendships, it is very interesting Facebook has emerged so successful. The people that you know are going to be the ones you can count on for support, building lasting friendships will secure your future.  So network!

If you need a change of scenery, and looking reinvent yourself let me recommend a few places. (some food for thought)
– Living in RVs is making a big come back, besides you can live on the beach for $800.00 a month in park fees. How bad can that be waking up next to the ocean. Or you can ruff it and stay at Wal-Mart as they welcome RV over night parking. RV parks are cutting deals, attendance is way down. Why not, camp out till the market comes back!

Oklahoma City is having a tech boom! That’s right, companies like sprint are paying good money, housing is cheep and its the bible belt! The fishing is great, so how bad can it be. (When I was younger I spent a few years in Oklahoma, I kind of liked it.)

Texas is also doing very well, you might want to considering moving if you are in debt, as they also have very favorable consumer protection laws, making nearly impossible for debt collectors to touch you. Bud Hibbs <<< if your in debt, this is your guy.

– If you don’t need a job, you might want to consider moving to Michigan. You can buy a house for about the cost of a VCR.

California, there is a mass exodus going on. but if your in health care, your in luck!

Blackhawk Colorado, if you anything about gambling, you got the job! I am not joking.

– Start a WordPress blog for under 10 bucks!

How to turn a $500.00 investment into $100,000 profit!

Ok, I just had this conversation with someone else, people ask me the same question all the time… “How can I make money on the web too?” Everyone in the world is chasing the same dream. Everybody wants to make money and everybody wants to be rich. All over the web people are trying to sell get rich quick ideas that may or may not work. So I thought I would explain step by step how to turn $500.00 bucks into 100k . I just don’t think people really understand how easy it is to make money in this world! I have listed tons and tons of small business ideas anyone can do for under one thousand dollars, this is why I started this WordPress blog. To share these stories with you.

Every business earns its first dollar before earning a million.

Small Business Ventures

  • Buy and sell on eBay. (Get started for under a buck!)
  • Start a WordPress blog. (You can get a website idea produced for well under $1000.00 dollars everyday of the week.)
  • Start a DMV runner business. (Less than $500.00 to get started.)
  • Start a handyman business. (Less than $1000.00 to get started.)
  • Broker deals.

There are millions of small business ideas, you can do with just a few bucks! If you have a job, then you are providing a service for the place that you work everyday. Have you ever looked over the cash register, and thought… “I can do this myself.” So why not? Why you can’t you hire yourself?

My point is to not plug my own WordPress blog. But I want to show you that business opportunity exist all around you, small business’ are everywhere. I mean think about it… You think Juan the Lawn guy saved up 15k, and invested in to a truck and lawnmower and some weed-wackers? Nope, in fact he probably all ready had the truck so we won’t count that.  He most likely picked up some nicely cared for lawn tools from some rich dude at a garage sale for a few hundred bucks that was moving into a retirement home.  I think it was the USA today newspaper who wrote a news story about, the doggy pooper-scooper, which is a one hundred thousand dollar a year business. Tell me what it cost to get that started? 50 bucks? It is out there… You can find it. The problem is that most people insist on wanting to buy someone else’s idea, but to worried about buying your own. The cost you are paying for someone else’s idea is for him to produce this for you. All you are doing is paying for his idea. It all comes down to this… The purest form of a small business, and what America was founded on.

I am trying to explain how to do this, for this example, I am going to go with the website because I know it, and I can give you the best chance for success by explaining to you something I know about, and can give you data. So you get yourself a website that cost you $500.00 nice round number, these days you can get a lot developed at this price. You can’t really expect something great from anything less. Now it doesn’t really matter what the subject of the website is, so we won’t even go there. It is somewhat a factor when accelerating your results, for example, if you have a 1% conversion to sale rate on your website, you might raise it to 3-5% maybe in the short term, I will try to touch on this later.

