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Can I do all my remote work from my cell phone?

A laptop is good, I much prefer to type on a keyboard than over looking over my phone for hours and I have felt like this for a long time. But a laptop working remote has its problems and it became clear to me while traveling the world for 6 years now I need to do all my work on a phone. I wonder if I can actually accomplish working solely from my phone in a year. The main hurdle I feel like I face is writing emails, attachments. my writing style is to write out my points and organize my thoughts. But I have made a point to write shorter emails.

The problem’s With a Laptop working remotely:

  • It breaking and needing repairs, and with a Macbook that can be hard in many countries and cost extra.
  • Needing to tether wifi to your laptop cost more and is always a problem.

*Besides whatever I need to do on a laptop I can hire someone for or just have my assistant do it.

The benefits of only working from your phone:

  • If it’s lost or stolen almost any Android phone will do, and you can buy and iPhone anywhere buy a sim login to the apps and be back in minutes.
  • It goes in your pocket.

ATM withdrawals and Paypal fees in the Philippines

So something I uncovered visiting Philippines is ATMs are not allowing travelers to withdrawal more than 10,000 pesos at a time to charge more fees. I’m not sure if this is something widespread or just the 10+ ATM i’ve tried to take money out of my bank.

Also another interesting thing I uncovered is businesses and freelancers are paying 9%+ in fees to receive payments. It seems very excessive. People don’t make very good money here and it seems very predial of these financial institutions to take advantage.

Suing Rent A Center for harassing phone calls

Can DoNotPay App sue Rent A Center for harassing phone calls?

Rent A Center 1745 N Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115 employees has been calling me for months now about someone else’s account and won’t stop.

Call log of Rent A Center harassing me


I have called Rent A Center location back at the number 702-453-1933 and have even recorded the call as proof that I had requested many times my number be removed from the account and explained i’m not the person they are trying to reach, and was told my number was removed from this person’s account, I guess someone must had rented furniture or something from Rent A Center and gave my number and now Rent A Center continues to call and refuses to stop.

I have attached the call log and the messages Rent a center has left.

This is the recorded call of me asking them to remove my number: https://youtu.be/Ep8XedvTPkY

Rent A Center Corp Office: 5501 Headquarters Dr, Plano, TX 75024

The Craigslist personals email harvest season is over! [How to harvest email addresses on Craigslist personals]

A job I had recently was working with a guy that would buy harvested email contacts for singles looking on Craigslist. I would get paid $1.75 for every good email lead and $3.00 of every phone number I could produce. This is one of my highest earning adcopy producers. This one produced over 80,000 leads

Thank you for reading my post… before you start to read my post, a reader from my last creative dating post commented to me – “it might help to point out that I make a living as a creative writer.” Now that I have moved to a small town in Insert town here, this mightbe even more of an issue. Because even more people may not get my brand of humor. Other feedback that I have received, is that women are intimated to respond to posting like this. But more than anything I am looking to meet new friends and if something amazing happens that would be very cool. I have a really unique creative personality, I am a very low pressure guy, I too am looking for someone special. Thanks for taking the time to read. enjoy my posting

Here I go again with another dating fucking sucks post again…

I am now convinced every sick-mutherfucker on earth surfs the craigslist personals, I was hanging at a friends house and went to Craigslist on her computer (*not really being nosy)  and I could see that the singles area on Craigslist link has been visited. Then it hit me!!! Everyone in the world is a sick-fucker just like myself. Craigslist is how everyone meets, but no-one ever wants to admit-it, this is so fucking gross. By posting ourselves online we have all been reduced to lawn equipment.

I know normal people read these online dating listings also… Because I was normal once, I can remember about 15 years ago reading the newspaper at Mc Donald’s, while I am eating my Mc Pile of shit. I love the classified section, I’m not really sure what it is. But being a little older everything has changed, forget the stupid sports.I personally love to read the used cars, free pets, rideshare, missed connections… but my point is, even before abruptly becoming single again, I would read the singles thread on craigslist, what a fascinating category… Someone throwing caution to the wind, post a ad in hopes of landing a date, it seems so crazy when you think about it. But what is sad, from my limited dating experience it seems the older we get the less likely we are to really find someone normal.

