What is RSS and How to Use It

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” which is a powerful publishing tool used by websites that frequently update their content. When you’re surfing the internet you’ll notice just about every site has the orange RSS feed logo. Without getting too technical, it’s nothing more than a feed of that site’s most recent html content. If you click on it you’ll see something like this:

Screen shot of browser after clicking on RSS feed

Someone who doesn’t know what an RSS feed is would be very disappointed when they click on the link – it just looks like gibberish. In order to take advantage of a website’s RSS feed, you need a feed reader. There are a ton of feed readers available and they’re almost always free. The first step to using a site’s RSS feed is to have the reader so go get one. The second step is to insert the website’s RSS feed url into the feed reader. This is easily accomplished by right clicking on the RSS feed icon, selecting “copy link” and pasting it into your feed reader. If you do this, you have just subscribed to a website. Subscribing to a website is free and you’ll have an up to the minute account of that site’s latest content. Additionally, with the feed reader, you’ll have the ability to quickly view all of your favorite web sites in a glance. After this helpful how to subscribe to an RSS feed article now is a good time to practice what you’ve learned and subscribe to the site you’re reading right now.