Something to think about.

I was in the Mall the other day shopping with my wife, it was her birthday and my son (16) was walking with us. My son was stopped by (Paul Blart) a security guard on one of those two wheel roller cart things that you stand on, you know the one that. He cuts off my son while we are walking in the mall, because Nate he happen to be wearing a shirt with the Insane Clown Posse on it, or as the Mall Cop refers to it “The Hatchet Man.” He was asked to turn his shirt inside-out, and of course being the ass-hole I am,  I said, “Hell no!” “I know my rights, I clearly have the right to take my money somewhere else!” I can’t even understand how situations like this are still allowed to happen. Has the mall truly suffered an over run of ICP followers?

I remember attending church with my parents about 20 years ago, and from where pastor Gary Greenwald from the Eagles Nest stood preaching to the crowd he sincerely proclaimed Kiss, Styx, Ozzy and other rock bands along the same lines to be more or less devil worshipers. The pastor even had demonstrations and would play recordings of the records backwards slowly to hear a hidden subliminal messages that were suppose to be demons speaking. As a kid it was hard to fully understand what was going on, it was like the Pastor had made this secret discovery, and found out these rock bands where of the devil, and no one else could figure this out. Now 20 years later, everybody else had already figured out it was all an act. I mean, have you seen the Gene Simmons Family Jewels show? I fully understand this guy is no angel but this guy is the furthest thing from a devil worshiper. Not cutting this guy any slack, he seems to be a good father, he is very conservative. On one episode he took a lie detector test proving he had never cheated on his wife of over 20 years, how many guys can say that? I would like to try giving a lie detector test to this pastor, see what happens. This Gene Simmons is closer to a saint, or some sort of diet rock-star at best, but clearly no Devil. The same with Ozzy Osborne of the show the “Osbourne’s,” I know he has done some partying, but a Devil worshiper? Look at who he married, his wife Sharon. That is why you always marry someone who is smarter than you are, she seen a product to market in Ozzy and now he is a star. Do not forget Styx, they were considered evil too, these days the band is considered to be easy listening.

Seriously, ostracizing people for the type of music they like to listen to, or wearing a band t-shirt, does not make them an evil, devil worshiping, gang member. If the hatchet men really acted like they do in their video’s, they would be in jail right now. It’s a joke… Get it? I guess people still haven’t figured out its just a act. However, I fully understand the malls issue, I mean a group of boys, wearing out the carpet, taking up air, no money, running off the paying customers, it is a problem. Someone needs to tell the Rent-A-Dumb-Ass, you need to use your head, be selective, and keep it on the low-low, do it like the cops do when they stereo-type Mexicans. Gezzz… You just can’t go around stereo-typing people, Give me a break! I mean lets be honest, what about clothing designers that use sweat-shops in these foreign countries. I am sure they have effected more teen aged children than I.C.P. could if they paid kids to start coming to the shows.

If you are looking for some suggestions, for some-other shirts, I wouldn’t allow in the mall here is some I came up with!

Las Vegas, nothing epitomizes the downturn of society like a place with a slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” With hookers, keeping in the spirit of Vegas, if you chose the wrong hooker you crap out and go to jail! Human trafficking, gambling, Mob ties, I seen the Sopranos. I don’t see them letting that go, that easy. What about Drug use, shootings and crime? Schools in Nevada are 48th out of 52 in the country. Truly there is a good case for not letting anyone under 21 in the city limits period. Drive-threw weddings, there is nothing stopping you from losing everything you got in a game of NO chance. They will not even thank you for coming and pat you on the back and ask you to come back again soon! Las Vegas has effected enough lives to probably fill a good sized third world country. As a matter of fact, I can personally confirm the world would be better off without Vegas all together!

Jesus, for sure… No one should be allowed to wear anything related to Jesus in the mall. More people have been killed on this planet in the name of God and then any other reason in history. This guy makes cigarettes companies look like a humanity mission.  Hell, I am offended just thinking about it! I know what your thinking…This is ridiculous! Yep, about as stupid as asking someone to turn their shirt inside-out.

I think it is stupid shit like this is really what holds us back from truly growing.

As William Munny put it – We all have it coming.