Text Link Ads? Who are they?

This morning while surfing the web I stumbled-upon this Text Link Ads service about five minutes ago. I added a few of my websites to get started, and I get this reply less than three minutes later!

Hello Scott,

Unfortunately, at this time we feel that your site https://scottrasher.com, does not meet our internal requirements to be accepted into the InLinks publishing program. We recommend that you continue marketing your website and generate a significant more amount of traffic to your site. Once you feel you have strong enough traffic — this normally takes a few months at least — you can feel free to contact us back and we will be happy to revisit the opportunity to work with you.

Text Link Ads

Ain’t that some funny shit! Well… Mr. TextLinkAds person! I happen to get around 10,000 hits a month on this blog, and just over a million on my entire network of about 100 blogs.

Thanks for your time, but I would like to close my account.  This just goes to show you, they will let anyone on the web these days…

Oh, I almost forgot! One other thing… here is a screenshot of my traffic, for your records. Just being helpful 😉

I will also give you a review on my business reviews website! here 😉


I own the biggest personal WordPressMU blog network on planet earth!

I have a total of __ WordPress blogs. Looking at this list of WordPress blogs I am just blown away by the amount of work this has been. I feel like, I have clicked my absolute brains out.

  1. Scott On Poker
  2. Scott On SEO
  3. Scott On Mexico
  4. Scott on Handicapping Websites
  5. Scott On Storage Auctions
  6. Scott On Las Vegas
  7. Scott On Gambling
  8. Scott On Sports Picks
  9. Scott On Business Reviews
  10. Scott On The India Project

My blog is changing everyday, if you want to see a more up to date count on my blog network, it can be seen on the sidebar of my site. My network gets bigger everyday!

Get a sneak peek, to Scott’s new business! Making Massive blog networks.

The big time game changer in blogging!

I guess you could say I’m tooting my own horn here but I’ve stumbled upon something really big here, which in my opinion, will change the way bloggers set up their blogs.  What I noticed about my own blog was this — I had many different interests and topics that I like to blog about and my posts often became buried so readers couldn’t find the content relevant to their interests.  They might sift through my sports handicapping posts to get to my Topsy-Turvy tomato pictures or they might just leave.

Other bloggers have solved this problem by creating multiple blogs.  They have a blog for their pro blogging tips, a blog for their photography, a blog for their rants, whatever.  And when you think about this, most people will go out and buy separate domain names for these blogs, install WordPress and go.  In fact, I had done this many times over and the development of the India Project/100websitesin30days.com is based on the premise of 100 different domain names to create a network.  But I’ll tell you, when you get to around 54 of 100, you start to feel the pinch in domain name purchases and remember, they have to be renewed next year.

Back to ScottRAsher.com – I didn’t really want to purchase any more domains but I was tired of my content being all mixed up and THE IDEA occurred to me after having developing a website for a client using WordPress MU – of course, that client was creating a blog for multiple users–the obvious intention of that software.  WordPress MU is a platform that allows someone to create their own Facebook type of site, a social network of blogs, as registered members can log in and create their own blog.  So what I finally did was install WordPress MU on ScottRAsher.com and create 40 subdomains and unique blogs under my main blog.  Now all of my interests and topics are a unique blog with keyword in the domain.  I just took the power of WordPress MU and turned it into a single user situation, creating my very own 40 blog network with just one domain purchase and all controlled by one dashboard.  Combine all this with the WP robot and let’s just say those fools ain’t got no chance.  I’m gonna be rich bitches!

***(MU standing for multi-user). *MU is a side development to the WordPress development and it is still blogs, just a CMS that will manage an infinite amount of blogs under sub-domains.

***Now a person that create 100 or more even blog network with the purchase of only one domain. (12.00) And making targeted sub-domains, a very lethal combination in my mind.

