The 1 weird tip for losing belly fat ads!

Did you really come to this WordPress blog looking for a free tip on how to lose belly fat? After seeing the weird belly fat ad’s plastered all-over the web, my curiosity got the best of me. So I too, went to search the web to try discover the secret of the old weird tip.  Can you believe these stupid belly fat ads posted everywhere on the web? The ones that say Cut down 3lbs of your belly by using this one weird old tip. I can’t begin to tell you how sick and tired I am seeing these horse crap advertisements plastered all over the web.

Now they have – “dermatologist hate her ad” and the Bull-shit “trainers hate this guy”

You want a tip for losing some belly fat? I thought I would come up with my very-own weird tip, so here it is. And for a limited time, it’s free to you! My #1 Weird Old Tip: QUIT EATING!

You don’t believe me? Well I’ve seen it at work. Let me tell you about a girl I once knew. She went to Mexico, had her jaw wired shut for 60 days, and she lost those pounds of belly fat. She was back to her old self in almost no time! Another weird way of losing belly fat is, just supplement water for food for seven days and watch the belly fat melt away. Here is a weird way of losing just start eating healthy, save your money and buy yourself a veggie burger.

If you thought those belly fat tips were weird? Then here’s another one for you: GET OFF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING!

It is strange to think that people click on these ads, spend their money and play into these scams. But they are just clicking away or else the ads wouldn’t be making money and would disappear. It is just so sad that people pay their hard earned money for this crap. You would be better off spending your money on a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke!

For a limited time, if you sign-up now you can get my #1 Weird Old Tip to quit smoking!

And one other thing, I am sick of seeing marketing scams using our President, President Obama to lure people in, this pisses me off too!

Here is a funny clip from the Dave Chappelle Show; I saw on TV one day. The funny thing is, the internet has become almost this bad!

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Chappelle’s Show
If the Internet Was a Real Place
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Article by: Scott R Asher

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48 Responses to The 1 weird tip for losing belly fat ads!

  • Too funny … Here’s a Google ad that is on your page as I’, reading your blog …

    2 Rules For Belly Fat
    Obey 2 Simple Rules And Lose 9 Lbs A Week Guaranteed


  • Keeping in the spirit of my blog, I have to be honest and say, I am just as bad. I guy has to make a living somehow, every man has his price!

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  • Hey, now there’s a great tip. Quit eating! Thanks for doing your part to encourage anorexia. After all, it’s not like anorexia is actually dangerous or anything. I’m sure they’re just making it all up when they talk about health problems and even death resulting from anorexia.

  • Scott Asher says:

    Yes! I love it!

  • Doctor G says:

    Wow, Dana, you’re pretty bright. Thanks for doing your part to encourage the global belief that American’s can’t grasp sarcasm. (My first statement was meant as sarcasm by the way, I actually think you’re pretty stupid but I felt I’d better spell that out for you just in case it went over your head, or you took it literally like the ‘stop eating’ comment.)
    Did someone touch a nerve? You’re not thinking clearly, perhaps your starving body is scavenging glucose from your brain?
    Start eating!

    Right, I’m off to trawl the internet for idiots that I can vent spleen at; toodle-pip!

  • I agree with Dana. People, If you really want to lose weight, you have to have the patience and time for it.

  • SYLVIA GOMEZ says:

    Here is a funny clip from the Dave Chappelle’s Show, I seen on TV one day. The funny thing is, the internet has become almost this bad!


  • lol! yes, But I have the blog. Thank you for making “me” more money!

  • so does anyone know what the weird old tip really is? I dont wanna pay money for ONE tip.

  • Dr Douglas McAllister says:

    Many of these are marketing scams to try and get you to buy a book or some “cleansing” product. The weird old tip, though, is this: before bed each night, drink one tablespoon of red cider vinegar. The natural acidity of the vinegar will boost your metabolism while you sleep, and it also destroys fat molecules.

    This type of vinegar is often used as a marinade for meat. Why? Because it breaks down the connective tissue and collagen that make the fat stick to the subcutaneous tissues.

    My colleagues and I will shortly be releasing a study that we have been conducting for the past decade. It has been my life’s work to help America lose the fat. The results will be startling and it will be a sensation. All based on this weird old tip I heard once. Science has proven it true. Try it, and after a few months you’ll notice a real difference in your body composition.

