How the nofollow attribute derails your link building campaign

You’ve probably heard that creating a blog with a real presence on the internet requires that you have links to other websites.  One way this has traditionally been done is through making comments on other’s blogs.  In 2005, Google announced the implementation of the rel=”nofollow” attribute and it became the default standard for blogs, hoping to curb increasing comment spam.

Hey comment spam sucks and nobody likes it but the nofollow attribute didn’t do anything to stop it.  All the nofollow attribute did was eliminate natural links from comments being indexed by search engines and helping the commenting site’s page ranking.  Many people do not even know that their site is a nofollow site for comments and that they would likely receive many more comments, which is good for a blog, by removing the nofollow attribute.  This tag is easily removed in WordPress blogs by the installation of free plugins.  See our About page for links to these resources.

If you’re campaigning to raise the search standing on your blog, you should leave comments where they count.  Remove the attribute from your blog.  Submit your url and let the world know that you care about your readers comments.

Do the right thing, stop nofollow in its tracks and help your fellow bloggers.