Airbnb price bait and switch

So I observed on the Airbnb App what appears to be some type of bait and switch while looking for a new 30 day rental. When I searched from El Paso for before traveling to Baja Mexico the price seemed lower than when I arrived or was local to the area I was looking to book on the Airbnb app, the prices in the Baja area was much higher really giving the illusion cost where much lower when I was searching back in El Paso.

When I first spotted this in the Airbnb app it left me scratching my head, but I also experienced this again when I was looking to use Airbnb in La Paz Mexico, but I only had my-own experience to pull from, but then a friend said the same thing when she was looking at prices from Seattle, once she arrived in Cancun Mexico the prices seem to be much higher.