Need job? Looking for a job? How to find a *%^#$@ JOB!

Kind of tricky finding a job these days… You look all over the net and it is slim pickings. If you are looking to hire someone right now, it’s looking real good for you. I have a few friends that own businesses right now, and they are flooded with applicants.

Am I the only one confused when looking on the web for a job? I have looked online at Yahoo, Monster, Career Builder and it’s cluttered will all this crap! I mean, come on already… Throw off the job posting proven to be a scam! The system or the services rather, don’t really work all that well. If you are looking for a job in your local area, the  job posting are very spread out and very hard to track. Some employers are just electing post for free on services like Craigslist. If you are looking for a better result, sometime you will find more local job results. Example, searching for websites like “Colorado jobs” most states and larger cities have them and these are local area job boards. (Make sure to also look at, state job listings.) I can remember the-good-ole-days when looking for a job was in the newspapers, all the jobs in one place. Now even the papers are using services like YahooJobs.

A service I like, is called Indeed. This is a services that goes out and collects job data from all job listings services, in one easy to use search. The results are very impressive. (Also check-out jobs searches in other cities.)

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