The Making of a Millionaire

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but while my other friends where saving for baseball cards, comic books and video games, I would buy books about how to become rich.  From about the age of 16, I would hangout in book stores, checkout the books on tape, just about anything I could get my hands on that I thought would ensure my impending wealth, I wanted in!

One of the most exciting things in this world is the accumulation of riches. Everyone on this planet starts with nothing and ends with nothing. Whatever happens in between, is for us to write.

I was sitting listing to this comedian on TV, he was talking about Africa, and the people that are living in poverty. The program ads come on TV asking for your donation, then he said, “Those people don’t need food or money, they need U-hauls.” In some way we are all effected by our surroundings some more than others.

My buddy Jeff, and his Wife, Susan, asked each other the everyday ” What are you going to do today, to make money.”

In the movie Blow, one of the best movies I have ever seen, Diego asked Boston George.

Do you know, in my country,
I’m a “magico”?

A man with a dream.
A man on the rise.

To take nothing
and make it something.

Do you have a dream, George?

I would if I could get some
fucking sleep.

You have a dream.

And maybe you will accomplish it.

But yet you failed.

-Because I got caught.

You failed…

because you had the wrong dream.

I made this website because of my passion for business. I remember being a kid and bagging groceries. It was my very first job, but it didn’t take to long for me to figure it out that I wanted to be the person that closes out register…I wanted to be at the top.

About three years ago, I took a chief executive position in a internet start-up with a company in San Diego.

So what have I learned? What do I have to say, that is so important? Because anyone can do it… But only a few do.

Looking for a good marketing idea?

This last week I took a road trip to Las Vegas and broke down on the side of the road. The over all experience was unconformable, but somehow I managed to take it in stride and asked myself, in-spite of the adversity how can I some how profit from it. You will never guess what I have in mind! This is the true essence of blogging. I have what I think might be the best idea ever! You are welcome to use it, if you need it.

There is a 100 mile stretch of hwy on the I-7o in Utah that offers no services. Most of Utah on the I-70 has very little to offer in the way of services, but the 100 mile stretch between Green River and Salina is especially difficult and downright boring. After taking this drive for many years, I jokingly dubbed the drive, the 100 mile stare. Basically you sit there for a good 90 mins trying to stay awake, counting mile markers to past the time.

This week either me or my wife crossed the 100 mile stare 3 times in less than 5 days, on our way driving to Las Vegas. With todays advancements in wifi and radio I am surprised something has not been done to provide some-sort of radio station that can be used by drivers or at the very least by local companies to help drivers passing though with local information. It would almost be nothing to provide good quality talk radio show or almost anything. Nowadays, you can tune your radio to almost any format you want, so why not help those traveling to endure the 100 mile drive. If it where me, I would broadcast Phil Hendrie, it is imposable to fall asleep to him! The marketing opportunities are really endless. Lil plug for phil! 🙂 And by the way it is good to have Phil back! love ya the show!!! This has really got to be a cash-cow, where else can you get the un-deveide attion of someone for 90 mins! This might be something for the infomercial people to look at.

*Just a fun fact: There seems to many new added signs discouraging driving if you are sleepy so I am sure it is a problem that would save life’s. The price tag for something like this can’t be more than a 100k

The other thing I seen while traveling was the new posted speed limits to 80. I really wrote this without having any idea of the numbers that travel this highway yearly, the revenue generated just from breakdowns must be staggering. But this idea was 100% free, but the next one is going to cost ya!!!