Free Craigslist marketing ebook

At one time, my buddy Jeff and I set out to make a ebook on how to profit from Craigslist, to sell on the web. (To be honest I wrangled my “best buddy” Jeff into doing this project with me, because he is a god-damn uber-genius.)  We worked on the ebook for like three days passing it back-and-forth via email, if you sell on Craigslist, I think you will find it interesting. Then the website was live for a few months, but we never sold one copy. Not because the eBook was bad, but it was not the direction we wanted to take, so it fell off our radar.  The other night I came across the ebook and I wanted to share it with the people that visit my website! I think the ebook we wrote will help anyone looking to make more money on Craigslist. Please enjoy


by: Scott R. Asher and Jeff McCune

You are welcome to read and tell your friends.
*No obligation, no sign-up, no call backs, no rebate required, no credit card first,  no nude photos first, no trickery, no tickie no washie,  all free my friends!

How I Made A Million on Craigslist

Warning: This ebook is not to be redistributed for profit. Because if you do… we are going to piss-an-moan about it on our blog’s, till you are forced to jump off a bridge.

What is my website worth?

I saw this on the web, I thought it was interesting but I think they missed at least one zero on that figure.

This website is worth
What is your website worth?

180 Days to Blogging Success – Million Dollar Blogging

Want to make a million dollars blogging?  Sure, we all do but did you know that it is actually possible?  It is and I’m going to tell you how to do it.  You won’t that million dollars all at once but if you plan ahead and commit to a sound strategy like I’m going to describe here, your blog could make you that million dollars over its long and productive life.  Remember, the benefits of websites in general, and blogs are websites, is that they work 24-7 while you’re kicking back at the beach or wherever you please.  All you need is a commitment of 180 days, plenty of motivation and some knowledge.  These are the basic skills you must know – Blogging 101.  Get your note pads out and bookmark this page because you’ll want to refer back later, I promise you.

1.  Format – Many blogs skip this step and do not put any thought into their format – the result is that they flounder.  When you’re setting up your blog or if you have an existing blog that is not working, you need to concentrate your format into a niche that concentrates on a few keywords.  Think darts here instead of shot gun.  You’re better aiming with precision than spreading around a bunch of non-related keywords. Lay some groundwork about the theme of the blog and this could be said about starting any type of business.  A blog is a business that just happens to be inexpensive to start, can be run from home, on your own time, but a blog is a business nonetheless.  When you’re starting any business, the first critical idea is to have a mission statement – “I want to sell stuff” isn’t a very clear mission statement.  “I want to sell website design and WordPress customization,” is a lot more concise.  Your blog should be about something and you should make that clear in the title, description and in your about page. Take some time to carefully craft these as they are set the stage for what you’ll later post.  At this stage in the game, you should make a decision about how you plan to earn money with your blog, are you going to sell a service, a product or advertising.  You can choose any format that interests you but it must be something you can create content about consistently which brings us to the next step.

2.  Content – With your format prepared, you should concentrate your efforts on creating 20-80 posts, saturating your content with the keywords that are contained within your niche.  Make it clear to anyone arriving about your site that you are blogging about “x” – whatever that “x” is.  In creating your format, necessarily, several keywords will have come to the surface.  For instance, my blog is about web design.  I’m a web designer – I sell web design service and obviously web design is a keyword my blog targets.  It also targets WordPress, themes, layouts, etc.  Your articles should naturally contain these keywords and give layer and dimension to your content.  If you have a hard time creating content, pay to have it created for you.  Great content will bring readers and readers are what give a blog the ability to succeed.  Google is like the Magic 8 ball but instead of 8 options, it returns millions.  Your keywords give relevance to your pages and if they’re not there, Google doesn’t reward you and you don’t get traffic.  Your content should be unique, contain a personal perspective and you must be willing to put on the show.  Let me say this another way – you must be “willing to embrace the whore within.”  What do I mean by this outrageous statement?  Look, people can get recipes on how to do anything on the internet.  What makes you unique is the crazy and random shit that happens in your life and people are fascinated with this. This is why the reality tv format is so successful and blogs are a similar format. Blast your keywords but tell them how your dog ate your wallet and you had to pull it from his butt with a pair of tongs, for example.  The fastest way to build an audience, affiliates, a community and a following is by giving the details.  Leave out the details and you’re just a boring blog that is like ten million other blogs out there.  Give it personality and you’re on the way to the million bucks.

