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By February 7, 2010August 10th, 2010No Comments

Well, this week I will be taking off my web-design hat and be putting on my poker hat. That’s right, I will make my return to the poker-ring for about 10 days.

This is the plan – I need to return to Las Vegas for a few days to attend to some business, and as-it-turns-out in Southern California they are playing a rather large poker tournament at the Commerce Casino in Los Angles.

For a $335.00 they are offering a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize. Link here

This is kind of a opportunity that is so close to Las Vegas, while I am in the area I couldn’t really pass on this. For 300 bucks to take a shot at a million, I think it is worth-a-shot. On a phone call earlier this week one of my non- poker friends asked me what I thought was the chance of me winning. I said, I thought I had about 1-200 shot based on the turnouts I have seen online. He said, wow… I want to buy a piece of your action.

I think these fields are going to be tough, don’t kid yourself. There are far more very good broke poker players than rich ones, so I look for these large fields to be very completive.

I look at it this way, 300 bucks I can play this tournament 800 times win it once and make money, so I am really playing for the over-lay. The odds are just too good.

For all of my wonderful clients reading this, please don’t worry my laptop and phone will be  near by. 🙂

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