The most uncomfortable part of international travel is the the up the nose PCR test required to travel from 7-days – 24-hours before travel.

I became interested in the PCR story and take pride in giving the most up to date with reference on countries that do not require PCR testing. There is 2 types of PCR test. One is Per-travel the other is on arrival. Thailand had at one point required you to pre pay 2 covid test after arrival, now it’s down to just 2. I do feel in about 90 days, most covid restrictions will be removed altogether but will the PCR remain? There are 2 types of PCR test, the Pre Travel and the Arrival

  • What countries can you travel to, free of PCR testing.
  • This list is only the Countries that have dropped testing and the link to the info.

Its being widely reported that. As a matter of fact 45 countries have dropped the PCR test, and these restrictions are falling fast.

Countries that don’t require PCR testing:

  1. Colombia (with 2 shots)- its being reported from: Covid Controls.
  2. BELIZE – enter without a negative test result:
  3. COSTA RICA – enter without a negative test result:

News of counties coming open is: Thailand, pressure mounts on the Thai government, but it seems the government is not willing to back off the test and go program just yet.