So the website is up and running, this is where the money comes in. I would say across the board the standard rate of converting a sale on a website is right around 3% for organic traffic; I know there are websites that are much higher, this is true. But I am talking about everything, pay-per-click, affiliates, sales, everything is 3% across the board. Now lets find the average rate of sale, you must figure in everything from the three cent clicks to the $12.00 affiliate commission. For this example I am going to go with 5 bucks as the average sale because this is reasonable and any website can reach this potential.

So I guess you are starting to see how this works? At 5 bucks a sale, 20,000 sales is $100,000.00, to get that you will need about 700,000 hits bring in about 21,000 sales.

Can you see the principles at work? I mean the website is only the vehicle you can use anything, you are looking to close, sales in the most effective manner.

Oh, and how about this, depending on how quick you want to make the money you can pile on some risk. What is your risk tolerance? You want to take some risk? Risk is my middle name. I got the stars in my cross hairs, so if I hit the moon I can live with that.


This website is the story about me, and all my worthless ideas rolled up into one big website.

Welcome to the Wacky-Zany world of Scott R. Asher.

A warm welcome to my world, thank you for coming. Some call me an entrepreneur, but I’m not sure about that. I have some crazy hobbies and I do all kinds of odd jobs. When I say odd… I’m not kidding! Some people that hire me say I am hard to work with, or I am mentally ill. Either way, I still have no shortage of something to say and everyday my little web-empire grows bigger everyday!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a freelance Computer Programmer, that more-or-less posts whatever the fuck I want! Of course that was a joke. If you have’t fallen out of your chair laughing and bumped your head on the floor, you need to really loosen up! <— This is only funny till you find yourself on my website reading about me because I just published something about you, or your company. :)

Over the last two years my blog has turned into a network of 37 blogs of just some stuff I came up with after I lost my job. Who knows where it “all this horse shit” will add up to, so we will ride this bitch till the wheels fall off. I have documented my quest to make a massive network of blogs in my spare time. Everything on my website is a work in progress, including myself. Pull up a chair an and embrace the horror!

Creative influences for the things I do, come from:

music, surfing, the parables teaching of Jesus Christ, zen in the art of archery, Mexico, day of the dead art, fish, the ocean, the spirit of entrepreneurship, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Walt Disney, India, programming computers, gambling strategy, venture capital, Jeff McCune, Chip Reese, Steve Jobs, Stu Unger, iconoclast, Pink Floyd, writing, my friends, T.C. Gameson, Elvis, Danny Elfman, Late 80s skateboard movement, lil Wayne, rave music.

Scott’s worthless words to live by:

  • Organization is next to Godliness.
  • Life improvement is the key to success. No one is going to pay for nothing.
  • Things in life are not as important as they may seem. (if I could only learn this one.)
  • Do what you love, make friendships, be good to people, love each other and take time to smell the roses.
  • Along the way, educate yourself and continue to grow at any cost. Learning can be painful – but you will never grow from what you have not learned.
  • Always laugh, because in 100 years no one is going to care.
  • We are all winners from day one. You are the only that can stop yourself.
  • Life reflection is the purest form of therapy.
  • Always prosper.

Scott FUN-Facts

I have sold on eBay for more than 13 years, and have made over $50,000 in sales with 100% feedback. Check me out on eBay

One of my strengths:

Taking big risks when I see a chance for a big payday. (I am a rainmaker, people come to me when they want to make money.)

One of my weaknesses:

Taking big risks in business ventures. I am ready to go for broke every day!

Times were not always peachy in my life so I though it would be  funny to list some of my silly jobs:

  • Hand inserting newspapers all night in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Delivering Pizza.
  • Roofing.
  • Serving tables at Wolfgang Puck and at Denny’s.
  • Painting.
  • Working for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the World Poker Tour.
  • Owner of 3 construction companies, having done over 300 housing flips.
  • Owner of one of the biggest website networks I have ever heard of to this date. At one time it was almost 200 websites and domain names.
  • Dealing craps, blackjack, and poker for 5 years in Las Vegas.
  • Marketing for Star Trek the movie in Calabasas, CA, while living in Simi Valley, CA.

