Join the dofollow movement today

The dofollow movement is in full swing and the ultimate dofollow list is in motion on our site.  Right now, you can check out our dofollow list and see that there are almost a hundred page ranked sites that dofollow comments.  Kickstart your back link campaign and leave great comments at these sites and you will be rewarded.  These sites benefit from your relevant, keyword rich comments as well so it’s a win-win situation.  If you’re not sure what dofollow is, don’t be alarmed, it’s just a rel=”nofollow” tag which is the default code in blogging software and until the writers of the software disable it, you have to do it yourself and it’s not so hard.  There are many free resources to easily disable the nofollow attribute value so that you can give some link love to the people that comment on your blog.  Check out the list, and consider spreading the word so everyone will know where they can find a dofollow list for free – there are still people charging for this information!

Another way to advance the cause of the dofollow movement is to not comment on sites with the nofollow attribute.  Right-click and view the source code if you see rel=”nofollow” before your comment, you know it’s a nofollow site.  You might send them a friendly email suggesting that they check out the dofollow movement.  Hey, there are many people that have no idea that nofollow is the default setting.  Don’t bash – just educate.  “I love your site and would likely comment if you would consider disabling the nofollow default attribute for comments like I’ve done on my blog.”  A movement necessarily involves educating people and frankly, it’s just not yet widely known about this nofollow situation.  When people are informed, they’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of being a dofollow blog.  It’s a win-win for bloggers everywhere!

About comment spam – yes, we hate comment spam immensely and the rel=”nofollow” attribute was intended to cure this problem.  However, it didn’t.  Spam continues and we’ve found that the Askimet plugin is a very efficient spam catcher.  Also, you can manually delete the occasional spam leakage that Askimet doesn’t catch.  It’s not at all hard to set up Askimet and it’s even easier to install a dofollow plugin.  Please help the dofollow movement today and disable your nofollow attribute.  Show your readers you care about their comments!