Need a new local phone number? Scott R Asher shares how to get a new phone number without changing you cell number.

How to forward another number to your cell phone, without losing your old or current number. Well, let me tell you. With great deliberation I came up with an idea, I just  figured this out recently. How to add a additional line to my cell phone without losing my old number. In my cell phone I have over 500 contacts, and I have given my number to thousands of people, and have had the same number for many years. So changing my phone number is not what I want to do, but yet I need a number to reflect the area that I am living in. So instead of changing my number I thought about just getting an additional cell phone. My cell phone provider would charge me $9.99 month extra for an additional phone. Giving some thought to it I decided to change the area code to my MagicJack and set my MagicJack on forward. The calls come right through to my cell phone with no issue and the best part is the cost is under $2 a month, saving money, I love the idea!!