I wave goodbye to another WordPress project


I let another website go! Sticking to the plan to only develop a limited amount of website. Recently, I decided to part with HTMLpostings.com, in about four days from now the domain will expire.

One thing that I find very interesting about being able to develop WordPress blogs, if I get an idea, I can have another WordPress blog up and running and making money in a few days. The best part is the cost for my troubles, is under ten dollars! The HTMLpostings.com website was on the back shelf for a while, but now, I am letting it go, but with a little hesitation. Because if you know how to use PhotoShop, this business idea would be very profitable, with almost no money invested!

My idea for the website was to make HTML advertisements for online classified postings for small businesses that post on Craigslist. I would charge $10-$25 dollars and on the website. I would  make a little “How to Guide” that explains how to insert html posing into online classifieds using Photobucket or any image hosting website. It would cost nothing to market the website. You would just reply to the posting placed on Craigslist telling them how they can save money and time, and give a better presentation of their business, and the best part, its free!

The Hierarchy of life

I have been a little dry on content for my blog, but no worries, I still have a ton of good stories coming.  The other day my friend and I were chatting and it came up that he was making $1200.00 a month. I had all kind of thoughts that started going through my head at that point. I started thinking… I don’t know if I could do that. I was sitting there and thinking to myself, if I was offered a job for $1200.00 bucks a month, would I take it? A part of me is really ashamed to say, that I would say, “No, I pass.” I started to ask myself…why? It’s not really that I feel this would be beneath me, as much is it would be, I am worth more then $1200 or any low wage. I feel like the company that is hiring me would be getting a bargain. Of course, that did not come out right, but it is kind of the same way I feel about minimum wage. Minimum wage, was designed to protect stupid people, if we didn’t have it, we would have people working for almost nothing. Trust me, I could see people working for 2-3 dollars an hour maybe even less. Don’t forget, that we have to pass laws to protect people from banks in this country. This also works out well for the US. I mean, look at places like Mexico and India. Having a minimum wage helps the Country avoid really heavily poverty stricken communities. Can you imagine a place in the US where people lived and only made $1.25 an hour? There are people walking around, complaining that minimum wage is not high enough. Some people feel like their only chance to really make more money is for the legislation to raise minimum wage.

Fact about where I live the minimum wage is  $7.55 per hr.

I think the elimination of a minimum wage would allow for higher salaries and a more appropriate wage for people with lower skills.

Need some holiday cash? How you can make some money, just in time for the holidays!

Need to make some money this holiday season? Sometimes when you need money and your all stressed-out, you may miss an opportunity to make money that is front of you! With the holiday season quickly approaching you can make money installing Christmas lights. It’s so simple that anyone can install Christmas lights and with a few bucks, you can ease your holiday stress by putting some easy extra money in your pocket!

To get your small business started:
– You will need 2 ladders, 1 10-20ft. extension, 1 – 6 foot painting ladder.
– Staple gun.
– Bulk hanging hooks, for the lights.
– Test light, to test strands of lights, Maybe good idea carry some replacement bulbs in a tool box, you can get these at Wal-mart.
– Few hammers and nail bags, some hand-tools and a buddy!

*Quick Tips:
You can buy a few indoor-outdoor extension cords and extra bulbs  to sell for people that don’t have them.

How to advertise your Christmas lights business:
– You can make few thousand fliers and pass them out.
– Buy some cheap ad space in a local widely read publication.

*Quick help:
To help sales you can add that  proceeds help local homeless or children, people always like to help a good cause!

Helpful hints:
– Careful not to damage the house with the  ladder, tape rags to the ladder so you don’t scratch the gutters.
– Careful how you fasten the lights to the house. You don’t want to damage the house.
– Ladders are very dangerous, always work with a buddy and have him hold the ladder.

And if you want to take this idea to the next level you can also, start a WordPress blog and collect payments with Paypal.

…and don’t forget when Christmas is over, go door to door ask to take them down!

Have a great holiday season!

Need a new local phone number? Scott R Asher shares how to get a new phone number without changing you cell number.

