The Network

A long while ago, I had meet this really interesting Asian Business man and overtime we had developed a partnership and like most partnerships I had the privilege of becoming close friends with him. Typically, it is hard to get to be good friends with Asian people. They are very family oriented and most of all they stick together. They work very hard in business, in family, in money, and shoulder to shoulder, they are an extremely tight knit group. In my mind, this is why they are so successful.

One day he told me about “The Network.” The Network, was about 30 business men that meet biweekly, they reported what was going on and they all did business together. Despite our close friendship, I was given the opportunity to meet anyone from the group, or go to any meetings. The one thing that I thought was very interesting was instead of banks they had a internal loaning system. My buddy explained many interesting details about how “The Network” operated. All loans where at a very low interest rate and the payments are very low. Because all the members where in business, you could tell everyone your needs, and they would explore and pool resources to get the  best for you needs. Also part of the deal was, we help you, you give back. So he shared that it was encouraged that 3% of your profits go to the group for life of the membership. All members had healthcare that every member paid for. We talked about how he thought that the failure rate would be higher in the same organization with Americans.

The Network was based on the concept of working together to all become rich together. All the proceeds for The Network where paid out in Christmas checks every single year. If any disagreement happens, the group voted as to the outcome and fines would be levied.

There are so many reasons why this is a great idea, but the one that stands out is, people pulling together to achieve one goal and that is success.  There is only one reason why this would fail and that would be due to the selfish nature of people.