The response I am trying to trigger is the “normal one” that is – perhaps a normal person surfing this and think to herself, …”is this fucking shit even real?” No, we have reduced ourselves to lawn equipment… 🙂

So how would I describe myself? Mr toad’s wild ride – white, 6”4’, fit, late 30’s I don’t fuck on the first night, that would be considered risky behavior. If my post shocks you, run away! I don’t want your acceptance, I want someone looking for something special, someone looking to uncover a true experience, someone unique. At first you might find I am hard to talk to, I am closed off and very shy when you first meet me.

Other fun-Facts about myself

  • I have all my teeth
  • good head of hair
  • I have blue eyes
  • I am tall
  • I am here in Insert town here, taking care of my 88 year old grandma
  • I dont own a TV, but I have 4 computers
  • I have written 3 books
  • I love love love animals and plants
  • you should not feed me milk
  • I don’t play video games
  • I piss on the seat like most guys
  • I don’t like horror movies, whadda fake bull shit
  • I love to hold hands
  • I like to be ran at least an hour a day
  • I have not had a job in 15 years
  • I have a criminal history  <-I’m proud of that
  • I am 40
  • My kids are over 18
  • I might cook you dinner, have some coffee, stay up till 4 am, and sleep all day.
  • I have 13 years of education, over and above high school.
  • I don’t drink, love a little pot
  • *se habla espanol, but I am not Mexican
  • I love to take baths, because I get dizzy when I jerk-off standing up
  • AND yes! I really make a living as a semi-well known writer, I’m not rich, but I am rich in spirit.

*The picture thing is so uncomfortable, now that I have moved to this small town in Insert town here, I can’t post a photo of myself because not only am I afraid of being recognized on the street, I am worried my friends will find it on craigslist and post my dating ad on facebook, then everyone will know I too am looking for new lawn equipment and this is already humiliating enough.

Just a fun fact: it seems nurses like to use the CL personal service.

If you don’t send a picture of yourself, I will not reply. If you don’t want to send a picture first, then get yourown posting. And besides, if you send me an email trying to bait me into talking to you without a pic, then that would mean you are getting what you want and I can’t allow that to happen.  🙂 If you have a comment, rude or nice I will always politely respond. Thank you for reading and have a safe journey in life

Make sure to get your full head in-front of the shotgun.. thank you for calling!

Craigslist recently implemented changes that prohibited you from directly getting the email address from a response.

Investigative Writing

Have you ever thought of yourself as an investigative writer? Think about the countless hours of research that you do from your computer. Sifting through facts and opinions to compile an exciting and organic article on the very same subject others have written on. While, all topics will be written on by various authors, how do you give yourself the upper hand and edge to stand out apart from the rest? Let me tell you a little story about what I found to be very lucrative and provided more facts than any other form of research I had done before.

One day, I was out and about running errands in town and decided to get an oil change with some money I had left over from the bills. As I waited, I pondered on types of articles I could create just from my day in town. The longer I sat there the more I thought about writing about these automotive men; what they did, how much they were paid, type of degrees and experience it takes in their field, etc. Then, I thought about how much research it would take to figure all that out, as I have never really gotten into the automotive sector in my writing.

With my creativity flowing and the overwhelming urge to write, I decided to put that creativity to use. If I wanted to research, what better place to do it than right where I am; in the heart of where it’s all happening. There was no better place than this automotive garage to gather my facts to comprise a masterpiece, but how? Then it came to me, investigative writing. Act like a real life reporter. Question those who are actually doing the job. Here they are right in front of me.

So, this is what I did. They were actually open to the idea and some felt like superstars for being interviewed; a win/win situation all the way around. I interviewed 3 to 4 of the current employees who, were from all walks of life with a common denominator of an interest. I asked about their jobs, salary, work environment, education and home life. No more than about 10 minutes with each of them and I had a notebook full of powerful information. No website was going to give me this firsthand information. I headed home and wrote a great article that attracts endless amounts of traffic. I receive emails from countless people about my article and have landed some jobs from it as well.

Now, when I am out and about, I try to ask more questions and get a feel for people and their jobs. This assists me in my writing, regardless of the subject. You never know where your next great article or eBook will come from. The possibilities are endless.

