is now trying to charge for membership!

I just logged into my DP account and went to add a post in the services section and from what I could tell, they wanted to charge $125.00 dollars a year for membership. I have been a member of Digital Point for a few years now, and there is no chance of me paying for a membership on DP. I am guessing they came up with this idea from they also try to charge you for membership.

I think if I had a choice I would pay for membership at the Warrior Forum. At DP the support is crap. I have never to this day have received one reply from DP support. I can just see myself emailing support, because somehow my money wasn’t credited to my account. No Thanks – I am not going to pay for that. DP is mostly overseas freelancers and broke webmasters looking to score review copies. Maybe I should email Shawn and ask him for a “review copy” of his member-shit! <<< if you have been on DP for any length of time, you know how funny that is!!!

Hey don’t get me wrong, I think DP is a great website. But I am not going to pay for it! lol…