An SEO Dream Come True

A webmaster who found this site on the Digital Point Forum messaged to say that this site is an SEO dream come true.  Why so?  we asked – I mean, we just put this up basically to collect a list of dofollow sites in one place so we could concentrate our back link efforts in one place and instead of hording them for ourselves or selling them, we thought, hey let’s give them away.  We were surprised by his response – he said what he meant was that only a webmaster would like our site – that it’s perfect for someone who just wants a list of dofollow blogs, that it wouldn’t reach mainstream bloggers.  We appreciated the feedback and here’s our thoughts on what’s going on.

1.  There seems to be confusion out there about whether dofollow comment links hurt your website.  One theory is that having dofollow comments siphons off your page ranking.  At least that’s what some nofollow bloggers are saying.  For example, this guy with a great dofollow list (which we recommend you check out for even more dofollow blogs) suggests that the actual links on his site to the list were set to nofollow because it lowered his page ranking.  Curious this relationship between linking and page ranking but indeed, there is an issue to be explored.

Other resources we’ve noticed and agree with are:

CommentLuv – a sweet plugin used in conjunction with the dofollow plugin to join a community of like minded bloggers

KeywordLuv – another sweet plugin even though the guy who wrote it (and obviously a genius) is a proponent of nofollow – the plugin allows for anchor text in comments for additional linkey love to those valuable comments

dofollow – of course, you need this plugin to get rid of the nasty nofollow attribute in the first place

Another resource seen out and about is this site with a large dofollow list .  Here’s the deal with this site (and to be fair, I’m still waiting on a response from him.)  Yesterday I tried to submit my site under his reciprocal link submission – I added my link to the front page of my blog and attempted to submit my site.  After multiple attempts to submit, I thought either I was in error or the submission form was not working (this can happen to anyone) so I changed browsers and tried several more times without success.  I then went to his contact form and could not successfully submit a contact so I sent him an email about it – I haven’t received a response yet – hopefully it’s coming soon as we would like to recommend this site for doing good work.  Will update either way in a couple of days – we’re generous in response times as we know people are busy (but no response will kill you.)