How to forward another number to your cell phone, without losing your old or current number. Well, let me tell you. With great deliberation I came up with an idea, I just  figured this out recently. How to add a additional line to my cell phone without losing my old number. In my cell phone I have over 500 contacts, and I have given my number to thousands of people, and have had the same number for many years. So changing my phone number is not what I want to do, but yet I need a number to reflect the area that I am living in. So instead of changing my number I thought about just getting an additional cell phone. My cell phone provider would charge me $9.99 month extra for an additional phone. Giving some thought to it I decided to change the area code to my MagicJack and set my MagicJack on forward. The calls come right through to my cell phone with no issue and the best part is the cost is under $2 a month, saving money, I love the idea!!

Scott R. Asher shares how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog or Website, it’s quick easy and best of all it’s 100% free!

This is the first of many blog post about how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog. I own a ton of WordPress blogs and I make many free marketing campaigns and execute them all the time. If you are looking to get traffic to your website or blog, I am your man! I am hoping to give you the information you need to get free visits to your website or WordPress blog in as little as a few hours. Your website is all ready to go, and now you find yourself looking all over the web trying to get the best and quickest way to getting good quality traffic to your website. I got good news, it is simple, easy, and best of all it’s free. The bad news is, its going to be a little bit of work.

Blog Commenting is a very simple and effective way to get a good amount of targeted WordPress blog traffic.

How to get started:
First you will need to open a word .doc and write some ad copy for your advertisement. Something to think about when you are writing is to make something that is not real threatening. You always want to keep this in mind, you are wanting this “other person” that owns this WordPress blog to add your link-back to your website, on their website. A lot of blog comments are viewed as spam so you want to make something that adds to their website, but short and catchy. If I was going to do a blog post for this website for example, I would say “Hey checkout Scottrasher.com where I help you get traffic to your website, for free!” So when they see this, it tells them, hey… I’m just telling people free things, I am not trying to make money off your blog. There are lots of people trying to make money on their website, so be ready for when someone cusses you out, because they feel you are trying to make money off what they got, this is normal. I get tons of spam on my WordPress, penis enlargement, tons of silly crap, more than I can count! I don’t mind comments on my blog at all and in the long run it is going to be better for you and them!

Next, make sure you have a link back to your WordPress blog, or you can use the website field to add the website.

Now that you have all your text in a word doc, you can save the working copy, and make multiple postings. This will raise your approval chances and you can save your work, copy and paste as you visit blogs.

Finding blogs to comment on.
This is really simple, start by going to google blogs search. Then you search for blogs related to your website. If you do happen to venture out, you will find that you will not have as high approval rate. For example, I went out to do baby bloggers, wow grouchy! These lady got nothing to do but search “Oh my God… My baby burped, now what?” or “What is the easiest car seat to take in and out of my mini van.”

How many hits on my website will I get?
This depends on about how many approvals you get, but if I post in about 100 blogs I get 25-500 hits, over a span of seven days. If you get an approval on a good website, then your in luck because you will get some good traffic for a long time.

Key blog posting tips:

  • Don’t go over-board, too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Blog posting brings me good hits, but doing thousands is dangerous. On a average I do about 30-300 posting a month adding them in my spare time.
  • My kids are getting older, so when they get in trouble I make them blog post… lol! I make them do 10 pages for the run of the mill disobedience.
  • If you get few hundred approvals on some high-traffic blog you can to can start getting some really good traffic.


Bandit Signs [Get traffic to your WordPress blogs on a stick]

Sample sign

Sample sign

There is some stuff you need to know before jumping out and getting some web traffic on a stick.

For about $150.00 bucks and about 10 hours of labor you can get a ton of traffic to your website or WordPress blog.  Most bandit signs cost is in the range of $0.50 – $1.25 depending on size and color or colors. And most of the time they will try to up-sell you for some stakes to stick them in the ground they cost about another .10 cents to .50 cents each. I found that zip ties and roofing plastic cap nails work the best in most pole mounting applications, so if you happen to buy stakes, you shouldn’t need more than 25-40 tops.

But before you go out and buy a ton of signs you need to check with the city ordnance where you hope to post the Bandit-signs, to avoid possible violations maybe costing you big bucks in fines. Where I live in Las Vegas it is more or less a free-for-all for the most part, and you can see that on every corner in the Las Vegas and Henderson. However many States like California will hunt you down, and send you a ticket for up to a thousand dollars per sign! This is how the sign got its name “bandit.” If you do screw-up and happen to get fined and you are looking to make it hard on them to locate you next time, you can add privacy to your website or WordPRess domain for about $2.00 more, and they will need a court order to get your name from the domain/hosting provider.