3.  Monetize – Many blogs monetize by placing random ads on all over the page.  The idea with monetizing a blog is to appeal to the reader’s desire to gain something.  That means your ads, the service or the product must be relevant to what they’re reading and you need to be the authority on the topic.  Why do people buy anything when they’re random web surfing?  They only buy if they believe that they must have what is being sold.  If you just wrote the best article on why someone should use WordPress and have an affiliate ad for WordPress templates next to it, you’ve got a chance.  If you just wrote an article about the latest and greatest WordPress theme and have a pet food ad next to it, you missed your chance.  The ads, services and products you choose to display must be carefully chosen to be related to the theme of your blog.

4.  Why 180 days?  Well, it’s simple – you can remember and keep track of this number.  Consistency is the issue here.  Post relevant, useful and personality filled content for 180 days and you’ve created something that Google can spider and give legitimacy to.  This is the foundation upon which you can build a successful website.  Then you can go out to other blogs, comment bring new readers, advertise on other sites and whatever other advanced strategies you choose to bring new traffic to your blog but you have something – a legitimate site rather than a fish out of water.  This will bring you the blogging success that you are looking for.

Want to see how I have done with my blog? See my results here

How to Use the Internet to Advertise

How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Website with Little or No Money


“…Anyone considering a web business will find this book valuable reading.” — Michael Warren, President; USA4SALE Networks, Inc.”…Anyone considering a web business will find this book valuable reading.” –Michael Warren, President; USA4SALE Networks, Inc.

Interested in promoting your business and/or Web site, but don t have the big budget for traditional advertising? This new book will show you how to build, promote, and make money off of your Web sit (more…)

WordPress plugin for excluding gallery pictures for adding to post.

If you want to add a gallery to your WordPress post and exclude pictures from the gallery to post in other places in your blog post. I have made a plugin for WordPress that will allow you to just this.

The problem is this, if you have a post and would like post a gallery and a picture in the same post that you don’t want to show in the gallery, you have an issue.  This option currently not available in WordPress.

Example of the current WordPress gallery issue:

I don’t have the plugin working on my website. But if you want to insert a photo (outside the gallery) in the post it will also show in the gallery as you can see above. This is a problem.

Example Pic:

*As you can see above posted in the gallery is this image

Screenshot of the example of the fix in place:

Video: How to use the fix

Free Downloads:


**Version 1.3 addresses gallery changes in how images are handled in the latest version of WP (3.4.2).

*New version for the plugin addressing this error (“Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /*folders*/wp-content/plugins/gallery-hack/gallery-hack.php:1011) in /*folders*/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868″
***Please note – we have installed this on many blogs, not many need this update.

Here is the plugin that address this error gallery-hack 1.1: download here
***Please note the plugin up-loader for WordPress admin area requires .zip format.
***Please make sure WordPress blog is currently running the most up to date WP version.

Gallery-Hack 1.2 (This plugin is WordPress 3.0 compatible)

Authors of gallery-excluder plugin for WordPress:

Scott Asher of ScottRAsher.com

Hey,  to download Scott’s free premium WordPress theme, the same one posted on this blog! click here


All donations go to Raj and Scott, thank you for your support.

***For support please use comment box. Please provide email in your reply, and link to the issues us to the issues you are having.

Also we are now offering custom support for our plugin, for $15.99 we install the plugin, fix any errors and make sure it is running properly. Please make sure to provide us with FTP and Admin area access to your blog. All your stuff is 100% safe. We are the good guy’s 😉

For WordPress custom layouts, fixes or support please: contact us

How to make a million dollars on the web?

The formula for making money on the internet is simple – Advertising + Traffic = Money Earned

Ads and Traffic. Yes that’s right, just add traffic to your properly monetized website and you can make all the money you’d ever want while you do something else.

If you’re asking yourself how to make more money with your website you might be asking the wrong question.  The right question is how much traffic do I need? How much web-traffic do you need to make a million? Well, I can answer that question.

Get yourself a piece of paper and I will show you how to make a million with your website.

First thing I want you to write down is – The total amount of money your website has made up to this point (a round number).

*even if it’s only made a dollar, that is fine.
*If the website has made nothing, I will address this issue.

