Google Real-Time Search in Action – Search Results Fast

I decided to do a little test to see just how well Google Real-Time search might work. It turns out it works pretty well for a blog post. Here’s what I did, I made a blog post about snow on I-90 in Coeur d’Alene. As soon as it was posted, I did a Google search for the terms “I-90 Snow at Coeur d’Alene”, switched the results options from “Any time” (default setting) to “Latest.” If you want specific instructions on how to use Google Real-Time search, read here. Surprise! Here’s what Google Real-Time search results served up:

Implications? Well, imagine you’re traveling through Coeur d’Alene this morning and you’d like to know what the weather is like on the I-90. If you used Google Real-Time search function, you’d have my weather report or anyone else who bothered to get out in the snow to take a picture of it.

It seems as if Google’s new real time search feature might put the right information in the hands of someone searching on topics that are time specific. It could also be that most of the search results will be irrelevant or spam.

For bloggers, or anyone regularly updating content, it’s an opportunity to bring time/date specific information to readers requiring such information. I just thought it was pretty cool that my blog post was available as a google search result within one minute of posting. I’m sure there will be much debate in the internet community regarding the relevancy of such searching.

How do you feel about Google real-time search?