The underground community.

I just so happen to belong to a small underground community of Webmasters. However, this is not your run of the mill Webmasters complaining about their clients. What we talk about is marketing and extremely clever ways to market your website online. There are many ways to market, which some are considered to be Blackhat. One of the rules of the online marketers community is to never say anything to anyone. The members view the information as valuable and frankly don’t want to be copied. I was lucky to meet one of the members, he got me in. I am not really breaking the rules with this one because I thought I would share one of the more widely known marketing methods that has become very popular and that is replying to posting on Craigslist and setting the email up with a auto responder to auto reply to incoming email.

Craigslist is a online marketers fools gold,. A buddy and I were talking on the phone and he was telling me about getting a marketing reply, from his marketing-post that he placed on Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist, has really turned into a real zoo. It’s sad too because it’s always the cool shit that gets screwed up.

Now here is something catchy…I got a reply for something I listed on Craigslist. I get this email that responded to my posting and it basically said, “I needed a job, and I found this website. It helped!” I mean what a joke! Your so happy now, that your sending out emails to everyone on the web, right? How do people buy into this stuff? But other online marketers have gone a step further, by placing fake job ads and set the email up on a auto responder. (Like there is no shortage of people looking for work right now.) So when people needing work respond to the posting, they get this email that kicks back and it say’s, “we want to hire you.” Not only is this a joke, but it looks like one too! I am still not sure how people still fall for this crap.

Works well for dating websites also. Get a pic of a hot chick, post a small description, then when all the dudes respond to the profile they all get spammed with a auto reply.

Kind of a funny side note: Me and a buddy where talking about a putting up a website for chicks to auction them self off online for dates, personal I think single mothers would make a killing, but we figured it would end up being a legal nightmare. But one night, 300 bucks and free dinner? Sounds like a good deal for me, win-win everyone is happy!