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The most uncomfortable part of international travel is the the up the nose PCR test required to travel from 7-days – 24-hours before travel. I became interested in the PCR story and take pride in giving the most up to date with reference on countries that do not require PCR testing. There is 2 types […]

Airbnb price bait and switch

So I observed on the Airbnb App what appears to be some type of bait and switch while looking for a new 30 day rental. When I searched from El Paso for before traveling to Baja Mexico the price seemed lower than when I arrived or was local to the area I was looking to […]

Is car ownership going away?

The door might be closing on the value of owning an older car outright. I know this is not groundbreaking,  but the cost of ownership of even cheaper cars has gone way up, I wondered if it was even worth it to own a car at all.  I recently went looking to buy an older cheap car, […]

Tell her to cum!

Again I offer more useless dating advice to men looking for something creative to their sex lives. If you been having a-bit of a problem getting your chick to cum while having sex I think this one of my better tips, and it’s really simple. So when you are getting-it-on with a chick, tell her […]

Growing up Asher Part 2 – Why I played poker.

Harry’ll do it. I know it. He doesn’t know how to fail. –Armageddon (1998) Many people have no idea how I got started playing poker. Well I am about to tell you. When I came back to California from Oklahoma from my Aunt’s Thelma house I was in fact homeless. I was about 16 years old, I […]