Why broke people have bad credit

This might not be much of a revelation to many of you, but I offer you this explanation.

The reason people with no money have bad credit is, broke people have no expendable income making it difficult to pay unforeseen cost. So what happens is, the company in retaliation for not being paid marks the credit of this person, having a much greater effect on this person than  a silly $300.00 or $750.00 bill, or sometimes less. In fact, it is 100% proven, that this company gets to then use this unpaid bill as a tax write-off and in some cases selling the debt to a collection company recouping some cost, leaving the other party with 7 years of bad credit. I think bills with a original balance under $1000.00 should remain unreported, or the creditor should have to get a judgment before being allowed to mark someones credit. A lot of these charges are disputable and frivolous, and besides if later the broke customer comes up with the money it is often little to late. The reason for this all to often companies don’t report the fact you have paid them; therefore you are left the mark on your credit for seven years and they are made whole. There are lots of cable bills and other crap posted on peoples credit reports that means nothing. Companies should assume this risk when luring people in. If your a deadbeat cell phone company wants a two (2) year contract, for crappy service and then screw their customers credit up for seven years because they wont pay! Tough Shit,

So my question is this: Why can’t a person that has a limited amount of money with good judgment, have good credit? It is human nature to want something nice, then follow up on that with a risky buy, then something happens an you are unable to pay. They advertised it was a good deal, and pulled your credit, so they knew that there was a small chance you might default. You only live once, what is the harm in that?