Ok, let me give you the background on how this post came about. Because its going to be hard to understand what exactly happened just from reading this post, and because I write like a fucking moron, but that’s besides the point.

I had this idea called “The India Project” and basically, The India Project is a 100 website network. So my business partner Mark Pringle from Kansas and I, set out to make this 100 website network. We managed to get 77 live websites. Mark’s role in the company was the financial backing and I was the programmer.

To read more about the India Project

So one night I was driving, my wife left me again, yea again… And it was basically the middle of the night and I was driving. Mark, he is a nurse and works the late nights shift, while I was driving to Las Vegas,  it turns out Mark’s phone number came up on my phone, so I figured I would call him. What the hell, right? I never was really that mad at Mark per-say, just frustrated at our overall liquidity problems the project had. Mark and I had been struggling financially, and Mark had no more money to add.

So recently, Mark Pringle had been contacting me to do some work for him. Mark Pringle is a super nice guy overall and to be honest, I think if Mark and I shared anything it was we really wanted to make millions of dollars, but then again, who doesn’t right? So Mark and I set out to do this project together and the business relationship fell apart after about 3-4 months into it. Rather than really go into what happen, the bottom line was I just couldn’t see working on the project for free any longer, my time was worth more than that.

So back to Mark contacting me.

Mark had been calling me, bouncing projects off me that he wanted bids for. I had given Mark some feedback, and be honest, I think everyone’s time is worth something. I mean Mark gets paid for being a nurse, and I get paid for consulting people on computers, websites and developing web projects and when is the last time you seen a nurse for free, right?

So I recently I had to draw the line in the sand. I just could no longer do work for free. Being a nice guy, wasn’t working out for me. Nothing to do with Mark, but everyone. But the problem is this, when you do stuff like this and people are use to getting a free ride they get their feeling hurt when you cut them off, and to be honest, I just cant do anything about it. Times are hard for everyone these days and if I don’t stop then people just keep taking from you.

Well today was that day.

Mark’s Pringle’s email to me.

jesus christ Scott… no shit. I have never had a free ride in my life. I never even considered a free ride from you. Same shit… different day with you.

Welcome to business. I’m not required by any law to follow up with you…. and for all you know.. my mom could have died. But.. instead.. you decide to be a prick.. just like before. It’s no wonder your broke and can’t find a job. You called me motherfucker… Remember.

“I didn’t know who else to call.”  the night your wife left.

So basically had just gotten sick of taking calls for free. To be honest – I just would had rather jerked-off than talk about the web.

My reply

So don’t call..

I blew my wad and replied this too.

I am going to use this email as motivation to never do or give anyone anything ever again. Thank you! You have given me inspration!

Mark’s Reply


You condescending horseshit is nothing more than that. Free… hmmmmm. Seems like the only one who got something for free was you.

How much money did you invest into the India Project? Oh.. it was the world class education I received. Ok Scott… keep telling yourself that.

Understand something…. I will never agree with you…. ever. wanna keep arguing…

I think Mark is 100% correct. But I think he left-out I am also a self absorbed prick, but who’s is keeping track.

I think the email speaks for itself. He also said he will never agree with me, but he did copy me. 🙂

Here is Mark’s website project: www.nakedniche.com
*and just a fun fact, his old website nakedniche forwards to this new domain>>opinionniche.com

Thanks Mark for your email buddy, don’t worry you’ll get better!

To read about the India Project here

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