How to become a Craigslist email spammer.

Craigslist has become very popular with internet marketers these days, almost to the point of  being abusive.

How this works is, people that own websites are visiting all the postings on Craigslist. Then replying to Craigslist-emails provided in the posting, and using this as a method to drive traffic to their WordPress blog. The email that they send you basically say’s, “Dear sir, I was looking for a job and was so broke, then I found this WordPress blog now I have money galore.” I guess its like a cyber-game of pay it forward. I presume people see this email and say to themselves “It’s my lucky day!” and go to the website. I surf Craigslist from time to time and what kills me about this is…I place ads on Craigslist all the time and I get more spam or scam related reply’s than I do legitimate ones. If I where to think how I could improve on this semi-clever idea they came up with. I would try to reply to the Craigslist posting asking them “what’s the size” is or something random like that, making the reply seem more legitimate. And put the WordPress blog you want to get traffic to in the email signature. Then you might attract a higher curiosity of clicking type of traffic. I believe it is very easy to dismiss the other email as clearly spam.

Then I thought to myself, “I need to hire a Craigslist spammer.”

What is also interesting… Craigslist has filed lawsuits against Companies that have written software to make marketing on Craigslist easier. read the story here

Also a program has been written to flag other postings, see it here It is very hard to see how many deals still continue to happen. Craigslist has crippled the newspaper print classifieds in this country.

Something to think about.

I was in the Mall the other day shopping with my wife, it was her birthday and my son (16) was walking with us. My son was stopped by (Paul Blart) a security guard on one of those two wheel roller cart things that you stand on, you know the one that. He cuts off my son while we are walking in the mall, because Nate he happen to be wearing a shirt with the Insane Clown Posse on it, or as the Mall Cop refers to it “The Hatchet Man.” He was asked to turn his shirt inside-out, and of course being the ass-hole I am,  I said, “Hell no!” “I know my rights, I clearly have the right to take my money somewhere else!” I can’t even understand how situations like this are still allowed to happen. Has the mall truly suffered an over run of ICP followers?

I remember attending church with my parents about 20 years ago, and from where pastor Gary Greenwald from the Eagles Nest stood preaching to the crowd he sincerely proclaimed Kiss, Styx, Ozzy and other rock bands along the same lines to be more or less devil worshipers. The pastor even had demonstrations and would play recordings of the records backwards slowly to hear a hidden subliminal messages that were suppose to be demons speaking. As a kid it was hard to fully understand what was going on, it was like the Pastor had made this secret discovery, and found out these rock bands where of the devil, and no one else could figure this out. Now 20 years later, everybody else had already figured out it was all an act. I mean, have you seen the Gene Simmons Family Jewels show? I fully understand this guy is no angel but this guy is the furthest thing from a devil worshiper. Not cutting this guy any slack, he seems to be a good father, he is very conservative. On one episode he took a lie detector test proving he had never cheated on his wife of over 20 years, how many guys can say that? I would like to try giving a lie detector test to this pastor, see what happens. This Gene Simmons is closer to a saint, or some sort of diet rock-star at best, but clearly no Devil. The same with Ozzy Osborne of the show the “Osbourne’s,” I know he has done some partying, but a Devil worshiper? Look at who he married, his wife Sharon. That is why you always marry someone who is smarter than you are, she seen a product to market in Ozzy and now he is a star. Do not forget Styx, they were considered evil too, these days the band is considered to be easy listening.

Seriously, ostracizing people for the type of music they like to listen to, or wearing a band t-shirt, does not make them an evil, devil worshiping, gang member. If the hatchet men really acted like they do in their video’s, they would be in jail right now. It’s a joke… Get it? I guess people still haven’t figured out its just a act. However, I fully understand the malls issue, I mean a group of boys, wearing out the carpet, taking up air, no money, running off the paying customers, it is a problem. Someone needs to tell the Rent-A-Dumb-Ass, you need to use your head, be selective, and keep it on the low-low, do it like the cops do when they stereo-type Mexicans. Gezzz… You just can’t go around stereo-typing people, Give me a break! I mean lets be honest, what about clothing designers that use sweat-shops in these foreign countries. I am sure they have effected more teen aged children than I.C.P. could if they paid kids to start coming to the shows.

