The dating website

Dating websites, love them or hate them – they’re undeniable.

Whatever you think about them, some dating websites have made a tremendous amount of money.  Think about all of the people that pay a monthly fee to find a mate.  It’s a billion dollar industry so, of course, it was something I kept in the back of my mind.

I too have joined the ranks of webmasters that tried to make a dating website. If you are not sure what I am talking about let me explain, being a webmaster, over time you will be approached with many ideas for websites, partnership offers, “best ideas on the planet”(so they claim) are proposed to you all of the time – multi level marketing, porn, and the like.  It’s like being a dentist and when you tell someone they go, “hey, can you look at my teeth?” When I tell people that I own websites the number one reply I get is “do you own any porn websites?” Everybody thinks that they can make money with porn even though the majority of porn ventures fail.  So you quickly learn to tell when ideas are a waste of your time.

My idea was to take a local casino, take their real life drama and create an online outlet for the expression of that drama.   If you have ever lived in Las Vegas there is a good chance you know about Ellis Island, (Tupac Shakur was shot just across the street from the Ellis Island) if not the Ellis Island is a local bar/casino in Las Vegas that is primarily local in nature – the patrons are Las Vegas locals and the employees are Las Vegas locals as well.  The casino employees, particularly dealers that get off in the early morning like to drink, gamble, have sex and fire off all their money till dawn. So Im sitting in Ellis with some friends and thought, “I see a website here.” I was feeling like Neo in the Matrix.  So when I went home, a few hours of engaging in all of the above activities, was born. It seemed like a no-brainier.  People where already screwing each other there so why not streamline the process and get in the middle of it – just like a dating website.

My marketing strategy was this, I made some flyers and put them on cars 3 times a day. It would difficult to find a more captive audience, I mean here they all are and I created this kick ass website that would help them hook up, right?  Well, it didn’t quite work out that way.  In fact, I never got one single member on this site and I sold it, breaking even.  This might have stopped some webdevelopers dead in their tracks – like they would go back to their old day jobs but not this one.  To make this site, I created a back end that would be applicable to many different types of websites including forums, buletin boards, chat and subscription members.  I have made money, over and over again with the template I created for this failed dating website.  That is what is meant by persevering.  Never give up, that’s the way I see it.