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Advanced Cyberbegging Techniques

By November 28, 2009October 6th, 2010No Comments
Susan pimping in Coeur d'Alene

Susan pimping in Coeur d'Alene

To beg or not to beg; that is the question.

My friend and fellow blogger, (the owner of this blog) asked me today if I wanted to swap blogs for the day.  I thought it a great idea so he’s over at my blog posting something as we speak.  We didn’t discuss what each other would write and he told me I could be as outrageous as I wanted.  I took a thoughtful read through his blog for some inspiration to write.  His recent post on cyberbegging is timely and relevant considering there have been articles describing people receiving large sums of money from the activity.  I have personally been dabbling in cyber begging – a half assed attempt really – by sticking a donation button on my blog.  We received two donations from Susan’s mother and that was because she knew we didn’t have money to eat.  The donations would have come in the form of cash or check had we an address to receive mail.  So I’ve researched the topic throughly and now offer some tips and techniques to implement a cyberbegging campaign.

  1. Lose Pride. Pride is probably the number one obstacle to the implementation of a successful cyber begging campaign.  Do you think the guy that stands at the freeway exit with a sign that says, “Why lie, I need a beer”  has any pride.  Hell no he doesn’t – and he’s making fifty to a hundred bucks a day.  Giving up pride is easy if you need to eat.
  2. Start Small. You don’t have to go for all of the bananas in one whack.  Think there’s no such thing as a free lunch?  Try this one – a sample craigslist in the barter section:  “Barter a blog post for lunch.  My wife and I run a little blog with lots of internet traffic.  We like to eat out and tell our readers about all of the great dining spots in (your town).  Unfortunately, we’ve been unemployed for some time and cannot afford to eat at your restaurant.  If you would kindly buy us lunch (we’ll drink water) we’d love to take some photos of your place and describe what a great time and how wonderful the food is at your establishment.  Check out our blog here…”
  3. Cyber Beg for a Purpose. This tip was inspired by Sally Struther’s television commercial asking you to support a starving child in a third world country.  You probably know someone who participated in this – “here, check out the picture of the kid that my five bucks a month feeds and sends to school.”  What you probably didn’t know is that two fifty of your five bucks goes to the administrative expenses of the organization.  So here’s an example, thinking outside the box, on how to cyber beg with a purpose:  Put a web page up that explains the benefits of public domain photography.  It’s a boon for web designers and it just makes the world a better place – art for free and all.  Make it flowery and wonderful.  You know, if you’ve ever spent any time combing the web for free content, it’s damn near impossible but imagine a site where all the photos on it are completely free!  I’d like to make the internet better and be like it was intended – the free sharing of content for creative and artistic purposes but I don’t have a camera.  Your help is needed desperately as the world is suffering without a sufficient quantity of  quality high resolution photography offered for free.  Imagine it!  All I need you to do is – whatever pennies you can spare for a decent camera (a Canon 50d should be ok) – and I promise to donate every photo taken from the camera you help to buy – free on the internet.  Imagine the world seen from the public domain camera obtained by friends of public domain photography.”

That’s about it in a nutshell.  I’ve given you some concrete ideas on how you can start your own cyberbegging career.  We got a few hits on our website just from Susan holding up the sign on Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  When we were leaving, a couple came up to us and said, “What did your sign say?  We couldn’t see it.”  Be outrageous and let the donations flow.  Now, back to your normal programming.

So here is my Donation button in case you want to drop me a few bucks ;)… What can I say, I am just practicing what I preach.

Scott R Asher

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