The hazards of being online.

I have been online for many years now.  My wife and I were talking about the hazards of just buying and selling stuff online. Everything to Amazon, to solder on connectors, for my omini-directional long range antenna, and much more.  Buying online can be risky business especially these days! So I thought I would tell you about some of the more interesting things that happen to me online and just cool stuff I have heard of. – Total scam, what they do is give you a free credit report, if you sign up for some program costing $14.95 month. The really sick part is, the company that owns Free Credit Report is Experian, a company that we trust to report credit fairly and accurately. Get this, they got a big time fine from the government, but it was only a fraction of the 500 million a year they are bringing in by scamming people. The Real kicker is, this company is required to send you one for free if you send it to them in writing. If you need the real free credit report, here it is.

My Paypal account was hacked twice, yes it was fun! The really good news is that Paypal does not really do much unless they can get the money back. As it turns out, over the years Paypal is not that great of bet. Paypal acts like a bank, but really proforms like a scam artist. Paypal is kind of tricky, a good rule of thumb is to always use a credit card and never pay online money upfront. Credit Cards can be disputed and Visa makes Paypal merchants responsible for their actions.

This was really cool, I once was sent fake check for 25k, honestly I did.  And if you want a fake check for yourself all you got to do is post something on Craigslist! That’s right, just post your add in Criagslist. You’ll get thousands of reply’s to buy your item and they send you a fake check. I love to reply to scammers, and say, “Na, you  would just rip me off and steal my money.” I just try to do my best to slow them down to keep them from getting to the stupid people. The funny part is Craigslist was good, but it has become a hot bed for scammers. I bet at least 40% plus – of the posting on Craigslist are some type of scam or planted post.