ESPN Names Tiger Woods Athlete of the Decade.  Imagine the Round Table Discussion:

J:     Do you think the public will think we’re just riding the band wagon of the recent Tiger Woods scandal by naming him Athlete of the Decade?  Has anyone ever seen anything with as much buzz?

P:     There isn’t really any dispute that Tiger Woods is actually the athlete of the decade is there?  Just because he got caught with his C@#& in the honey pot, doesn’t take away anything from his status as a world class athlete, does it?

T:  Given the fact that Tiger’s announced he’s going to lay off of golf indefinitely, I’d prefer to see a basketball player, someone that we could “bump up” perhaps.

J:  Just exactly who do you think we could, in good faith say is a better athlete than Tiger Woods?  I can’t think of anyone.

T:  What about Michael Phelps?  He’s a phenomenal athlete, most likely the best swimmer ever living.

J:  I can’t believe that a friend of his actually posted a video of him smoking a bong – with friends like that who needs enemies?

P:  Oh Jesus T, just because you have a crush on Phelps, ever since you saw him in a Speedo – Really, there’s no debate on this and let’s face it – everyone in the world is sitting at their computers Googling Tiger Woods.  Since Google came out with their new real-time search feature, every time we announce anything about him, we get two million hits on our website.

J:  Our announcement shouldn’t just be about advertising.  Come on guys – we’re supposed to be THE Sports Authority – not just a huge corporate money making machine.  Let’s take a vote and get the announcement made.  All in favor of Tiger Woods as the athlete of the year, say I.