Next I want you to write – The total amount of transactions. (This means – Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate sales, Paypal, everything.)
*Example: Let say the website has made, $3.50 from Adsense (5) clicks and you sold a PayDay Loan for $6.50, for a total about of $10.00 dollars. (keeping the numbers round so this is easy for you to follow.)

So we have 6 total transactions 5 from Adsense and 1 from the affiliate sale from the payday loan that have taken place, for a total of $10.00 this would be a avg. of about $1.60 per transaction made on your website.

Now that you know your total earned – I want you add the number of hits that your websites has received.
*In this case we are going to just say 1000, again to make this as simple to follow as possible.

This is how it is calculated:
If the website has had 1000 hits, you have converted a sale 0.06% of the time  from your traffic, at a average rate of $1.60 per sale.
*standard conversion rates for online sales are 1-5.5% (these numbers fluctuate, based on how targeted your traffic is.)

So if you are wondering where the million comes in, based on this sample data I provided and if this conversion rate is maintained.
You will need approximately ten thousand visitors to make 100 bucks
100,000 visits to make $1000.00
1,000,000 visits to make $10,000.00

Web traffic times sales times conversion factor equals earnings.

If your website hasn’t earned anything, you haven’t properly monetized it.  Look over my blog at examples of monetization.  Google ads, affiliate ads, sponsors, partners.  Pick what fits with your blog’s niche, ad them and you should start earning.  Then you can apply the formula to determine how much traffic you need to make the money you want to earn.

You get the idea…  Now go get yourself some traffic.

The dating website

Dating websites, love them or hate them – they’re undeniable.

Whatever you think about them, some dating websites have made a tremendous amount of money.  Think about all of the people that pay a monthly fee to find a mate.  It’s a billion dollar industry so, of course, it was something I kept in the back of my mind.

I too have joined the ranks of webmasters that tried to make a dating website. If you are not sure what I am talking about let me explain, being a webmaster, over time you will be approached with many ideas for websites, partnership offers, “best ideas on the planet”(so they claim) are proposed to you all of the time – multi level marketing, porn, and the like.  It’s like being a dentist and when you tell someone they go, “hey, can you look at my teeth?” When I tell people that I own websites the number one reply I get is “do you own any porn websites?” Everybody thinks that they can make money with porn even though the majority of porn ventures fail.  So you quickly learn to tell when ideas are a waste of your time. Read more

Advanced Cyberbegging Techniques

Susan pimping findjeffandsusan.com in Coeur d'Alene

Susan pimping findjeffandsusan.com in Coeur d'Alene

To beg or not to beg; that is the question.

My friend and fellow blogger, (the owner of this blog) asked me today if I wanted to swap blogs for the day.  I thought it a great idea so he’s over at my blog posting something as we speak.  We didn’t discuss what each other would write and he told me I could be as outrageous as I wanted.  I took a thoughtful read through his blog for some inspiration to write.  His recent post on cyberbegging is timely and relevant considering there have been articles describing people receiving large sums of money from the activity.  I have personally been dabbling in cyber begging – a half assed attempt really – by sticking a donation button on my blog.  We received two donations from Susan’s mother and that was because she knew we didn’t have money to eat.  The donations would have come in the form of cash or check had we an address to receive mail.  So I’ve researched the topic throughly and now offer some tips and techniques to implement a cyberbegging campaign. Read more

Need job? Looking for a job? How to find a *%^#$@ JOB!

Kind of tricky finding a job these days… You look all over the net and it is slim pickings. If you are looking to hire someone right now, it’s looking real good for you. I have a few friends that own businesses right now, and they are flooded with applicants.

Am I the only one confused when looking on the web for a job? I have looked online at Yahoo, Monster, Career Builder and it’s cluttered will all this crap! I mean, come on already… Throw off the job posting proven to be a scam! The system or the services rather, don’t really work all that well. If you are looking for a job in your local area, the  job posting are very spread out and very hard to track. Some employers are just electing post for free on services like Craigslist. If you are looking for a better result, sometime you will find more local job results. Example, searching for websites like “Colorado jobs” most states and larger cities have them and these are local area job boards. (Make sure to also look at, state job listings.) I can remember the-good-ole-days when looking for a job was in the newspapers, all the jobs in one place. Now even the papers are using services like YahooJobs. Read more