My Review of Special K Red Berries

kimagesI guess this is my Special-K weight loss story! Here I am pulling up on 40 and it’s becoming clear Captain Crunch everyday for breakfast, is not apart of my healthy diet.

Here it is the beginning of the 2010, we are sitting on the couch and my wife looks over at me and says lets make a New Years resolution and lose a few pounds! So I am thinking, oh great, I can’t wait for this. So my suddenly insane wife is looking at all this fat-free stuff in the grocery store, you know what I mean, right? All the taste free crap. So most of you guys know how this goes, you eat all the good food and wait to eat the crappy “Fat-Free” stuff for when your low on grocery’s. I was looking for something to eat about 6a.m. and I glance to the top of the refrigerator and there is was. Now we have all tasted Special K and what we all know, there is nothing special about it. Last time I ate Special-K cereal was when my Grandmother would feed it to me as a kid, to be honest it tasted awful. I started eating the red berries Special K, it is excellent. About 10 days have gone by, here is it the 12th of January, I haven’t really changed my eating habits much. But instead of my 2-3 mega bowls of the Captain, I eat a box of Kellogg’s Special K and I have lost 12 pounds!