Please Note: This page is being updated. It is difficult in one sitting to fully outline the scope of such a complex project and these days my time is very limited. Please enjoy what you can see.
The 36 Website Network

Maybe even blog number 37 coming soon, thoughts of adding a new site has even crossed my mind. is 100% unique content. I work on my blog every single day, so if you wait a minute it will change.

I think a blog like this is the true essence of life, to make a piece of art and sell it to someone else. This is my art work. About 2-3 years ago, I set out to make a website, but not just any website, something like no one has ever seen on the web. I spent the first six months of my project trying to figure just what I wanted to do on the web. I had lots of interesting ideas for websites but not sure exactly what I wanted to do with it all this stuff I had stuck in my head. So I came up with the idea to make a network of websites with free information that truly anyone could use.

My blog is no longer useful to me, so it is on the market for sale to the highest bidder. So in typical blogging format, I will sell my blog.

Because of the scope of a project this massive, this thread will update with details about my network and at the bottom you can see the profit my blog makes.

Life is art, if you’re going to do anything be creative. –Scott R. Asher

If my blog is so great – why am I selling it? At this point with the size of my blog I feel like I have only 2 real choices.

1.) Sell my blog.

2.) Take on a partner or investor and hire a team to work on my network.

The project has become too large to manage by myself. Clicking and building 36 live websites is just too much for just one person to handle.


About My Company

I grew my website network  myself to a massive 36 live blogs and 38 domain names.

Scott Asher 37 year old entrepreneur and heavy risk taker and is swinging for the fences everyday of my life, and I have spent the last few years on the web trying to really trying to capture the essence of the plan for a person with such a slanted view on life. Many people see life as the glass being half full; Scott thinks, I am going to need a fuck-ton more water and fast! To sell my life’s work has been in the works maybe as long as my blog itself.

The idea to own all these websites started when I heard you could buy a domain for just $10.00 bucks and hosting for $5.00-$6.00 dollars a month and I could just post whatever the fuck I wanted on the web. It was like I died and went to America. My life’s experiences has taking me further than people most can really imagine. I had many ideas and I was not sure how to organize all these crazy ideas to post them so people could read them. The creativity just seem to just pour out of my hands and the blog just keeps growing every day. That really is what my blog is about; I am the product I will sell “it” to get my piece of the American dream.

Scott’s Mission Statement:

To spend the remaining years of my life paddling into surf and letting life take me away, I seek no fame, just a dollar for my thoughts.


As a bonus to this deal, this has something that no other business deal can offer. Not only will you get my blog but I will post on my blog for the rest of my natural life. Besides who could really write such a ending to my life, but “me”. I will post on the blog how I spend the money, and what happens to me and my wife for the rest of our life’s. You might think I was nuts, but you would be half right. is a (PageRank 3) 34 MU blog network that I built on the WordPress CMS based on the life experiences, and silly stories of Scott Asher

Update: pr(2) Google 7/14/11

You may look at my blog, and ask yourself, what does all-this bullshit mean? The story itself is just so big, you read my blog then it stops.  Behind every blog post there is another story to be told. But in typical Scott style, my blog must be the biggest mother-fucker you have ever laid eyes on. Because just having a simple website is not my style, I want to have the best and the biggest.

I was using Thesis; thesis is a very well done WordPress theme. It is very clean, I worked well for my needs. Then I was at over 25 website, and then I knew I needed my very own WordPress theme. So the was born.

List of my company assets

List of the sub-domain blogs under the domain in my network:

  1. – The website about me.
These blogs are sub domains of the domain
  1. Scott on Sucess From Scratch – How I turned a $12 blog into passive income.
  2. Scott on Poker – My career as a professional poker player.
  3. Scott WordPress – My personal experience and opinions on WordPress.
  4. Scott on SEO – My SEO tips and techniques.
  5. Scott on Mexico – A gringo’s life in Mexico.
  6. Scott on Handicapping Websites – Everything about sports handicapping from a web-developer’s perspective.
  7. Scott on Storage Auctions – How I make money from buying storage units.
  8. Scott on Guide Book To Scoring With Chicks –  Scott shares distasteful info on how simple guys can score big with the gurls!
  9. Scott on Affiliates – A webmaster’s guide to the best and worst online affiliates.
  10. Scott on Debt Help – A family’s guide to managing money.
  11. Scott on Las Vegas – What happened in Vegas gets leaked onto this blog.
  12. Scott on Gambling – My worthless gambling advice.
  13. Scott on eBay – How I made money on eBay.
  14. Scott on Sports Picks – My sporting event predictions. For free.
  15. DIY Website – How to make your own website for free.
  16. Scott on Business Reviews
  17. Scott on The India Project – My quest to build a one hundred website network.
  18. Web Services – Scott offers web services.
  19. Scott’s Weight Loss blog – With the popularity of weight loss, I am tracking my results and blogging about my experience.
  20. Thanksgiving Recipes – Scott shares his favorite Thanks giving recipes.
  21. Curb Panting – The interesting world of Curb Painting.
  22. How to Auto blog – Scott and his business partner made a network of 77 auto blogs.
  23. BigBlogNetworks – Scott Develops big blog networks.
  24. Membership site profits – How to make money from Membership websites.
  25. Scott on Micro Lending – Making small loans for large profits.
  26. Scott the Poker Dealer – Scott shares his experience as a poker dealer.
  27. Scott’s problem with USBank –
Domain Blogs:
  6. – A joint venture with this guy
  8. mystery blog < don’t want to publish the name.
Other Domains Included:
Other Assets:

My WordPress theme – I was going to go with Thesis, but when as I was building my network, I thought to myself, my network is too big to promote someone elese’s WordPress theme, so I needed my own. see here

Hard data:

  • The blog has about 25,000 comments. posted 7/14/2011
  • Annually the blog gets about 80k hits and 170,oo0 page views.
  • The blog is growing 575% a year.

How my website network makes money.

  • Affiliates: CJ, AdSence, Clickbank,
  • PayPer Click:
    Adsense: Adsense is running on about 80% of the network excluding gambling related content and main page.
  • Link Sales:
  • And Web Development Projects:
My website is under monetized.
Screenshot Stats:


The website network is currently making about 45k a year. The income proof is below with screen shots

$1,000,000.00 o.b.o

A $20,000.00 deposit is required to proceed. The remaining amount do in person in Las Vegas at my attorney’s office.

Do I think someone will buy my blog?  Na… But it makes for a fun blog post!


If you have any questions or comments add them in the comments below.


I am looking for serous offers so I am trying to be as transparent as possible without being reveling. I have added screen-shots of payments, check and Paypal deposits. My blog makes about 45,000.00 a year. At this point I need to sell half of my company or sell all of it.

Last year – I had Paypal credits of $6,000.00 based on the taxes I filed.

I have really tried to make this more organized, but what I have going with 36 websites is just too big.

This website is worth
What is your website worth?