All it takes is a little initiative on your part to become an investigative writer. Think of it like talking to a friend. Don’t overcrowd your head with thoughts of pulling of a masterpiece; simply look at it as putting together the facts for people. Facts from first hand experiences. Become your own PI and jump into a new realm of possibilities through your writing. It’s invigorating, energizing and good for the soul. Too often, many writers become less social while trying to earn their bucks. This will also give you that opportunity to get out and socialize with others, all the while working on your next article. After all, where do you think the newspapers learn about their subjects? Sure, some are researched on the web but, others are recorded from talking with those who have first hand experience in any given area.

Don’t rule out the possibility of using this method of research and it doesn’t have to take away from anything. If you are already out running errands, you can simply gather your info from the places that you are visiting. Try it and you might be surprised by the results.

Buy content for your WordPress blog.

Are you looking for content for your website or WordPress blog? I offer creative writing content services for website owners, bloggers. I even love todo blog swaps. I offer a wide range of subjects to meet your WordPress blogging needs. I am a creative writer that has many great ideas. It’s the truly great ideas that are leading the internet today.

Is Scott right for your writing project? 


Scott R. Asher designs top quality white WordPress magazine themes.

Designing the right WordPress theme can sometimes present their challenges. To create a lucrative website or online magazine, you must first completely understand what it takes and how to maneuver throughout WordPress. This is where Scott R. Asher comes in. As a highly qualified WordPress designer who specializes in Magazine Themes on WordPress, he has the skills and experience to get you where you need to be. Each intricate detail is finely combed over by Scott prior to your readers being exposed to your magazine. No matter the genre of materials you are hoping to publish in your online magazine, Scott can find and customize the perfect theme for you.

When thinking of hiring a WordPress magazine theme designer, it is important to think about experience. While, it is understandable that much of our sourced out works are budget influenced; you also need to think about the old saying that “you get what you pay for”. Too often, people are lured into a transaction with a designer of sorts due to costs. This is where many find themselves in trouble and often spending more money than they ever intended to. For example, you purchase the services of a self acclaimed WordPress magazine theme designer, go over what your thoughts are on a finished product, pay your fees, then sit back and wait on delivery. You get your product back by the specified deadline, but it is nothing like you were hoping. As a matter of fact, it is pretty general and something even the most WP illiterate person could have created. You find yourself fast approaching your magazine’s launch date and still do not have the largest piece to that puzzle. This is where a seasoned professional like Scott would then come in. Unfortunately, you will then have to pay him for his services as well. This in essence, will cost you more money in the long run in the launching of your site.

 It is important to consider other factors rather than strictly costs associated with a designer. You should consider the experience a designer can PROVE to have, see samples of previous work, testimonials from other clients and proven success rates of sites built. Scott has all of these. He may cost a bit more than the “other guys”, but that is because he knows what it takes to design and customize the perfect WordPress magazine template for your site.

To produce a phenomenal online magazine, it starts with a good designer. Scott has been in this business for years and has seen many consumers taken advantage of in terms of their money versus the product received. He is equipped with all the necessary tool, knowledge and field experience to exceed your expectations for your online magazine.

Scott is seasoned in both new online magazine launches and revamping existing sites. He can provide a great turn around and an eye catching finished product. Taking pride in his work, Scott is a no nonsense magazine template designer that can help you attract the readers you are looking for.  Showcase your content with a great online presence from his great designing abilities.

Buy one of Scott’s WordPress magazine themes:
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*please note this is only for the PSD files.

add coding
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3 easy ways to make money with WordPress

If you are looking to stand out apart from your competition, WordPress is certainly the platform to get you there. Not only is it user friendly but there are so many things to customize and make personable in regards to your specific niche. WordPress feels like more fun than work, when you get the hang of it.

Most people who are just starting in a business website or blog are looking to earn any way that they can. WordPress allows you to do this very thing in a variety of ways. Once you have decided on a plan of action, it is merely time to get a website or blog up and running. This is the easy and/or fun part of things.

Let’s go over a few of the basics in regards to putting a great website together on WordPress. These tips are set fourth in general with no specific niche in mind and are almost fool proof for every niche.