If you are looking for some suggestions, for some-other shirts, I wouldn’t allow in the mall here is some I came up with!

Las Vegas, nothing epitomizes the downturn of society like a place with a slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” With hookers, keeping in the spirit of Vegas, if you chose the wrong hooker you crap out and go to jail! Human trafficking, gambling, Mob ties, I seen the Sopranos. I don’t see them letting that go, that easy. What about Drug use, shootings and crime? Schools in Nevada are 48th out of 52 in the country. Truly there is a good case for not letting anyone under 21 in the city limits period. Drive-threw weddings, there is nothing stopping you from losing everything you got in a game of NO chance. They will not even thank you for coming and pat you on the back and ask you to come back again soon! Las Vegas has effected enough lives to probably fill a good sized third world country. As a matter of fact, I can personally confirm the world would be better off without Vegas all together!

Jesus, for sure… No one should be allowed to wear anything related to Jesus in the mall. More people have been killed on this planet in the name of God and then any other reason in history. This guy makes cigarettes companies look like a humanity mission.  Hell, I am offended just thinking about it! I know what your thinking…This is ridiculous! Yep, about as stupid as asking someone to turn their shirt inside-out.

I think it is stupid shit like this is really what holds us back from truly growing.

As William Munny put it – We all have it coming.

Can’t get a job? Make money with a WordPress blog!

Jobs of any kind are hard to come be these days, and if you are having a hard time well you are not alone. Many people are taking pay-cuts just to put food on the table!  Ex CEO now drives pizza and makes $7.00  bucks and hour. This is where you find out if your hot girlfriend really loves you! So you really thought when she said, “I love fat balding guys.” She was actually serious? Nothing stirs up hate like a little lack of money. So how bad is this recession? It would be hard to comment on the true effects of what happen in our economy.

It is a great time to hire someone, if you are in the market for employee, your in luck. The market is flooded with over qualified people at bargain prices. Employers are doing their best to get the most for the least amount of money. Working for free, is just a waste of time.

Workers telecommuting from overseas is going to be the next big boom. People will cross our borders in a much different ways in our near future, via our computers. Cyber-immigration, the cost is low, the service is great and very reliable! But these people come armed, they are highly educated and very dedicated.

30 days outsourcing in India – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

30 days outsourcing in India – A laid off programmer from the US goes to India looking for his job. What he found is probably something he would’ve never imagined.

So how can you to come out on top?
Establish friendships, it is very interesting Facebook has emerged so successful. The people that you know are going to be the ones you can count on for support, building lasting friendships will secure your future.  So network!

If you need a change of scenery, and looking reinvent yourself let me recommend a few places. (some food for thought)
– Living in RVs is making a big come back, besides you can live on the beach for $800.00 a month in park fees. How bad can that be waking up next to the ocean. Or you can ruff it and stay at Wal-Mart as they welcome RV over night parking. RV parks are cutting deals, attendance is way down. Why not, camp out till the market comes back!

Oklahoma City is having a tech boom! That’s right, companies like sprint are paying good money, housing is cheep and its the bible belt! The fishing is great, so how bad can it be. (When I was younger I spent a few years in Oklahoma, I kind of liked it.)

Texas is also doing very well, you might want to considering moving if you are in debt, as they also have very favorable consumer protection laws, making nearly impossible for debt collectors to touch you. Bud Hibbs <<< if your in debt, this is your guy.

– If you don’t need a job, you might want to consider moving to Michigan. You can buy a house for about the cost of a VCR.

California, there is a mass exodus going on. but if your in health care, your in luck!

