Progressive Snapshot Discount Consumer Warning [My Review]

Is the Snapshot Discount the biggest discount ever, or is it the biggest consumer scam ever? Is the snapshot discount from Progressive Insurance really designed to save you money, or is the Snapshot device collecting data that can be used to potently raise your insurance rates, rather than lower them as it boast in the commercial.

Driver beware – The Snapshot Discount is a device that hooks up to your cars computer and starts to collect data on your driving habits – good but also BAD over 7-10 day period.

Is this good? I think most people feel like they drive fairly-well over all, but this may not be the case in your insurance companies eyes. Insurance companies are doing their best to gain the most information about you and your driving habits as they can, before they actually insure you.

So how is the Snapshot Discount bad? The information that is collected from your car by the Snapshot Discount device about your driving habits can be used to save you money, but this information can also be used against you. And your driving habits can be and most likely will-be shared with other insurers, making it even harder for you to get lower rates on your auto insurance. I can tell you personally, there is no chance I would plug anything into my car that would track my driving habits, especially an insurance company.

I have never been in a car accident and have no tickets, and I still think my auto insurance rates are WAY too high. And as a matter of fact, I found Progressive insurance rates to be the highest of all the providers I called for a quote .

If your truly looking to save real money on your auto insurance policy. I am a member of Costco, and I buy my car insurance with my membership. To date – I have yet to find a company that can even meet the price I’m currently paying on auto insurance. And I already know because I am dealing with Costco, I know I am dealing with a quality insurance company.

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Article by: Scott R Asher

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16 Responses to Progressive Snapshot Discount Consumer Warning [My Review]

  • Thanks for the good writeup. It in truth was once a leisure account it. Glance complicated to more introduced agreeable from you! However, how can we communicate?

  • Your insurance may be cheaper but it does mean its equal coverage. Even if the limits are the same the underwriting details and the claim policies are where the true quality lies.

    Progressive is more expensive because they always pay they’re claims and pay higher values. Trust me I sell all types of insurance and I see which ones stand behind their customers and the ones that send customers crying into my office.

  • Jack Charrette says:

    We put on the devices on our 2 Hyandae Elantras. I was difficult. I had to be just about upside down in the car.

    Then my wife’s car, who only drives locally during the day was DENIED a discount.

    We use to get a low milage discount from them. Then they removed that effectively raising our rates, then snapshop.

    From what I can see this is purely spyware and a marketing gimmick.

    I will be looking for other insurance.

  • yes, you just can’t trust insurance companies.

  • While I am currently a Progressive customer after recently switching after 30 years with State Farm (due to dishonesty on their part), I have not tried the snapshot discount, but I too have heard horror stories form persons I KNOW are good drivers
    Worse I thought I would get Life Insurance too from their affiliate Efinancial that they advertise on their website; WOW what a mistake; this was a 3 month excursion into incompetence ending in bait and switch.

    I will be looking into another company when my home, auto, and RV insurance expires with Progressive
    Carl S.´s last blog post ..Article Base Review; articles submission

  • Tomdurkins says:

    I’m sorry Chris but your dead wrong. Insurance is insurance. What it says in your policy is what your coverage is, Period. Progressive will charge you more but when you have a claim they will not donate money to you just to be nice. Get the best price and go with the cheapest company. It’s all the same.

  • Did this program for 33 days – received a woppin 6% discount while I stayed well within their ‘boundries’ of acceptable driving behavior. I had an average of .8 hard brakes per day, 25 mile avg/day and never drove between their ‘high risk’ hours of midnight to 4am, yet I still hardly rec’d a discount. I was so irritated and distracted with the thing beeping at me every time I stopped for a last-minute light or some retard pulling out in front of me. In this sense, I feel like this thing is almost dangerous itself, as I found myself avoiding stopping at yellow lights, etc. I don’t tailgate, I don’t generally speed more than 2 or 3 mph over the limit (if that) and I consider myself to be a pretty safe driver, especially since the birth of my son 11 months ago. I unplugged the thing as soon as I received notice of my enormous (eye roll) discount of $4/month – whoopee – Not. I guess the joke is on me. I’m so p’d off that I’m shopping for a new car insurance company today.

  • I have progressive and I’m currently using Snapshot. I had their device plugged in for a week then unplugged it and have been checking daily the results from their device. What I don’t understand is how from the day I unplugged the device till now there’s data still being collected. I had 6 “hard breaks” and 10 trips on a day that the device was not plugged into my car. So I know believe it’s a Scam and will be looking for new insurance.

  • The snapshot by progressive is a major scam. I was using it for the 30 days and got a cheap discount. I started using it because they jacked my rates up by 40/mo for no reason, and they still were the cheapest for me in my area. I had .82 and .32 hard brakes per 100 miles up till the day before the 30 day discount applied. Well my numbers went up from .82 to 4. 2 on one car and from .32 to 1.7 on the other, and this happened overnight because I logged in a checked in every single day, so I knew what the numbers were. I don’t need someone to track my driving for a crap 8% discount and that was for a car that was driven less than 30 miles a day, and had very little hard brakes, and had 0.00 driving time from 12am to 4am. They appear to fudge the numbers to justify a crap discount.

  • SNAPSHOT IS A SCAM. What they don’t tell you is at the end of your snapshot period if they see fit they will “reevaluate” your driving history and RAISE YOUR PREMIUM. They will say  they do it every year and it’s standard, even If the last thing on there is from 3 years ago. I had Progressive for 12 years and they NEVER raised my rate …the day after My snapshot period was over.ABSOLUTE SCAM. 

  • Insurance is a necessary evil, but I won’t donate to George Soros, ever. Discount my A$$. Thanks, Scott, for a great learning product as well as a “venting space.” :) Keep up the good work.

  • The device totally killed my battery which was tested before I plugged it in and less than two weeks totally killed battery had to be replaced… I’m returning it to them today!

  • Snap measures sudden braking by your anti lock brake wheel sensor, they say sudden brake is a reduction in speed of 7mph per second, this is not accurate if your stuck in snow and spin and vehicle not even moving and you let off accelator it stops spinning and you get a hard brake also in slush sometime the flying slush will temporally block wheel sensor signal you get a hard brake without even touching the brake not accurate measuring

  • well I dump progressive on the 5 December, There 2 percent discount was a slap in the face.
    I tried the snapshot for 6 months and like most good drivers I got just a 2% discount. My wife and I have not had a claim or ticket in at lease 15 to 20 years.
    I can’t say they have a bad program, I think they just make up your rates to see how much they can charge and get away with it.

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