Traffic- it is important build a social network of blogging buddies via, comments, guest posting and activity. It is a huge plus to not only have readership and their activeness on your blog but other influential members of the blogging community.
Research and understanding of your niche. Research is a critical aspect of blogging. When starting a blog or web based business, it is important for you to be considered legit and an expert within your specific niche. You will need to stay on top of the latest news and trends within the niche.
Consistency- this is another critical aspect of your new site. Readers will not frequent your site if you the same unpolished content up for months at a time. You need fresh, crisp, quality and interactive posts. Posting daily is not necessary though okay but, it is important to keep a strict schedule for posting new content. The search engines like this.
Optimize- keywords, keywords, keywords. Keywords are a large part in how the search engines find you and report back to an internet searcher. Back linking and proper placement of keywords within your article and its title, your site may be easier to find.

Once you have the concept down, you are ready to jump into figuring out how to earn. Whether or not, you provide a service, specific product or are strictly an informative website, these three ways of earning on WordPress can work for you.

1. Adsense- One effective way to earning money regularly is through Google Adsense. This program posts relevant ads onto your site. If you have a steady and large amount of visitors, this will be very lucrative. If you have a brand new website or are still gaining traffic, you are still able to make money but it may be lower numbers until you build up more traffic. The Google Adsense program pays per visitor click from your website.
2. Affiliate Marketing- another lucrative way to earn money through WordPress. Though, you are selling other people’s products this way, you have the ability to choose the products in most cases like with Amazon Associates. This allows you to keep everything related to your niche and not turn potential readers in a state of confusion or completely different direction. To be a top earner, traffic to your blog will be essential.
3. Direct Advertisements- advertising directly for another company or individual can be highly lucrative. You again, will be selling and promoting someone else’s products or services, you have the potential to make a great income from doing so.

No matter the method(s) you choose to earn through WordPress, you can make each work specifically for you. And, don’t worry, if you are selling homemade orange juice, the advertisements would not be about foot cream. It is all relivent to your site.

Also, it takes great readership of a site to make top profit. The more clicks you get the more money making potential that you have to earn. WordPress is set up so that it is very user friendly and comfortable to move about. The settings of ads, etc will be important and WordPress can help you to eliminate a cluttered site. Everything is one hundred percent customizable. Once your site is set up, set your schedule for posts and sit back, WordPress can do the rest.

Unemployed? Scott R. Asher shares how to make money with a personal WordPress blog.

In recent years, so many people have been unemployed and for a long durations. It is not easy to get your foot back in the door of the work force and this forces many to get creative in finding ways to earn money. There are a variety of ways to make money and one is through blogs and websites using programs like, WordPress. To those of us already in the business, WordPress is a way of life. For those that are looking for a way to earn some cash without spending a ton out of pocket, WordPress is a great step forward. The best part about it is you do not necessarily have to be a website developer to utilize this fantastic money making tool.

There are many angles to making money using WordPress. Whether you blog about your backyard barbeques or have a product to sell, WordPress has the right themes and set up for you to start earning in no time. While, it may not happen over night, there is massive potential to earning using WordPress’s platform.

Here are a few methods to success with WordPress:

Selling your own products, whether you have a product that is informational, freelance services or a physical product that a consumer can purchase; a WordPress blog is a great and very beneficial option for you. It is understandable that since you have been unemployed, money is tight and you may not have a lot to put into a business right away. WordPress offers a free platform for users. While, I would recommend self-hosting your blog through platforms like HostGator, WordPress leaves that decision up to you. Either platform you choose with WordPress will give you endless options. There are an abundance of great perks to a self-hosted WordPress such as, plug-ins for shopping carts and so much more. Using WordPress to spread the word about your product or service is as effective as old fashioned word of mouth business. Not only can you build a reputation locally, your business has to the potential to reach other countries, not just counties. You can also become an affiliate for a variety of places or products, use Adsense or advertise directly for other businesses or products, on your blog. This also helps to generate additional profit for you.

Direct Advertising on your blog can be very lucrative. Though, this is typically used on an established blog, this is certainly something to work towards. These are ad spaces that are bought by various companies to advertise on and spread the word about their company. Companies looking to advertise will choose blogs that have been in place for a good length of time and have a good amount of traffic. If you by chance pick up and advertiser for your blog early on in the game, you may not get top dollar for your ad spaces. Once you hit higher ranks, you are then in a position to negotiate pricing for your ad space. This can also be a great source of income once you are in the proper position.

Amazon associates- is one of the most popular ways to earn with WordPress blogs. Amazon offers multitudes of products to consumers. No matter the subject of your blog, chances are you can find products to advertise and sell on your blog. You earn a percentage from each Amazon sale. This is an easy money maker to incorporate into each of your blog posts and anywhere on your site.

