How to become a Craigslist email spammer.

Craigslist has become very popular with internet marketers these days, almost to the point of  being abusive.

How this works is, people that own websites are visiting all the postings on Craigslist. Then replying to Craigslist-emails provided in the posting, and using this as a method to drive traffic to their WordPress blog. The email that they send you basically say’s, “Dear sir, I was looking for a job and was so broke, then I found this WordPress blog now I have money galore.” I guess its like a cyber-game of pay it forward. I presume people see this email and say to themselves “It’s my lucky day!” and go to the website. I surf Craigslist from time to time and what kills me about this is…I place ads on Craigslist all the time and I get more spam or scam related reply’s than I do legitimate ones. If I where to think how I could improve on this semi-clever idea they came up with. I would try to reply to the Craigslist posting asking them “what’s the size” is or something random like that, making the reply seem more legitimate. And put the WordPress blog you want to get traffic to in the email signature. Then you might attract a higher curiosity of clicking type of traffic. I believe it is very easy to dismiss the other email as clearly spam.

Then I thought to myself, “I need to hire a Craigslist spammer.”

What is also interesting… Craigslist has filed lawsuits against Companies that have written software to make marketing on Craigslist easier. read the story here

Also a program has been written to flag other postings, see it here It is very hard to see how many deals still continue to happen. Craigslist has crippled the newspaper print classifieds in this country.