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I do apologize for you having to see my blog like this. Over the last month or so I have been updating my website and expanding on many of my ideas for a even better ScottRAsher. Please feel free to enjoy what you see. Thx Scott.

Products and Services

Items mailed to Scott R Asher

All legal docs, cease and desist letters and law suites will be posted on my blog as protest for the poor trees heartlessly slaughtered.

Scott’s Guarantee

You will love your website, or there is no charge. I stand behind all of my products and services.

Sorry, no refunds.

Blog Comments

I love comments, but if you are not willing to take the time to write something meaningful, I am not willing to publish it. As a matter of fact! If you are just trolling blogs and posting meaningless comments, I will link-strip your link an still post your comment. I spend many hours on my blog, and if you are going to waste my time, I have no problem wasting yours.

Unsolicited email (spam):

Scott R Asher and the website of at no time has opted in to receive commercial email from you or your service. Your ISP provider will be contacted with a cease and desist and may be subject to legal action.

Web services contract:

  • 30% down required on all web services, before work will begin.
  • Payment must be made within 72 hours upon completion of work.
  • The website will remain in my hosting until the balance is paid.
  • If at any time you default on our financing agreement, I reserve the right to recover lost costs by selling your website, with all content included, to the highest bidder.
For themes and artwork, I typically give 3 revisions for agreed work.

Website and content editing:

Initially, I will create a sample website for you from sample content, in order to give you an idea of the website formatting. All final content will be provided by you. Any typos or edits are your responsibility. When you give me content, I just paste it in. Editing service is available and EXTRA upon request.

Advertisers posted on this website:

I do my best to screen the advertisers on this website. Please do your due-diligence in investigating venders posted on this website before doing business.

Plugins used on my blog:

Preferred Payment Methods:

Please see payment page at the top.

Why no PayPal? – First off, if you are buying services on the web, you must know a few things. PayPal’s Terms & Conditions clearly states, that is does not cover payment for web services, or what Paypal refers to as “non-tangible products.” I will provide you with as many references as you need. I don’t use PayPal for your safety, and mine.

This website is hosted with The best in website hosting on the web!

Writers, Editors and Contributors to my blog:

Jeff McCune esq, Mark Pringle, Scott Asher, Ellison, Farhan Ganfoor, Raj, Kimberly Asher