The blogger you love to hate.

hate comment

One thing most people don’t think about when starting a blog, is all the people that read them from all over the world, and cast their opinions, or as my son refers to them as “Haters.”  Some people are not comfortable with this, but on the net, people you never met will just dump on you… just because you are there.  These people are usually the same people that can’t handle getting phone calls.  My wife is so silly, we will be sitting in the car, the phone will ring, and she will say, “Hmmm… 702 I wonder who it is”, I am yelled, “PICK UP THE PHONE AND FIND OUT, WHO IT IS!”, I can only guess if this is what is going on the other side of the phone. I mean, if I want to know who is on the phone, I pick up and ask. It’s works well for me.

Case and point, I was calling some number, no picked up and two minutes later I get a phone call from the dude that  I was calling.  Obviously he was trying to screen his phone calls. So he calls me back and says, “Who is this” and I said, “It’s the ass-hole that called you two minutes ago, bro”, and I hung-up!  Another point, I get this call from someone blocking their phone number in some kind of silly childhood clock and dagger game.  I don’t know where people are getting this feeling of, “Who are they for calling me?” These people are also the same people who like to send emails saying, “You don’t know who you are dealing with.” Or the guy that slams on the horn like the “moral police” when you accidentally run a red light because you are on the phone with your buddy.  My all time favorite is when some chick sends me this comment “You have a big dick, huh?” All I want to say is how did you know…yes, what can I say…the bitches love me!  You know how this kind of behavior got started, right?  It starts in Little League Baseball.  We get these parents that feel like they need to reward the last place teams…“I don’t want little Bobbie to feel like a loser.” , really?  A last place trophy?  Do you think Warren Buffet finished in last place, in tee-ball? Of course he did.  You  know what he did about it?  He went out and figured out how to buy a better team, and came back and whipped some ass.

facebook freinds

Ah yes…heavenly hate mail. Oh, I know who I am dealing with…my biggest fans. That’s right!  My slacker bullshit “REAL” friends will only come and check out my website for a second, it’s so sick.  These are people I know and see everyday.  I asked my buddy in the car one day, “Dude… come check out my website.”  “I sent you an email like three times, what gives?”  He just looks at me with this blank stare…and says, “Dude, its cool.” Friends they never fail you, they are supportive in their own way. Well, back to what I was saying… I sent out this nice email, “Hey guys check out this nice website I did… tell what you think.” I have all these contacts and friends on Facebook, and like two people show up… lol!  But, the people that hate me come everyday, and read every word, never missing one day.  If I didn’t have the people that hated me I would have no one.

Love you all, thanks for reading…

I’ll post any and all hate mail,  thanks for  love… Keep’em coming.