Late Night Brainstorming – Prison Reform

We had a brainstorming session with our friend Bryan last night (btw, Bryan, I google searched BKM Designs and there’s a guy infringing on your intellectual property rights) and the conversation turned to how to reform prisons.  In our estimation, prisoners need more activities to release their aggression and the United States needs more “green energy”.  We came up with an idea which would solve both:  PERP.

PERP is the acronym for Prison Energy Repayment Plan. Under our plan, every prison in the United States would be outfitted with stationary bikes creating a human powered energy fed back into the power grid.  Weights and weight lifting would be banned.  The only exercise allowed would be riding these power bikes.  The benefit to the inmates would be that they could reduce their sentence by one hour for every kilowat of power generated on their bike.  A prisoner could bike his or her way to freedom, get fit and supply the US power grid with 100% green energy. Two problems solved with one idea!