I have had some really good results with the signs; the biggest element working against you besides the weather is other people or “sign haters”, people that will destroy your sign or cut-out some of the number so others can’t read it. The name of the game here is getting the sign in a good location and keeping the sign where it can been seen by others for as long as possible. Keep in mind, the first visit to your WordPress blog cost a dollar but a sign that brings you in 100 visits cost you one cent each. Making it an excellent value every hit after!

I have done three runs of 100 signs, the result I get is about fifteen thousand hits to my WordPress blog. Your first and second day being the heaviest traffic days, I made anywhere from a $1200.00 to $6800.00 return on my original investment of my $250.00, the total cost all-said-and-done investment.

Investment list:
– Signs $148.00 bucks total cost with shipping.
– Zip ties and nails $32.00 bucks.
– Gas $62.00 bucks.
– Food and Coffee $28.65.

Some helpful tips:
– Use a phone number if possible. People will dial from the car, or write the number down. *use a pre-paid phone
– Check for weather, place them with a nice weather window, 7 to 10 days if possible.
– Use a domain that is very easy to remember, even if you have buy another name and redirect to the website you need them to land on.
– Make sure you WordPress blog or Website is fully monetized so you make the most money from the traffic, make sure your hosting is ready to revive heavy traffic.
– Try to avoid placing the signs on private property, at all cost. they get really grumpy and this is nothing but a headache.
– It is a good idea to get a friend to help, one driving and the other posting, this passes the time better.

Good story about this guy that dropped ten thousand bucks for 2 hits on his website.
I got in this massive argument with this guy one day. We had been working on his website for about 6 months and he was ready to put out 10k for 30 days for some road side sign advertisement in Las Vegas, and this type of advertisement is not cheap, let me tell you! This was the deal. He was looking at getting some real exposure on his website. So he went shopping for road side advertisement along I-15, my guess is about 10 million travel this freeway a week, but here is the problem. If you are trying to see the sign from the driver side, the sign location was 100 yards on the opposite side of the road about 60 feet in the air, in like the 10:30 position, and the sign was about 5 feet by 3 feet in this range, so it wasn’t very big.  But he was so hung up on the core amount of people and that it was near the strip and so many people where going to cross its path, my thinking was that, it was either going to be more traffic than anyone was every going to see or nothing. To be honest the sign wasn’t located very well at all. As a matter of fact, being in Vegas I only seen it once. I thought it was very difficult to read with the colors and at that angle. Two people came to the website from seeing the advertisement, $5000 dollars a hit, I would be sick. You got to get one of these signs let me tell you! The money you make from just hanging there, is just gross!

The 1 weird tip for losing belly fat ads!

Did you really come to this WordPress blog looking for a free tip on how to lose belly fat? After seeing the weird belly fat ad’s plastered all-over the web, my curiosity got the best of me. So I too, went to search the web to try discover the secret of the old weird tip.  Can you believe these stupid belly fat ads posted everywhere on the web? The ones that say Cut down 3lbs of your belly by using this one weird old tip. I can’t begin to tell you how sick and tired I am seeing these horse crap advertisements plastered all over the web.

Now they have – “dermatologist hate her ad” and the Bull-shit “trainers hate this guy”

You want a tip for losing some belly fat? I thought I would come up with my very-own weird tip, so here it is. And for a limited time, it’s free to you! My #1 Weird Old Tip: QUIT EATING!

You don’t believe me? Well I’ve seen it at work. Let me tell you about a girl I once knew. She went to Mexico, had her jaw wired shut for 60 days, and she lost those pounds of belly fat. She was back to her old self in almost no time! Another weird way of losing belly fat is, just supplement water for food for seven days and watch the belly fat melt away. Here is a weird way of losing just start eating healthy, save your money and buy yourself a veggie burger.

If you thought those belly fat tips were weird? Then here’s another one for you: GET OFF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING!

It is strange to think that people click on these ads, spend their money and play into these scams. But they are just clicking away or else the ads wouldn’t be making money and would disappear. It is just so sad that people pay their hard earned money for this crap. You would be better off spending your money on a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke!

For a limited time, if you sign-up now you can get my #1 Weird Old Tip to quit smoking!

And one other thing, I am sick of seeing marketing scams using our President, President Obama to lure people in, this pisses me off too!

Here is a funny clip from the Dave Chappelle Show; I saw on TV one day. The funny thing is, the internet has become almost this bad!

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If the Internet Was a Real Place
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