Google Adsense is another popular money maker via WordPress blogs. Once installed onto your WordPress blog, Google Adsense then displays relevant ads throughout your blog. Each ad is a chance for you to earn a percentage for each CLICK of an ad from your visitors.

Affiliate marketing is another powerful and popular earning tool on many top earning WordPress blogs today. Affiliate marketing is simply that of advertising other people’s products on your blog. Each sale can earn you percentages that will increase as your blog gains popularity.

No matter the tools or plug ins that you use, one common denominator for having a successful blog to earn with is, Content. It is important to not only have words to read but to have enjoyable, interactive, organic and quality articles posted onto your blog. It is also highly important to ensure that you are consistent with your posting. A fun, crisp theme and catchy photos will also entice readers to stay for a while and see what you are about.

Get into blogging communities and see what it is all about! Start your road to financial freedom, one click at a time.

Scott R. Asher’s auto blog theory

On this website I will discuss my experiences in owning a massive Auto-blog network. This massive network of blogs came to a count of nearly 60 plus blogs. I will talk about my mistakes, my feelings about the blogs and best of all, and what I am doing these days.

About the only good idea that came from it was, I made a blog with most of the details of what happenedhere

My quest to Auto blog immortality

The network was getting bigger by the minute; my business partner was wanting to get even bigger! We where at 50 live blogs and for the most part, running strong. Adsense was going full-blast and the work load was intense and enormous. The plan was to keep most of the settings global and uniform, throughout the entire Auto blog network as a potential time saver. To be honest, the theory seemed flawless.

So here come my feelings, you knew this was on its way! While, I appreciated the thought of making a ton of money; this was closely compared to a prison sentence. Sitting, watching and waiting. Fucking miserable. While, watching and waiting, I often questioned if we would in fact be the fucking mega bloggers we hoped to be. All we can do it hope, right?

Auto blogging spam?

Yes – When you are running an auto blog, you are republishing information from the web on your blog. I am not saying that this is not profitable, but don’t be confused, auto blogs are in fact 100% worthless.

My reasons:

  • It is misleading to the reader.
  • You are profiting from someone else’s hard work.
  • Most of the content is not that great anyway.

My personal opinion: I am not sure how much longer auto blogging will be allowed to continue. I am sure at some point Google will mount a campaign to start to possibly sandboxing suspected auto blogs. Organic content is what any blog needs.

About the only good idea that came from it was, I made a blog with most of the details of what happenedhere

The best result

I found that you have the best result with auto blogging, when the blog has been aged. Your blog has by then, already gotten readership and followers on a consistent level.

My past auto blog project

You can read about the details of my past auto blog project – 

It is called The India Project and we succeeded in making 77 auto blogs all more or less at about 25% capacity.

My current auto blog project

I am currently working on my own blog network without using auto blogged content. You can see the list of blogs on the lower sidebar of this site. Because I am the only one working on it, many of the blogs are in different stages of development. I will post the differences when I get a bit further into my new venture. This will allow me to accurately compare the pros and cons of each way.

How the nofollow attribute derails your link building campaign

You’ve probably heard that creating a blog with a real presence on the internet requires that you have links to other websites.  One way this has traditionally been done is through making comments on other’s blogs.  In 2005, Google announced the implementation of the rel=”nofollow” attribute and it became the default standard for blogs, hoping to curb increasing comment spam.

Hey comment spam sucks and nobody likes it but the nofollow attribute didn’t do anything to stop it.  All the nofollow attribute did was eliminate natural links from comments being indexed by search engines and helping the commenting site’s page ranking.  Many people do not even know that their site is a nofollow site for comments and that they would likely receive many more comments, which is good for a blog, by removing the nofollow attribute.  This tag is easily removed in WordPress blogs by the installation of free plugins.  See our About page for links to these resources.

If you’re campaigning to raise the search standing on your blog, you should leave comments where they count.  Remove the attribute from your blog.  Submit your url and let the world know that you care about your readers comments.

Do the right thing, stop nofollow in its tracks and help your fellow bloggers.

How to make money with your WordPress blog.

Scott’s WordPress mega blog theory – Most people can’t make a website that can or will for that matter, make a million dollars. But on the other hand, most-anyone can make a website that will rake in $1.00 a day. At one time I set-out to make a network of 100 WordPress blogs that make at least $1.00 a day called The India Project.