  • Dana- You are a frickin’ dumbass! Of course everyone has heard of anorexia. Scott is simply commenting on the stupid ad and reminding people that if they REALLY want to lose weight they need to eat less and get off their asses once in a while. No stupid gimmicks or weird old tricks required.

    I don’t think that you are very intelligent if you allowed something as simple as that to go over your head.

  • I had hoped this would be one of those ‘funny but useful’ posts… Stop eating? Really? Jeez, dude.

    @Robert… I suppose we should all be grateful that you vent your unnecessary hostility on the internet instead of from a bell tower with a rifle.

  • Where’s the goat clip?

  • Bethany kline says:

    your stupid, you really are. so stop posting shit.

  • Thank you for your comment.

  • @ Bethany, you cannot own a stupid. But seeing as you decide to post such a well versed thought out and intriguing response as ‘so stop posting shit’ , one does have to wonder about your own contribution to the gene pool. (I think I best proffer that this sort of gene makes you and cannot be purchased at Walmart, unless a prostitute standing outside happens to cough into a bag for you)

    @Sylvia, I think madam, you will find that it is the Queens English. King George the Sixth died some fifty eight years ago.

    Take Scott’s comments for what they are and don’t relate them to any sort of bandwagon you happen to be riding at the moment, the ads he condemns tend to do people more harm than good. Frankly most western countries and particularly the US needs to lose weight sensibly, but then if it means some die younger it mightn’t be such a bad thing…..

  • You are the same dog shit as the belly fat whores! Go FUCK YOUR SELF!

  • Thank you sir for ur comment. I agree..

  • @ Dogma: you are officially my hero. :) Thanks for making me re-believe in the human brain.

    @Scott Asher: Ha ha ha! :D Love reading it, thanks for writing!

  • …and after all these years, the ads are still up. Most of these tips are based on selling you overpriced acai berries or a product derived from them.

    So, I typed in ‘acai berry scam’. The first search showed a ‘webmd’ address; I clicked on it and it re-directed me to a different website that was selling… acai berry products. Perhaps it whitens your teeth as well?

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  • Good comments. I agree you need to get moving as well as not eat as much to get rid of the belly fat.

  • This is fun, I enjoyed myself for a few minutes, thank you all so much.

    I tried to gag down a TBS of ACV and decided I will keep my little ten speed spare tire cuz that was NASTY!!! I eat what I want but exercise like a MF-er. It is all about balance mis amigos and staying away from cheap, highly processed, nasty “food”. That’s right, all the cheap stuff if what the problem is, bummer I know.

  • A chap I know, more an acquaintance than a friend, lost 14 Stone plus. Err hang on you need pounds, in excess of 196 pounds.

    I only recognised him at the other end of this from his highly distinctive voice. So I asked how he had accomplished this and his simple dieting answer was

    ‘Eat less, do more’

    Oh and substitute the plate of fine cheese after dinner in front of the box for carrots and a girlfriend !

    @Frankie – I do love how your expletive includes the word Dog. You have such a slow wit that your insult contains the part of my screenname that you actually understood yet it has nothing to do with the canines of this world. Please send your address as I’d love to send you some fast food vouchers, not just as reward, but for all humanity.

  • Miriam Rachels says:

    It isn’t true you need to eat less; eat what diabetics are supposed to eat: 80% alkaline plant foods; 20% acidic animal foods. If you ever start to experience pain, you are eating too much acidic food: meat, dairy, gluten, etc. Google alkaline foods, get the chart, and eat from the list. Also: Dr. Neal Barnard, whom I saw on PBS, says eat every 3 to 3-1/2 hours (before you get hungry) to cut down cravings.

