How to Write a Good Internet Article

How to Write a Good Internet Article

There are many reasons you might want to write a good internet article. You need good web content, you are writing for an employer or you write freelance internet articles. Since content is still King, skills in writing good internet articles are a premium.

First, let’s distinguish between an internet article and a blog post. Let’s create definitions.

A blog post is any combination of image and/or text that is uploaded to a weblog and cataloged by date, category, tag or other fashion. A blog post may be personal, random, from an RSS feed, humorous, boring, nonsensical, blasphemous, heretical or otherwise. A blog post can, but is not always an internet article.

An internet article is typically a well written (although I’ve seen many claiming to be an internet article that was not well written), keyword rich essay on a specific topic, intended to inform and entertain readers seeking information on that topic. The hallmark of a good internet article is a logical structure that leads the reader to accept the conclusion the writer proposed. It should be persuasive.

Like any style of writing, there are forms which can be practiced and with continued use, will lead to better results. During law school, I learned a form of persuasive writing which I have adapted to writing internet articles. Here’s my formula:

1. Issue
What are you writing about? Why should the reader care? This requires a clear and concise statement.

2. Research
What have you discovered about the topic? You need to state what you’ve found and imply or state your qualifications to write about the subject. Nobody cares about your brother’s opinion on whether we landed on the moon in 1969. Why does your opinion matter to the reader?

3. Analysis
Here you begin to take the logical steps that will lead the reader to your proposed conclusion. You began with the conclusion in mind when you started or you wouldn’t be writing an internet article in the first place. Show the reader why she should believe in your conclusion.

4. Conclusion – you precisely restate the idea that you wanted the reader to accept – usually the title of your article.

You can observe the application of my internet article formula in this very article.

1. The title is a clear and concise statement of the topic – how to write an internet article.
2. I define what an internet article is, why the reader should care and what I know about the topic.
3. I offered the reader a theory – a rationale – a practice that can lead, in my opinion to the conclusion I propose which is how to write a better internet article.
4. The conclusion is following.

Writing in a form such as this maximizes your keyword density without sounding unnaturally repetitive. I’m sure you’ve seen articles where the use of key words seemed ridiculous and you probably concluded it was spam. A good internet article does not leave the greasy after taste associated with spam. Rather a good internet article leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling like perhaps the internet isn’t such a bad place after all. A good internet article reminds you why the internet was invented in the first place – to freely exchange ideas – not just to look at porn and sell hair growth products. Ironically, a good internet article will sell things but that’s not its true purpose. It should simply give the reader the answer to the question they were looking for when they searched for it and hopefully you didn’t bore them away from your website.

Writing a good internet article is easy when you have a good idea and a form to follow. I hope this internet article is of assistance to you in your internet article writing endeavors.

That was the conclusion to the article but you’ll want to see my next free internet article where we dissect the keyword density of this very article. Stay tuned!

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