Most membership sites are fairly simple and work as follows:

1. The homepage of the website is a sales page for the membership site.

2. When the visitor wants to join they are sent to a payment page to enter their payment information, generally this is an order form that captures credit card information.

3. When the payment is approved, the Password Management System will put the user’s username and password into a password file in a password protected directory on the website.

4. When the user wants to enter the member’s area he can go to the password protected directory of the website and will be asked for his username and password.

5. When he enters his username and password, he will be given access to any webpages that are subdirectories of the password protected directory.

The main thing you should take away is that you can put any content or web pages you want into the password protected directory (and any of its sub-directories) and only the paid members with a password will have access to it.

Here’s an example: You could have a password protected directory on your website for your members called “members” and the URL would be www.<a href=””></a>/members. Any pages and content in that directory would only be viewable by paid members. Also, any web pages in subdirectories like www.<a href=””></a>/members/reports would also only be available to members with a password.