  • Miriam Rachels says:

    And – oh yes, I neglected to mention that when you eat before hungry, eat just a handful of plant foods (all veggies – but limit the sweeter fruits, i.e., watermelon, pineapple etc., but lemons and limes have virtually no sugar and while they are acidic when rubbed on your skin, they are alkaline internally as are tomatoes). I am 78, diabetic, with rarely a symptom of diabetes as long as I eat this way and walk about an hour a day in my neighborhood. I do take a blood sugar support supplement: Nopal Cactus Blood Sugar by Health Force Nutritionals. I no longer test blood sugar every day, but when I do it is about 100 or less. It’s wonderful not to have neuropathy, the most common pain among diabetics. Do eat sweet or tart cherries daily fresh or frozen, as cherries fight pain. Put them in a smoothy made with purified alkalized water and whey (not soy) protein concentrate or isolate. Never eat soy unless unfermented. I also eat watermelon every chance I get because of its high water content. These are things I’ve learned from experience.

  • FELICITY says:

    HAHAHAHAHA dont take life so seriously guys, we al know what to do to lose weight and stop eating is just not an option hahaha well at least not for me!

    I found delicious recipes here, they are good and help you lose weight, always remember to cook with minimum of oil … and if you can… cook steamed food! Use your oven, it is easier and prevents from using oil and almost effortless… thats a plus.


  • Heh Heh Heh! This is so funny!
    No, anorexia is not funny, but no anorexics would take it seriously, would they? I am just so sick of the grotesque cartoon ad, and its all over my favorite sites, like NYTimes and Washingtonpost! Arrrggghhh! I even put a sticky note on top of it while I’m reading the article, so I don’t have to see the waves sloshing back and forth! Is there some way to stop them???

  • There are lots of ways to lose weight. The question is, how do you lose weight and keep it off?
    Remember weight loss workouts Easier to say and harder to do,running for weight loss to are about the same.I tried Water weight lost pills and spend lot of time on weight loss forum and did the yoga for weight loss.I know vegetables are the best foods for weight loss,I heard all kinder of weight loss stories some good some bad but if you do not have the weight loss motivation it just not going to work.People who haven’t worked for weight loss or haven’t ever struggled with weight loss issues don’t always understand that just maintaining your weight is a lot of work. We need weight loss help

  • Great Blog! And really, without the Danas, the Bethanys and the Frankies of the world, who would the rest of us, make fun of? They too, have their place in the gene pool. Future comedic relief!
    @ Jimbo, love your style of levity!
    @ Scott, came here to see WTF that “weird tip” was. Completely humored by this blog! Awesome!
    Since I have lost 107lbs now after being that person buying the cleanser while scarfing the 2 for 1 heart attack Mc Ass-n-Thigh burgers I get to say, Scot is right! No!! Not about the efing jaw wire! Get off your trip! About the eating healthier and getting off the couch. Please also add, see your doctor about your thyroid. It is amazing how underestimated that little gland is. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

    • Fatigue
    • Unexplained weight gain
    • Constipation
    • Dry skin and hair
    • Hair Loss
    • Puffiness or swelling in the face
    • Muscle aches and weakness
    • Heavy menstrual periods
    • Brittle hair and nails
    • Depression
    • Cold intolerance

    Of course half of these are also closely linked to the alcoholic binge from last night… hmmmmmm.

  • Howard Hanson says:

    Great -Thanks Again!

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  • The right exercise program will get you the body you want if you make a few changes, put in the time & you will see results.

  • Hmm. Interesting read, more or less!

  • This is an interesting article, I agree that without a personal interest and a real effort to lose weight is very difficult. Appropriate and healthy nutritional supplements may be useful …

  • Some intereting information here, however do you think that all diet is faddish compared to taking a long term view that will keep weight off a lifetime?

  • I’ve got some spare tummy fat if anyone would like to buy some…….

  • Here’s My WEIRD Tip On How To Lose Belly Fat!

    Has anyone tried eating the fruit PAPAYA,
    to stimulate weight/fat loss? It has WORKED for me. They’re in season right now. I cut them up into little squares, and eat as a snack, or I put the squares in a blender with other tropical fruit
    or oranges, and blend them with ice cubes. VERY good, and boy does the enzymes in papaya fruit go to work dissolving fat and inches. If you can get the fruit in your local store, give papaya a try…what have you got to lose, but inches?

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  • I get exactly what you mean when you say stop eating. If others don’t well I’ll make it a little Stop over eating! Eat in moderate porportions and eat healthy! With that and a good exercise routine,even if it’s walking you will do ok. There is no magic pill so stop wasting your money. Will power is always free. Good luck all!

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