How to Save $240 Per Year on Haircuts

Things you’ll need:


1 Imagine saving an hour of your time and a cool twenty dollars per month by cutting your own hair. It’s easier than you think and luckily “bald” is the new black. Go to your local drugstore and pick up a heavy duty pair of clippers. The average haircut costs $15 and there’s a tip so over the course of a year, you’ll save at least $240 in haircuts.

2 Select a guard for the hair length you desire – there should be several steps available. I personally like it trimmed as close to my head as possible.

3 Fire the clippers up and carefully run it through your head at a consistent angle. This will give you a uniform length. If you like it tapered, use a smaller guard and trim it closer at the neck, around the ears and wherever you’d like it closer. This is about your personal preference here. If you’re self confident and want to look rugged, just shave it all off. This will minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with your hair at all. I forgot to mention that you’ll save even more money by not having to buy shampoo.

4 Now that your head is shaved, clean up the mess and your clippers. There should be a little brush that came with them. Use a couple drops of oil on the blades to keep them sharp – as directed in the instructions that came with your clippers.

Tips & Warnings

If you have a close friend or spouse, ask them to clip your hair for you.

Put a towel around your shoulders to catch the clumps as they fall.

The hairs will get everywhere so plan to take a shower immediately after.

You can save even more money by not buying razor blades and trimming your head and beard the same length at the same time. Also saves time on shaving and not needing to buy shaving cream.

Don’t use clippers while intoxicated.

Be careful around eyebrows.