There are many reasons why people are willing to pay a monthly fee to join a membership site. Knowing why someone wants to join your site is key to converting your visitors retaining them as long term members. The main reason people join a membership site is the same reason people part with their money for any reason. They want a return on their investment. The return doesn’t have to be a financial return. It can simply be that your site solves their problem, saves them time, or returns enough enjoyment that they would rather have that enjoyment than the money in their wallets.

A survey of website member’s showed that paysite members would join and stay with a site if it provided the following:

  1. A Solution To Their Problems – If a dog owner is having problems with their dog, they are probably very interested in finding a solution. That is why dog obedience schools are a thriving business. However, there is a large segment of the population that has a “do-it-yourself” attitude and would prefer to try to fix the problem themselves, rather than hire someone else to do it. Many of these people are willing to pay for the information that will help them.
  2. Convenience – While a person interested in dog training can do a Google search on the term, he will be overwhelmed with over 22 million results of which 99% are sales pages or worthless content. If a paysite gives them a collection of targeted content they will pay for it month after month. Many paysite members like to have all the information they need packaged in one place rather than trying to find it all themselves on multiple sites.
  3. Exclusive or Hard to Find Content  – If your site offers them something they can’t get anywhere else, they will pay to become a member. The key is to find a hook, or what is known as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For instance, your site’s selling point may be “The only dog training site with over 40 hours of audio interviews”.