Blackhawk Colorado, if you anything about gambling, you got the job! I am not joking.

– Start a WordPress blog for under 10 bucks!

How to turn a $500.00 investment into $100,000 profit!

Ok, I just had this conversation with someone else, people ask me the same question all the time… “How can I make money on the web too?” Everyone in the world is chasing the same dream. Everybody wants to make money and everybody wants to be rich. All over the web people are trying to sell get rich quick ideas that may or may not work. So I thought I would explain step by step how to turn $500.00 bucks into 100k . I just don’t think people really understand how easy it is to make money in this world! I have listed tons and tons of small business ideas anyone can do for under one thousand dollars, this is why I started this WordPress blog. To share these stories with you.

Every business earns its first dollar before earning a million.

Small Business Ventures

  • Buy and sell on eBay. (Get started for under a buck!)
  • Start a WordPress blog. (You can get a website idea produced for well under $1000.00 dollars everyday of the week.)
  • Start a DMV runner business. (Less than $500.00 to get started.)
  • Start a handyman business. (Less than $1000.00 to get started.)
  • Broker deals.

There are millions of small business ideas, you can do with just a few bucks! If you have a job, then you are providing a service for the place that you work everyday. Have you ever looked over the cash register, and thought… “I can do this myself.” So why not? Why you can’t you hire yourself?

My point is to not plug my own WordPress blog. But I want to show you that business opportunity exist all around you, small business’ are everywhere. I mean think about it… You think Juan the Lawn guy saved up 15k, and invested in to a truck and lawnmower and some weed-wackers? Nope, in fact he probably all ready had the truck so we won’t count that.  He most likely picked up some nicely cared for lawn tools from some rich dude at a garage sale for a few hundred bucks that was moving into a retirement home.  I think it was the USA today newspaper who wrote a news story about, the doggy pooper-scooper, which is a one hundred thousand dollar a year business. Tell me what it cost to get that started? 50 bucks? It is out there… You can find it. The problem is that most people insist on wanting to buy someone else’s idea, but to worried about buying your own. The cost you are paying for someone else’s idea is for him to produce this for you. All you are doing is paying for his idea. It all comes down to this… The purest form of a small business, and what America was founded on.

I am trying to explain how to do this, for this example, I am going to go with the website because I know it, and I can give you the best chance for success by explaining to you something I know about, and can give you data. So you get yourself a website that cost you $500.00 nice round number, these days you can get a lot developed at this price. You can’t really expect something great from anything less. Now it doesn’t really matter what the subject of the website is, so we won’t even go there. It is somewhat a factor when accelerating your results, for example, if you have a 1% conversion to sale rate on your website, you might raise it to 3-5% maybe in the short term, I will try to touch on this later.

So the website is up and running, this is where the money comes in. I would say across the board the standard rate of converting a sale on a website is right around 3% for organic traffic; I know there are websites that are much higher, this is true. But I am talking about everything, pay-per-click, affiliates, sales, everything is 3% across the board. Now lets find the average rate of sale, you must figure in everything from the three cent clicks to the $12.00 affiliate commission. For this example I am going to go with 5 bucks as the average sale because this is reasonable and any website can reach this potential.

So I guess you are starting to see how this works? At 5 bucks a sale, 20,000 sales is $100,000.00, to get that you will need about 700,000 hits bring in about 21,000 sales.

Can you see the principles at work? I mean the website is only the vehicle you can use anything, you are looking to close, sales in the most effective manner.

Oh, and how about this, depending on how quick you want to make the money you can pile on some risk. What is your risk tolerance? You want to take some risk? Risk is my middle name. I got the stars in my cross hairs, so if I hit the moon I can live with that.

Business idea anyone can do for under $1000.00 bucks.

The one thing that I love about life is the wonderful things you can do to make money, even if you only have a few bucks! Here is a example of what you can do to make money!