Interesting fun facts about me:

I love talk radio, I want to lean to play the piano.


golf, building R/C airplanes, love to write, surf, art (you don’t realizes how special things our till its gone).

If I could change it all, what would I be?:

Musician, My friend Jeff is going to be disappointed in me for this==> I would be a Lawyer, pilot for the US Navy, Writer, ship caption, Danny Elfman < I am not sure if that counts.


80’s, Oingo Boing, Phil Collins, Pink Flyod, Depeche Mode, The Cars, The Fixx, REM, Genesis, Queen, Susie and The Banshees, Pet Shop Boys, Jay-Z, Orchestra Maneuvers in the Dark, Duran Duran, lil Wayne


Color of Money, The Love Guru, StarWars, Breakfast Club, Tombstone, Sling Blade, Son of Rambo, The Wackness, Grammas Boy, The Endless Summer, Pulp Fiction, The Dead Pool, The Gran Torino, James Bond (not this is recent crap, the old bond.) Blow, Fight Club, Gladiator, Heartbreak ridge,

TV Shows:

Dexter, Boston Legal, Prison Break, South Park, Califorincation (maybe one of the best unknown shows), Weeds, The Sopranos, Rob & Big, On Safari, Deadwood, Two and a Half Men, Gilligan’s Island, Bevis and Butt-head, Boston Legal, Who’s line is it anyway, Breaking Bad, Big Bang.

Favorite sayings:

  • It’s the little foxes that spoil the vines. –Song of Solomon 2:15
  • The most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”–Ronald Reagan
  • Pride comes before the fall –Proverbs 16:17-18
  • Guess the news, you lose. –Color of Money
  • That is pride fucking with-you… –Pulp Fiction
  • I think this needs more cowbell. –Christopher Walken on SNL
  • Put the car on them –Bug

Scott’s list of best stuff on earth, in no particular order!

  • Egg-nog
  • brushing your teeth with hot water
  • Deep fried Twinkies, on the Fremont Street. In Las Vegas $.99
  • Clam Chowder and Crab legs on the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco.
  • Street tacos in TJ Mexico.
  • Orange Juice w/extra pulp
  • The Masters, in the spring.
  • Hard throwing MLBaseball in October.
  • Hard throwing MLBaseball in November.
  • I remember when you could smoke in hospitals and grocery stores in the 70’s. nice, good stuff…
  • The Sopranos.
  • Fireplaces.
  • 80’s music.
  • StarWars
  • Animal style <- if you have to ask, you don’t know.
  • I love to take a bath. Scott Asher fun fact – I love to take long hot baths. Something about laying in the hot water, and… It makes me really dizzy when I beat-off standing up. 😉
  • Throwing dice at Caesars Palace.
  • Mr Wizard.
  • 16 Candles. (the movie)
  • Clint Eastwood
  • 20 inch sinners. (They are spinning nigga!)
  • Fly Fishing.
  • Golf.
  • Chuck Norris (<—-this muther-fucker makes every list)

YES! Some of you that know me may have picked up on “poker” is not added to Scott’s list, ya well… I guess I’m not a fan.

Scott is currently doing

I am currently downsizing my website network. I recently thought that having hundreds of websites was a good idea; I mean the concept is simple really; it is simple to make a website that makes a buck or 2 a day. If you take 100 websites for example; and they all make an average of two dollars a day each, that is about $200.00 a day profit,  times that by 365 days that is equals 73k a year.  I still think the idea would make tons of money, but it is too hard for one person to manage hundreds of websites, let me tell you.  My revised plan is to have 10 websites and really spend all my time working on them, a more concentrated effort. The only issues are with the websites I have now is, I have so many favorites I don’t think I could pick just 10… lol!  I still have about forty websites.

Interesting deals that I have made: More updates coming soon

– I have sold over 200 websites.
– 40 website network sold on eBay.