Scott R. Asher’s auto blog theory

On this website I will discuss my experiences in owning a massive Auto-blog network. This massive network of blogs came to a count of nearly 60 plus blogs. I will talk about my mistakes, my feelings about the blogs and best of all, and what I am doing these days.

About the only good idea that came from it was, I made a blog with most of the details of what happenedhere

My quest to Auto blog immortality

The network was getting bigger by the minute; my business partner was wanting to get even bigger! We where at 50 live blogs and for the most part, running strong. Adsense was going full-blast and the work load was intense and enormous. The plan was to keep most of the settings global and uniform, throughout the entire Auto blog network as a potential time saver. To be honest, the theory seemed flawless.

So here come my feelings, you knew this was on its way! While, I appreciated the thought of making a ton of money; this was closely compared to a prison sentence. Sitting, watching and waiting. Fucking miserable. While, watching and waiting, I often questioned if we would in fact be the fucking mega bloggers we hoped to be. All we can do it hope, right?

Auto blogging spam?

Yes – When you are running an auto blog, you are republishing information from the web on your blog. I am not saying that this is not profitable, but don’t be confused, auto blogs are in fact 100% worthless.

My reasons:

  • It is misleading to the reader.
  • You are profiting from someone else’s hard work.
  • Most of the content is not that great anyway.

My personal opinion: I am not sure how much longer auto blogging will be allowed to continue. I am sure at some point Google will mount a campaign to start to possibly sandboxing suspected auto blogs. Organic content is what any blog needs.

About the only good idea that came from it was, I made a blog with most of the details of what happenedhere

The best result

I found that you have the best result with auto blogging, when the blog has been aged. Your blog has by then, already gotten readership and followers on a consistent level.

My past auto blog project

You can read about the details of my past auto blog project – 

It is called The India Project and we succeeded in making 77 auto blogs all more or less at about 25% capacity.

My current auto blog project

I am currently working on my own blog network without using auto blogged content. You can see the list of blogs on the lower sidebar of this site. Because I am the only one working on it, many of the blogs are in different stages of development. I will post the differences when I get a bit further into my new venture. This will allow me to accurately compare the pros and cons of each way.