It’s funny; people never really realize just how important a comment on a blog really is. It’s even funnier that people who leave ridiculous comments are doing nothing but wasting their own time along with someone else’s. Blog comments are a way of networking within your niche. Those ridiculously stupid comments are going no where. Well, actually, they are going straight to delete land with the rest of the loser comments. I mean if you take the time to comment on something, make it worth your own time, along with everyone else’s. Think organic, meaningful quality comments. Too much for you? Then, please stay the hell off my blog comments, with all do respect.

This leads me to the fact of one of the biggest mistakes people make when making blog comments, is making lame blog comments on other blogs. As a blog owner, I love comments, but I only publish the true and organic comments. The “good info” generic comment is not organic at all. Tell people what you enjoyed about it, what you disagreed on and so on.

I have a service that creates valuable blog comments that come in at a much higher approval.

Why do they have a high approval? If you own a blog, then you know that stupid comments don’t get used; they get trashed or spammed immediately. I go to the blog read the post and add comment that the blogger can use. Comments that are interactive, engaging, relative and organic to the original post are what a blog needs. It’s ridiculous to see that a great post filled with organic quality and then some asshole who merely comments, “thanks for the info”. While, I am truly glad that someone took the time read my blog and maybe they did enjoy the post but, what did you enjoy. Interaction is key.

Often times, comments left like that are followed by a link to their websites. While, I am always open for networking and comments for those purposes, it is crucial that you don’t leave stupid comments. First, if I did allow your comment, I doubt many people would click on your link due to you inability to interact with others. I mean, it will be obvious that you took your time to write those few words all in effort to gain traffic. Nope. If it were that easy, true bloggers would never comment at all. We would simply post our link and would all be rich. Get real.

If you don’t feel as though you have the time to properly comment on blogs, let’s talk. I can get your name out there through high quality organic blog comments that will make others take a double take. I will show them, you know what you are doing and appreciate the standards by which the World Wide Web works.