15 Popular and Useful WordPress Widgets…

Widgets are addicting. Not only are they fun, but they help to enhance usability and friendliness of any widget friendly WordPress theme. Also, in many instances, they give an instant facelift to your blog. The best part, you can find many of them FREE!

Show off your creativity, gets your readers more involved and/or send them to your social networking site for updates, steals and deals all with the use of WordPress widgets. WordPress even walks you through how and where to place widgets on your widget friendly theme. Yep, it’s really that simple.

No matter your niche or whether you are selling products, blogging about life, selling your services or host an informational website, there are widgets for you.

  1. YouTube Channel Widget– Whether or not you host your own YouTube Channel; this is a great widget addition to any site. From music to tutorials, you can have instant access to videos right on your own website. All you have to do it insert the widget into your sidebar, edit channel name and let the rest default. That’s it! Rock out or learn just about anything right from your own WordPress site.
  2. Sidebar and Widget Manager for WordPress– This nifty tool allows for the control of what widget will be shown and where it will be shown. It also gives you the capability to uniquely layout a page using your widgets of choice.
  3. Navigation Menu Widget– Gives you control over the output of menus. This widget is considered to be an advanced widget. It displays your menus as lists.
  4. WordPress Widget Ninja– Gives you the ability to control your widget visibility based on your conditional tags. This widget eliminates the need for multiple sidebars and allows you to customize placement of your widgets.
  5. Custom WordPress Widget Areas– Need unlimited amounts of sidebars? This is the widget that will help you create them. With the use of Shortcodes, you are given the ability to configure your side bars by placing widgets inside of page content.
  6. Popular Posts Bar Widget– Keep your readers up to date with the most popular and hot topics on your site. This widget allows you to customer create your list.
  7. Authors Widget– Display your entourage of authors for your WordPress site with this widget. You can list them via a list or cloud, along with avatars, RSS feed subscriptions, and number of posts. Your readers will enjoy this.
  8. SEO Tag Cloud Widget– Use a search engine optimized html marked up cloud to display tags. This can add appeal to any site.
  9. Pinterest Pinboard Widget– Join in on the Pinning craze with this widget. Don’t miss this hot social media outlet by not having this widget on your website. It displays your latest Pinterest Pins with thumbnails.
  10. Advanced Categories WordPress Widget– Take total control over the output of your categories. It displays your categories as links.
  11. FCChat Widget– Connect directly with your readers and customers. Through video conferencing, instant messaging and carious other chat features, your readers can reach you to find out more information on any given topic.
  12. AddThis– is a social bookmarking widget. It allows visitors to bookmark and share with others. Another great way to network.
  13. Fancy Text WordPress Widget– Popular with many modern web designs or other fun and catchy themes, this widget offers a refreshing way to grab the attention of your visitors with these post it like notes.
  14. 5Sec Content Scroller– Add a content scroll to your site. This is a fun way to keep the attention on a few posts as opposed to the last post.
  15. WordPress Widget Bundle– A combination of 9 of the most used WordPress widgets/shortcodes. Customizable with various views and templates.

No matter the style or nature of your website, WordPress widgets are exceptional tools for any blog. Many are FREE while, some are premier and require purchase, each can be used and customize easily. WordPress also offers many tutorials for their widgets to make them easier to utilize.

Brighten up your site with these fun and trendy tools. Try them; you’ll be glad that you did.