I have a friend in LA (Los Angeles, CA) that was laid-off about 18 months ago and did this simple DMV runner business to start making money to pay his bills. The business was this, he advertised in local publications to wait in line at the DMV for people. I want to be careful to over-state his earnings, but this guy makes about $600.00 – $1500.00 a week standing in line. And the business only got better as he went on, he would give people kickbacks for referrals, and of course, he always call the client when their tags are due again. Personally I was surprised how well he was doing! So how I came up with this WordPress blog, kind of a off shoot of his idea. I was listing to a radio interview about the new and very expensive rates for registration of your vehicle in the state California. In the past I have made a few websites, of start-up payday loan businesses for small business men looking to make some money, so I am aware of the great money to be made in the short term lending. One of the top reasons for getting a payday loan is to register your car, this is why I made this website. ( <WordPress blog no longer live) for someone looking to start a business for, let says, $2500.00 to fund short term payday style loans for car registration and add some cost for waiting in line could make a few bucks very quickly. And hey! You can add some signs on your back window of a car, tee-shirts and get business, and a tax write-off for everything.


How to buy a home in Michigan for under a $1000.00 dollars

$200.00 House

$200.00 House

Recently I’ve been looking for a new place for my family to settle down. We have been in the Las Vegas area for about 4 years and we all know how much I love Vegas… Anyhow, the search was on!  It is my goal to own a home free and clear so when I heard about what was happening in Michigan with home prices, I got excited. Because in Michigan they are almost giving homes away!

It all started about 2 years ago, one of my ex-business partners calls me up one day, “hey whats going on?” an he proceeds tells me that he has been buying up homes in the Metro Detroit and Southern Michigan areas, for cheap. When I say cheap, I mean as low as $200.00 bucks, in some cases even less! Well it’s not everyday that someone calls you up and tells you that they are buying homes for few hundred bucks right and left, so this really piqued my interest. I mean how often to do you find homes in any kind of shape for under thousand dollars for that matter. So this had been sitting in the back of my mind for about a year till I decided to check it out… See what I was thinking is “I make most my money on the web, so what does it matter where I live?” and looking at the photo $200.00 I think I would buy it, I think most people would to be honest! In Las Vegas I pay about $1500.00 a month for rent, for 2 months rent I could own a nice home paid with cash.

Think about this – what is the number one expense a person has?  Typically, it’s rent.  Rent, mortgage payment, whatever, this is usually a family’s single largest expense.  Imagine a moment in your life without that expense hanging over your head.  It’s something I’m striving for and read on for what I’ve discovered in the process.

Some side notes of my findings:
I found some houses listed cheap on Craigslist, but after poking around I found listings be mostly from bottom feeder investors looking to move homes that are distressed and quickly double or triple their money or make contract for deed sales with people living in Michigan. There are many horror stories out there in contract for deed sales so you have to be extremely careful.  There should be an escrow company handling the paper and if the seller has a mortgage on the house, you have to make sure the escrow is instructed to pay.  The standard fraud is that the seller takes your payment, doesn’t pay his mortgage and a year later or so, you’re being locked out and everything you paid to the seller was spent on hookers and blow.  If you are looking to do a contract for deed or take over payments, work directly with homeowners, have the contract reviewed by a local attorney so you know you’re getting what you are paying for, it is a buyer beware market in Michigan, things are cheap and people are very desperate and cash is at a premium. If you are looking to invest in a home on your own, buy from the auction directly.  Of course, this requires cash.  In bank foreclosures auctions the taxes in most cases will be up to date and you will get the best deals.  It’s not just Michigan that is experiencing this type of housing situation.  Basically, it is occurring in places where massive amounts of people have been laid off and the economy has brutalized them.  It’s happening in parts of the upper Midwest, Ohio and Indiana for instance.  Hey, I even heard of a $200,000 house in Las Vegas selling at auction for $45,000. so there is something for everyone.

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