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Life Is Content

By February 17, 2010March 13th, 2011No Comments

For me – Being a blogger, everything in life is content.

As glamorous as most people feel working from home is, sometimes it does get in the way of my personal life. I am working on this. So my travel plans were set and I was ready to go, I had planned this in advance so I could get the best price for room and flight, but come time to travel Denver wasn’t having it. A winter storm had hit the Denver area leaving me at a stand still and really not sure what to do. I went to the airport a few times to catch a new flight, it didn’t look good. I was scrambling to figure out what to do. At this point, I really was starting to feel the crunch. I had the weight of my Tuesday’s appointment, and it was feeling like a heavy one. Travel plans have been canceled, hotel rooms had been canceled. I was losing money and I didn’t even leave my house yet! This is not what I had in mind.

So what happened – I received a travel voucher, I was happy with this. But the soonest I could fly was Sunday, the weather was going to be snowy again on Sunday. This was cutting it close for me. This was a problem, I needed to take the weather out of the equation, and fast. I have already lost over $100.00 bucks from changes from my travel plans and traveling on Sunday with the possibility of being delayed further was very real. I wasn’t up for anymore fees. The pressure was on.

Plan B – I was already callingĀ  Bob carefully probing for info, I didn’t really want to bug him, but I was trying to feel-out if it was possible of missing this and saying home. I had just got finished with a big time 5 day cram session finishing all my work, so I could have a nice quiet trip, with a watchful eye. That didn’t happen, customers were calling none-stop, it almost seem to intensify. One of the problems of being a freelancer is the nonstop attending to my customers needs. One of the things I try to do, make is easy for my customers to reach me. This time I had no choice, I had to draw the line and deal with what was going on in my life. My wife and son was manning my unattended post.

The trip – I was on my way to Las Vegas at about 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, I caught a ride with a very cool Korey. He was a cool dude, this guy is a Writer/Rock Star very smart kid. He was on his way to LA to start back to work writing for a T.V. show. So there I was, again I was going to cross the Rockies and travel all the way thought Utah on a cannon-ball-run style adventure to Las Vegas. I like to think I am not that old, but Jesus. I was just drained from the 10 hour drive. My back was killin me!

My arrival – My original plan was to stay in a hotel at of one of the many special room rates on the strip. Before canceling my reservation I had a room booked for $24.95 a night. This was another problem, because of the issues I was having, I was no longer able to get this rate. I like to be alone, I didn’t want to be bugged. I kind of had my hart set on having a maid to clean up after me.

The stay – So I called Dave. Let me give you some background on Dave. Dave is a very raspy, middle aged, single guy that also happens to be bitter about being laid-off from work about 2 years ago. But I don’t hold that against him, you should try staying with me! šŸ˜‰

MORE COMING SOON!!! Trust me your going to want to hear the end of this!

Scott R Asher

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