is a collection of 20 niche MUWordPress blogs that are either related to me, or some-sort of silly business idea at one time or another thought might make an interesting website.

I currently offer 3 types of advertising on my WordPress blog network.

Banners Placements

I offer banner advertisements in the header or TOP of my website ( size 468×60), sidebar ( size 250×100-600), lower sidebar ( size 250×100-600), under content (Size 626×400 max).

*PLEASE note: I find banners placements to be the worst form of advertisement available on the web. Links and articles offer better SEO qualities to boost your websites traffic.

**If you don’t have a banners and are looking for artwork, I offer banner services starting at just $49.99 for a set of 3 banners.

Buy Banner Package (3 banners)

Buy a link on everyone of Scott R. Asher’s blogs (20) for $10.00 [wp_cart:link on all the blogs:price:10.00:end]

Link Placements & Link Swaps

My link areas are in the lower left hand side, and shows on every page of my blog. I can offer you a link on a specific article page or at the end of posts as well.

The most popular blog in the network is currently

1. ) Storage Auction – see live

*To see a full list of the blogs in the network, please see the sidebar under my list of blogs.


I accept articles, and I will also write one for your company, providing one link back – Banners, links and articles.

Website list:

Please note the advertisement content requirements for this website

  • Articles must be 100% unique.
  • No adult content.
  • No questionable content.

*Special bonus for all advertising packages: With any of my packages I offer free facebook posting to my 4999 friends! I also offer free press release posting on my very own Press Release blog. I can post a press release for free here

Scott target audience is:

  • Webmasters – WordPress
  • Indians (from India)
  • Seekers of the truth
  • People wanting to make money
  • WordPress users
  • Business bloggers
  • Website/blog owners
  • Investors
  • People following my – India Project
  • People seeking web-development
  • Storage auction seekers
  • 4999 of my friends on – Facebook friends
  • Any of the 50,000 followers of Scott on all the social networks.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Lawyers that want to sue me
  • People that hate me and send daily hate mail
  • The few people that cant believe what I am doing
  • My ex-wife  <—That that bitch always shows up
  • My mon! Bless her heart
  • John Claude Van Dam <-I am not going to swear to it, but I think he has been here! Muscles from Brussels, BABY!

Traffic Stats:
If you would like to see my most recent traffic shot please contact me by commenting  in the blog post box, or via the contact me link on the top of the blog.


*by clicking on the screenshot you can see a clearer traffic data.

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