The Mission Statement for ScottRAsher.com

I’ve heard of very few people making a million dollars by making and maintaining a website. My mission is to try to create a massive network of 100 WordPress blogs each, making at least $1.00 a day.

So how am I going to do it?

My WordPress blog/website network is 3 things:

  1. Just a regular everyday WordPress blog. – Products, ideas, simple layout
  2. My resume and documentation of my skills and experiences. Believe it or not, people hire me for freelance jobs just from the blogs I create as, I blog about everything I do.
  3. A place business and like minded people can get well researched information about the web-business world.

How simple is it? This is what I am working with.

  • I have no custom web design. (This blog is a template, free for anyone to use.)
UPDATE!!!- Yea, Well… I had to change this, with the size of my blog network. I had to make my own WordPress Theme, that I post for people to download, to use on their own WordPress blogs -> here
  • No budget for marketing. (Not one dime was spent on marketing this website.)

I offer the direction your project needs to navigate and return, make money.

This is what I am doing with my domains:

  • Making a 100 WordPress/website network.
  • What can I do with all these domains?
  • I can post and maintain each website/blog to create enough traffic to make $1.00 a day. Think 365 days and multiply that by 100. WOW!

What does a big network of blogs offer you?

  • A variety of niches, you are never tired of the same thing, day in and day out.
  • A larger audience to appeal to.
  • Keyword heaven.

Let me give you an example of a niche: Trucks (imagine how many searches are done for various styles, sizes and colors of trucks, YIKES!).

Here are two great post ideas that can be rich with SEO quality and provide strong content for your readers:

  • Lowered trucks
  • Lifted trucks
  • These topics also gain you link partners and a large network of potential readers.

Get started with our investment Starter Package

$499.99 1 blog – fully monetized.
This is for the person that has limited web experience, but looking to get started. 1 niche blog of your choice, 10 keyword rich articles about your niche market, fully monetized with affiliate banners so you can start making money. Additionally, full one-on-one support and assistance in regards to your website for one full year.
[wp_cart:coming soonn:price:499:end]

Tips: Find and choose a niche that you already consider yourself an expert in. Having prior knowledge and needing little research time will give you a great boost for maintaining your website and adding new content. Content is key to your website.
Having trouble coming up with something? Take a look down the sidebar on this page, listed is my very own list of blogs.

All my packages offer these valuable upgrades at no extra cost!

  • 1 year 1-0n-1 phone support (unlimited value!)
  • 1 year hosting (100 dollar value!)
  • Want more blogs? Become a blog Kingpin!
  • MU – single domain or independent domains

10 blog network –

Junior Investor
all blogs hosted in one place.
3500 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains

25 blog network –

Investor on the rise
blogs hosted in 2 hosting provider for optimal SEO
3000 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains
[wp_cart:on the rise:price:3700:end]

50 blog network –

Mega Investor
blogs hosted at 5 locations for optimal SEO
2500 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains
[wp_cart:the mega:price:8000:end]

100 blog network –

King Pin Investor
blogs hosted at 10 hosting location for optimal SEO
2500 words of unique content per blog.

*independent domains add $1250.00
[wp_cart:king pin w text:price:13250:end]

*Please note all the blogs will be brand new, the blogs will have no income.

The tricky thing about websites is, there is a method to everything. Let me handle the red tape for you.
New add-on —- not given to amy

This is a list of all the WordPress blogs in my network, and a short summery about the project.

  1. Scott on SEO – My SEO tips and techniques.
  2. Scott on Mexico – A gringo’s life in Mexico.
  3. Scott on Handicapping Websites – Everything about sports handicapping from a web-developer’s perspective.
  4. Scott on Storage Auctions – How I make money from buying storage units.
  5. Scott on The India Project – My quest to build a one hundred website network.
  6. Web Services – Scott offers web services.
  7. Thanksgiving Recipes – Scott shares his favorite Thanks giving recipes.
  8. Curb Panting – The interesting world of Curb Painting.
  9. Membership site profits – How to make money from Membership websites.
  10. Scott on Micro Lending – Making small loans for large profits.
  11. Scott the Poker Dealer – Scott shares his experience as a poker dealer.
Domain Blogs: