Facebook Inc. is expected to become the largest IPO for an Internet company. It is also forecasted to rake in nearly 11.8 billion bucks, if not more for its early investors. Do you want in on that? I sure as hell do.

Here is the problem. As advertised, Facebook Inc., stock shares are running nearly $38.00 give or take a few. To get it at the price, you have to almost be sleeping with someone to grab hold. It is expected to climb significantly and quickly. The easiest way for you to get a piece of this action is if you already have a relationship with a large brokerage that is in on this stock sale. While, I am not stating that it is impossible to buy this stock at a decent price, I am saying that it will get harder and harder to do so. People are going fucking crazy over this.

The down side is the longer you wait to jump on board, you may not have any stock left to get or you will pay an astronomical price for it. Also, typically, individuals from the general public only have roughly 10 to 20 percent of all available shares, open for purchase to them. Many of the shares made available by the company will be reserved for, company insiders, underwriters, large institutional investors and all of their clientele. This makes it unbelievably hard to not only get your hands on it but to buy it at a decent and affordable price. It has even been reported that underwriters are closing their books in this sale and not accepting potential buyers on this stock.

E-Trade, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade and other brokerages have been fielding inquiries on this stock sale for a while now. They anticipate gathering their allocations from one source or another and at some point. Unfortunately, these brokers are only dealing with larger investors. Many of which should prepare to prove that they have a minimum of $500.000 in their accounts prior to agreeing to do any type of business. This shuts the small investors out.

If you want to own your share of the Facebook pie, ACT NOW! Just a few shares will be worth your while, for sure. Hell, I have a few myself. Facebook is a given success and has been for some time. I won’t loose too much of my ass if not but, there is real potential in this novelty stock.