Business idea anyone can do for under $1000.00 bucks.

The one thing that I love about life is the wonderful things you can do to make money, even if you only have a few bucks! Here is a example of what you can do to make money!

I have a friend in LA (Los Angeles, CA) that was laid-off about 18 months ago and did this simple DMV runner business to start making money to pay his bills. The business was this, he advertised in local publications to wait in line at the DMV for people. I want to be careful to over-state his earnings, but this guy makes about $600.00 – $1500.00 a week standing in line. And the business only got better as he went on, he would give people kickbacks for referrals, and of course, he always call the client when their tags are due again. Personally I was surprised how well he was doing! So how I came up with this WordPress blog, kind of a off shoot of his idea. I was listing to a radio interview about the new and very expensive rates for registration of your vehicle in the state California. In the past I have made a few websites, of start-up payday loan businesses for small business men looking to make some money, so I am aware of the great money to be made in the short term lending. One of the top reasons for getting a payday loan is to register your car, this is why I made this website. ( <WordPress blog no longer live) for someone looking to start a business for, let says, $2500.00 to fund short term payday style loans for car registration and add some cost for waiting in line could make a few bucks very quickly. And hey! You can add some signs on your back window of a car, tee-shirts and get business, and a tax write-off for everything.