Crazy last minute Christmas shopping.

merry-christmas-blue-styleYou have never “last minute” Christmas shopped till you have had to find a last minute gift at the gas station. When I find myself in this spot, I go straight for the lotto scratch tickets. It’s a gift that say’s “good luck” and I want a kickback if you cash in big. I just  look at it this way. About 60% of the time they will win nothing and it will be shrugged-off as, “it was the though that count.” this will leave them thinking, lotto-tickets?? Is that the best he could do? Gezzz, what a loser…. 30% of the time they will win ten or twenty bucks and they will take the money and buy a nice sweater. 10% of the time they will win $100-$500 and give you a big hug and you will be the coolest guy at Christmas for that year, and they might even chip off a few bucks and get you something nice from Wal-mart. And about 1% of the time they will win between 500k and one million dollars, and you will go home and shoot yourself for buying such a stupid gift.

Merry Christmas from